Create Your Own Bonus Level


Oh my God, that is such a cool idea! Mind if I shamelessly steal that and credit you as coming up with it?


Go for it! Really love your ideas :smiley:


Damn, thanks for the kind words! Means a lot!


I’m loving all these fan made missions you are making, keep up the great work! Reading them is really enjoyable.


Same, they’re really enjoyable. :smiley: I also have my own plans for some missions but I’m not gonna post them here yet because I have something more in my mind.


Leader of the Pack

Location: Colorado Day
Target: The Programmer
Eliminate Peter Alwood

Sabotage the servers

Briefing: Good afternoon, 47. Welcome back to Colorado. After the death of Sean Rose and others, there has been a panic in the apricot farm. They are sticking to the shadows, trying to gain back to the farm. They need and are focusing on two things; chaos in Mexico to continue the operation towards Secretary Gustavo Torres, and money to continue the apricot farm. They have hired more guards and hackers, including a lead hacker, or your target; Peter Alwood. He has caused multiple catastrophes; including a huge blackout in New York, a decline in sales in Oregon, and millions of bank accounts emptied in San Antonio. He has stayed in the shadows since his first attack, and has been hired by an unknown, new leader who has taken over the farm. They are starting to empty bank accounts, and trying to reroute to systems in Mexico. The set-up is ready, it’s just the hackers who need to do the dirty work. He watches over the hackers, and sometimes might have to do the work himself. He calls the shots, and tells if everything is prepared.

Our client, MI6; who has been asked to interfere with this operation, has also requested to sabotage the servers to put a halt on the hacker’s works, giving them time to infiltrate the apricot farm. They must get the operation to a halt as much as they can, no matter what cost. Best of luck, 47.

Inaccessible Areas:

Parvati’s Barn
Explosive Area
Van Area
Shooting Range

Environment Overview: The farmhouse has drastically changed. The room with the Kane and Lynch easter egg and Sean Rose’s former room has changed. They are now full of servers, computers, and other tech-y schematics. Each room at the top contains three hackers, some from the old mission, and some from the new. The server room (next to the room containing evidence) is now guarded by two guards at every exit. Everybody must be frisked if they would like access to the farmhouse or the server room.

Outside the farmhouse, the militia technicians have more equipment. They now have six working, instead of the former three. That is pretty much it.

Unique Disguises:

Benjamin Halburks - lead militia technician
Calvin Fishers - lead militia cook
Erik Cantel - fishy, undercover hacker
Ted “Teddy” Ramos - supply hauler
Wes Detoure - new hacker; lost

Non-Unique Disguises:

Militia Soldier
Militia Cook
Militia Technician

Starting Location:
West Bridge (Suit)

Smuggling Location:
West Bridge

There are a total of five opportunities; three to assassinate Alwood, one to just infiltrate the server room, and one to do both at the same times.

Just The Two of Us: (Triggered by paper on hacker’s desk) Ah, I see. Alwood is planning to converse with the lead militia technician; or the manager of the beginners; Benjamin Halburks. They plan to meet in formerly Ezra Berg’s garage. This could be a time to get Alwood alone.

47 can subdue Benjamin Halburks, who patrols around the militia technician area; and take his disguise. Once the disguise is equipped, 47 can tell a militia elite at the entrance to the farmhouse and tell him to inform Alwood of the meeting. Alwood will quickly walk to the garage, and 47 can kill Alwood however he want.

Leave It To Professionals: (Triggered by finding Erik Cantel) Look at that hacker, 47. That is Erik Cantel; who works for MI6. He is obviously standing out of the regular group of hackers. Maybe you could take his stuff and let things escalate.

47 can lure Cantel to a private area and take his disguise. He can then act shady around Alwood (blending in as Erik Cantel), and Alwood will ask 47 to come with him. They will travel to the balcony, asking the guard to clear out. 47 has the opportunity to push Alwood off the balcony.

Serve Me A Sinner: (Triggered by a conversation by two waiters) Interesting. Looks like Alwood ordered a cappucino and they can’t find the recipe. They spotted something near the trucks, but can’t go there because of work. The lead cook; Calvin Fishers, is supposed to deliver the drink. Don’t keep Alwood waiting.

47 can first find the recipe, located in a truck (where the militia elite disguise was). 47 can then walk over to Fishers and take his disguise. He will then be allowed entrance to enter the farmhouse, without a frisk of course, and serve Alwood his possibly poisoned drink.

Rush Hour: (Triggered by a guard screaming at Ramos). Huh. That is Ted Ramos, a hauler for Ramos Denver Station. It’s looks like he’s been tasked to haul various computers into the server room. Might be your chance to infiltrate the farmhouse and destroy that server room.

47 can lure Ted into the truck and take his disguise. He will then proceed to carry a box into the server room, without a delightful frisk, giving 47 the opportunity to dstroy the servers.

A New Recruit: (Triggered by finding Wes Detoure) That hacker is Wes Detoure, Italian hacker that has been coming in to help with the operations. He is a lost lamb. Let us direct him to the barn.

47 can lure Wes and take his clothes. He can then go to the farmhouse and find Alwood. Alwood will show him around, the server room being last. He can kill Alwood and destroy the servers in subsequent order.

Special Assassination Challenges:

Talk With The Devil - Assassinate Peter Alwood during the meeting disguise as Benjamin Halburks.
A Lethal Approach - Assassinate Peter Alwood by pushing him off the balcony disguised as Erik Cantel.
Cheers To Comrades - Assassinate Peter Alwood by poisoning his drink as Calvin Fishers.
Last Minute Calls - Assassinate Peter Alwood in the server room disguised as Wes Detoure.
Drop Dead Virus - Assassinate Peter Alwood with the chandelier.
A Bug Free Lawn - Assassinate Peter Alwood with the lawn mower.

Enforcer Notes:

Alwood is an enforcer to the hacker disguise.
Halburks is an enforcer to the militia technician disguise.
Fishers is an enforcer to the cook disguise.

Server Notes:

You can explode the server with an explosive, use a screwdriver, or use the keycard located on the target himself.

Target Routines:

Peter Alwood: Alwood will patrol the whole farmhouse. He will start in the actual hacker starting location, talking to various hackers. He will check on the other groups of hackers, then go downstairs and walk around and talk to other hackers and militia elites.

If both hackers in the main control room have been subdued, Alwood will panic and do work himself, keeping him there for a few minutes.

If the server has been destroyed first, Alwood will rush down and try to fix it. After failing to fix it, he will go outside for a smoke break. He will then go back inside and sit in a chair on the top floor and sigh. Other hackers will walk around the farm after the servers are down.


“Of Highest Society” sounds great, and the myriad of Opportunities and “Story-Disguises” is really awesome!

However, you are missing the “Default Script Sequence”. The stories you have listed all seem to indicate that each of the “Story-Disguise” opportunities will cross themselves out as they become unavailable.

This information is missing, and will also help you figure out if a certain sequence can be broken, left hanging, or is impossible to attain.

Also, consider what might happen to the default script sequence if two or more major NPC’s are subdued… does the Target choose to “skip a meeting” and proceed regardless?


@Goldgun @Beldingford Well, thanks for the kind words! It’s sort of a new thing for me, so I’m glad you like them!


I don’t think I’m fully getting you, what exactly is “Default Script Sequence”?


!! This Is A Joint Collaboration Between DruidJ And Myself !!

#Countdown - Fan-Made Bonus Level

Level Name: Countdown
Location: Marrakesh Dusk
Target(s): “The Inventor”, “The Arms Dealer”


  • Eliminate Stefan Lindberg
  • Eliminate Adrijana Novak

Briefing: "Good evening, 47. Your destination is, once again, Marrakesh; more precisely, the newly-managed Swedish consulate. After the failed coup, the acting chief, Erik Olander, disappeared without a trace, and the Swedish government decided the building needed a change. It has now been converted into part science exhibition, part consulate, with one of Sweden’s top scientists as head of the facility; your target, Stefan Lindberg. Lindberg is holding a ball at the consulate, under the guise of a scientific breakthrough, revealing his new “Stormbringer”. Proposed as a cheaper and safer alternative to fossil fuels, it can, reportedly, take wind energy and, using a special superconductor in the core, create pure lightning.

The power of God at One’s fingertips, shall we say.

Lindberg, after demonstrating his technological marvel, intends to sell it off in a very cloak-and-dagger exchange with the Serbian arms heiress, Adrijana Novak. ICA sources indicate she is to use it in a major terrorist attack within Serbia, with the intent of bolstering her own financial and political standing; so, our clients, the Serbian government, have hired us to eliminate them both; dealing with the fallout and the removal of the Stormbringer, as long as we can deal with the masterminds.

With the ball being a high-societal event, security will be tighter than usual; but, 47, I do know how you love a challenge. I will leave you to prepare."

Map Description: The consulate looks exactly the same on the outside, apart from a flag that flies the flag bearing an atom in the Swedish colours. It also has some standing signs showing off the ball, and the wall has been replaced by one made of glass. The windows have the same atom symbol on and the front door now resembles more of a hotel, with 2 armed guards at both the turnstile (which is now replaced with a revolving glass door). Outside, you can only access the area up until the arches leading to the market, and those are the exits; it’s quite small, like The Icon. Outside, there are some stalls and pop-up bars for tests to relax and smoke, etc. The top floor of the consulate is now laboratories and rooms for meetings, and the downstairs is like the consulate, just more posh. There’s a main kitchen, a mock ballroom, a bar, and the offices (which are being used by a group of interns). The labs, meeting room and bio-facility are all staffed by some scientists, and the Stormbringer is upstairs, waiting to be wheeled down on the special track that was built for the presentation. Some experiments are being performed on it, to make sure it is okay to demonstrate.

Starting Location: Sitting at a table by a small, pop-up cafe in the courtyard.

Inaccessible Areas:

  • Everywhere but the consulate up to the arched gateways

Unique Disguises:

  • Sergei Oskolyev, Russian FSB spy
  • Hans Mattelline, Chief Lab Coordinator
  • Oliver Boothroyd, English private investigator
  • Mikael Jensen, Lindberg’s personal doctor/physician
  • Giordino Alliami, Famous Italian violinist
  • Georg Hendersson, Facilities Maintenance Officer
  • Frederik Mnjak, Hanmjry Jagtak leader

Minor Disguises:

  • Personal Bodyguard (Novak)
  • Security Guard (Lindberg)
  • Waiter (Lindberg)
  • Goon (Novak)
  • Intern (Lindberg)
  • Orchestra Member (Lindberg)
  • Janitor (Lindberg)
  • Maintenance (Lindberg)

Kill Opportunities - Lindberg:

The Power Of God

  • “From the schedule, it seems that Lindberg is eager to present the Stormbringer as soon as possible, but, until he gets the all-clear from his Chief Lab Coordinator, the ball stays on. It is to be wheeled through from its laboratory, onto the stage, and the reception should be a large one. A doting audience and an obsessive inventor? What could go wrong…”

  • Step 1. Find and read the schedule which is in the massage room.

  • Step 2. Get Hans Mattelline’s disguise (CLC).

  • Step 3. Tamper with the safety and overload the Stormbringer (requires screwdriver).

  • Step 4. Talk to Stefan Lindberg.

  • Step 5. Go to the moose drop room and talk into the microphone to announce that it’s time to reveal the Stormbringer.

  • Step 6. Take a seat in the audience and watch the Stormbringer zap Lindberg, making him float slightly and shake, then fall back to the stage.

The Final Song

  • “According to that pamphlet, the violinist to close the reception is the famous musician Giordino Alliama, a man whose violin skill knows no bounds. He has been booked by Lindberg, personally, to give the final performance of the night. Now, Lindberg has always been noted as a sentimental man, so has asked the violinist to play a famous song from his homeland, With such positive emotions swelling, a hearty congratulations and a toast is sure to follow. Maybe you should polish off your Stradivarius, 47.”

  • Step 1. Obtain Giordino Alliami’s outfit.

  • Step 2. Meet with Lindberg and a group of his scientist’s for a short rehearsal.

  • Step 3. Play violin. Well.

  • Step 4. Walk onto the stage to much applause.

  • Step 5. Play violin, again. More well.

  • Step 6. Meet with Lindberg afterwards.

  • Step 7. Poison his drink, press appropriate button to smash violin and stab brutally in neck with sharp splinters, or do the boring thing and not do that.

Meeting The Rieper

  • “The memo on the intern’s pad has a meeting scheduled with Lindberg for one Oliver Boothroyd, an English private investigator, recently hired by Lindberg to investigate a rival company, BioCorp, who is, supposedly, using some of Lindberg’s stolen technology to research the infamous castor bean, also known as the bean from which ricin is taken. Maybe we should take a further interest in the horticultural world, 47.”

  • Step 1. Find the castor beans in a secure part of the lab.

  • Step 2. Get Boothroyd’s outfit.

  • Step 3. Collect the castor beans and meet with Lindberg in his office.

  • Step 4. While he is looking out of the window, drop all but one of the castor beans into the peanut jar he dips his hand into from time to time.

  • Step 5. Wait for Lindberg to mindlessly take a handful of peanuts, not noticing the castor beans, and eating them (thoroughly).

  • Note: This is similar to destroying Soders’ heart. As ricin doesn’t kill instantly, but stop protein production, he will die after you finish the mission, with Diana saying, “Good work, 47. Lindberg will be dead by sunrise, and nobody will be none the wiser.”

Kill Opportunities - Novak:

A Fall From Grace

  • “A Russian FSB agent? How curious. It seems we aren’t the only ones taking an interest in the Stormbringer. With the power that one could obtain from owning the Stormbringer, it’s understandable why they’re taking some notice. The agent seems to be photographing Novak at any point he can, and I’m sure she wouldn’t appreciate it if he were to be caught. Interesting…”

  • Step 1. Take Oskolyev’s outfit and camera.

  • Step 2. Take a picture of Novak in front of her face.

  • Step 3. Be taken up to the roof and cuffed by her guards

  • Step 4. Press kill button to pick your cuffs, and, as she gets close, put them on her and throw her off the roof.

  • Step 5. Watch her fall, handcuffed, and be impaled on one of the consulate’s flag poles.

Positively Shocking

  • “The maintenance schedule shows that the hot tub in the VIP lounge seems to be out of order, and a high priority notice has been placed on it. Novak is to be testing out some of the buildings higher class facilities, and the hot tub is one of them. The maintenance officer is to personally repair the tub. Maybe we should give him a hand, 47.”

  • Step 1. Take Hendersson’s outfit.

  • Step 2: Dismiss the other maintenance engineers.

  • Step 3. Expose a wire in the hot tub’s wiring.

  • Step 4. Attach wiring to water tube.

  • Step 5. Invite Novak to try out the hot tub.

  • Step 6. Go into the control room and fry dat biatch.

Shootin’ The Breeze

  • “47, I have intel. The man in the fur is none other than Frederik Mnjak, the leader of the Hanmjry Jagtak, a Serbian arms gang that Novak is to be meeting with in a very “cloak-and-dagger” meeting, sometime during the ball. ICA sources indicate that they are to discuss a new, experimental weapon Mnjak has brought along to the meeting. Interesting…”

  • Step 1. Get Mnjak’s disguise.

  • Step 2. Go to the sentry gun and deactivate its safety code, so that it targets Novak and Novak alone.

  • Step 3. Talk to Novak and tell her to meet you upstairs (by the windows that Strandberg stares out of).

  • Step 4. 47 will give a talk about the weapon, and the technician will go to activate it.

  • Step 5. Novak will press the big, red button and be blown out of the window by the bullets.


For example:

“A Skeptical Soul” and “Simply A-Maze-Ing” seem to describe events that NPC’s would execute if left on their own. That is, similar to the psychiatrist and private eye events in Sapienza, or the Helmut Kruger opportunity in Paris, they could be opportunities that expire eventually. If NPC’s execute these events then one is going to happen/expire before the other.

If the events happen too closely together then one may expire while you are preparing to do one of them.

The “default script sequence” describes the order in which events happen if 47 just does nothing (eg: Helmut Kruger takes the runway after so-and-so events occur even if you do nothing. Dr. Lafayette eventually enters the Mansion in Sapienza if 47 does nothing and this happens before the Private Eye meeting with Francesca, etc.)


Oh, okay, I understand you, now.


Also consider which events by story logic are “locked down” and can only be started by the player. These form part of the default story also. For example I think the Sapienza Private Eye event can never happen without 47 helping out by waking the Private Eye (don’t know if he eventually wakes up on his own).

These help create the main story, but also give the possible flows a player can use for the Bonus Mission. :slight_smile:

  1. He needs to be woken up by 47, yes. 2) I’ll take it into consideration when I’m writing Countdown, thank, I’ll maybe try and add it to the previous ones when I have time.


I apologise for the slowness of the development of my latest bonus level, I have sort of lost the energy at the minute. I call it “The Marrakesh Effect”. Anyway, I have finished off Lindberg’s kills and am moving onto Novak’s. Thanks again to DruidJ for his willingness to collaborate, hopefully we can work together, again, in the future.


I like how this sounds like all the Bonus Levels in this thread can actually be downloaded one day when we’ve finished “developing” them. :slight_smile:


Huehue, if only it were so!


I’m going to attempt another one. I hope it’s better than the first two I posted.

Closed On Set - Bonus Level

Location: Sapienza Dusk
Target: The Actor
Eliminate Giocomo Puccini

Briefing: Good evening, 47. Your target is actor Giocomo Puccini. Ever since the rather tragic death of director Dino Bosco, L’Aventura Pictures has taken a less adventurous approach and is starting a romantic movie; named “Un Ultimo Bacio”; and your target is starring in it. Unknown to most people around the set; this prince has a darker past. Puccini has been in a mafia; The Pugilesis; who has caused deadly attacks to multiple communities. His doing caused a few deaths and a rise in unemployment rates. One person; our client; worries for L’Aventura Pictures and their safety and wants Puccini dead. You must infiltrate the movie set and eliminate Puccini. Good luck, 47.

Environment View: Really identical to The Icon, but a stage and multiple tents have been set around the main square. The cafe has been set to it’s normal place; but the tower is still used for seperate reasons.

Inaccesible Areas:
Harbor Area

Unique Disguises:

Detrozzo Pugilesi; Undercover Movie Crew
Cloveo Daremeo; Mechanic - Tasked to fix the flickering spotlight
Avalatore Sellini; Puccini’s Therapist

Common Disguises:

Kitchen Assistant
Movie Crew
SFX Crew

Starting Location: Main Gates
ICA Location: Cafe Basement

Kill Opportunities

Setting The Spotlight

  • “Huh. Looks like the director is sweating over that flickering spotlight. Seems really important. Montroso has called in a mechanic to fix that spotlight as soon as possible. Maybe we could volunteer to do this “so risky” job.”

1 - Turn on truck and lure Daremeo.
2 - Subdue and take Daremeo’s disguise.
3 - Enter the main tower.
4 - Grab the crowbar next to the spotlight.
5 - Puccini will have a massive rant above the spotlight; giving 47 a chance to crush him.

If 47 do not subdue Daremeo; he will fix the spotlight and walk around the cafe like a normal NPC.

Strong Bonds

  • “I have intel. That movie crew, the one with the brown wig, he is Detrozzo Pugilesi; part of the disbanded Pugilesis. Looking at his notebook, left on the ground, he is trying to get the core members back together. Let us stop this further.”

1 - Subdue Pugilesi and take his disguise.
2 - Approach Puccini.
3 - Talk to Puccini.
4 - Follow Puccini where the pen assassination was in Landslide.
5 - Let Puccini ramble about his new life.
6 - Grab the glass bottle on the desk and hit Puccini; killing him.

Pugilesi will do nothing if 47 does nothing.

A Man Of Trust

  • “47, that man is Alavatore Sellini; therapist of Puccini. Puccini has a weekly talk with his therapist ever since his movie career started. It seems like today’s his day to visit Puccini. Shame if one of the only people he trusts ends him off.”

1 - Poison Sellini’s drink.
2 - Subdue Sellini and take his stuff.
3 - Enter Puccini’s trailer and wait for him.
4 - Once Puccini is there, let him lie down on the bed.
5 - Tell him to close his eyes and calm his mind.
6 - Pull out your pistol and shoot him in the head; a cutscene will play about blood getting on the window.

Sellini will eventually meet with Puccini, losing the opportunity. Sellini will then have a smoke outside the cafe.

A Fall in Ratings

  • “47, the preview of the movie has skyrocketed down. Montroso plans to meet with Revnyi Veloso, the main actress, and Puccini. They plan to meet in the room overlooking the lawyer’s office. Maybe, he could have his final dramatic fall.”

1 - Infiltrate the tower and enter the meeting room.
2 - Poison Veloso and Montroso’s drinks.
3 - Hide in the crate.
4 - They will meet eventually.
5 - Veloso and Montroso will leave the room to puke.
6 - Puccini will overlook down at the lawyer’s office while waiting for them to come back.
7 - 47 can kick Puccini and he will fall out of the lawyer’s office.

This event will eventually happen; before the therapist event will happen.

Fragile Packaging

  • “It seems like there’s a statuette of a god holding a saber being moved into set for the finale of the show. Looks like Puccini will grab the saber and will pretend to commit seppuku. Maybe the statue could fall on Puccini and impale him. Take advantage of Murphy’s Law.”

1 - Obtain a movie crew disguise.
2 - Move the statue with the sweaty movie crew.
3 - Put it on stage, but put a small object under it (wrench, crowbar, rock, etc.)
4 - Tell Montroso the set is ready.
5 - Let Puccini enter the set.
6 - 47 can shoot the small object. It will fall onto Puccini and impale him.

This event will never happen without 47 interfering.


I have finished “Countdown”, it is probably not as good due to my pre-mentioned “Marrakesh Effect” affliction, huehue, but some feedback would be appreciated.

Colorado will be my next “excursion”, and, I have to say, the last three do intimidate me, as I am finding it hard to come up with solid stories for each of them. But, they do say, perseverance is the true man’s charm (well, at least I say).


Important topic, here. I have been fiddling with the idea of a kind-of Hitman stream for a while, and I was wondering what your opinions on doing a stream of me writing a bonus level would be? I fear I wouldn’t be entertaining enough to keep people interested, or that the stream might be a little boring. Feedback?