Create Your Own Bonus Level


I think a stream would be nice.


What’s that going to be like? You walk around and show people how the mission would work?

If so…a really nice looking presentation would be a mock-up… like we use animation or UE4 and mimic the look and feel of the HITMAN game and it’s like a fake pitch/video walk through of how the fictional Bonus Mission works.

For example, this is an in-house mock up Firaxis guys made during spare time to illustrate how an XCOM remake would look-and-feel-like back in 2008:

Doesn’t look like final game, and is a bit on the cheap side… but it gets the message across.

Maybe that guy doing the remake of Codename 47 can help out with mock-ups?


Nah, I was just thinking of doing a stream where I just write, but I probably won’t. I’m not the most charismatic or confident person.


Hey it never hurts to put your stuff out there. Especially if your friends with everyone watching. Give it a try you might like it! :slight_smile:


I’m writing a Bangkok bonus level: Thai Love Story. What do you guys think? Any opportunity ideas?


Good afternoon, 47. Your designation is the Himmapan hotel just outside Bangkok. Our client is Cedric Edgar Houghton. Heir to one of the biggest mining companies in America, he has a weakness for travel, taking tens of trips a year solely to sightsee. However, his latest holiday has taken a turn for the worse.

While vacationing in Bangkok with his wife Paige, Mr Houghton was seduced by a prostitute undercover as a hotel maid. Someone took several compromising pictures of them doing it and released it to the press.

The hotel is now swarming with reporters, searching for an opportunity to interview the Houghtons. The couple are avoiding the media in the safety of the Queen suite. The prostitute had been caught, arrested and taken away for trial.

Paige Houghton is understandably furious at her husband, and had hired us to eliminate him. However, Cedric had foreseen this and paid us triple to eliminate her instead. A wise choice.

I will leave you to prepare.


Just some ideas:

Flying High: Mrs. Houghton is to be with a plane salesman at some point (looking to upgrade to a better model after what she thinks will be her husband’s death), meeting with him to talk money and view the engine that would be going into the plane. Explosion, toxic gases, normal methods, etc.

A Moral Dilemma: If you find a way to show Paige that her husband has ordered her death, she will confront him, get angry, and then he will strangle her himself in a fit of rage.

There’s No News Like Bad News: A paparazzo is trying to blackmail Mrs. Houghton with some compromising images of her own that he (somehow) took at some point. She has scheduled a meeting with him on the roof, leads on from there.

I also think the briefing needs to be much clearer and contained, as some of the information feels either unclear or out of place. If you wouldn’t mind, I’d love to give writing a version a go, see what I could come up with?

P.S. That title, in my opinion, sounds way too like s rom-com. Maybe go with something either more serious or befitting to the Hitman naming style?


All events happening within the space of a single day sounds like too much.


It’s a night and a day.


I think it would be more dramatic if you set it a year after the adultery was discovered… and the guy is actually (surprise!) meeting with the Maid Paramour… and they’re planning to “run away together” or something.

The wife would not be on the map anymore… but you can still have press/media that are hounding the philanderer.


Oh, yeah. My previous concept had the prostitute (still undercover as The Maid) as a secondary target and Cedric as an optional target (since they both paid upfront, there’s no reason to let him live)


My two cents:

Primary Target: The Philanderer
Secondary Target: The Maid (who is not identified).

There are multiple female maids on the map, 47 must “use” (Hold G) over Security Recorder to learn her identity, or score an opportunity (nearly hidden) where the Philanderer is trying to buy back the footage from the Blackmailer and the Paparazzo (who are the ET’s from the Elusive Target Mission of the same names now working together to extort money).


Some ideas:

3 years before WoT, Isabella Caruso throws a party in Caruso Villa

Masquerade ball in Paris De Waleska.

Secret arms deal in Marrakesh


Hasn’t Isabella Caruso been dead for more than 3 years? Maybe I’m just remembering wrong.
A Masquerade Ball sounds fun. Plenty of good opportunities for disguises.


She’s only been dead a year or two at the time of WoT.


Thanks for the correction. :kissing_heart:


Sure. Love to see what you can do with it.


I’ve sort of done the secret arms deal in Marrakesh with “Countdown”, but I don’t know how much that encroaches on the idea.


I’m talking about “Thai Love Story”


What do you mean? I was referring to the idea you wrote of a secret arms deal in Marrakesh and how I had sort of touched upon that in one of my ones.


What does them being gay have anything to do with it? Just say, “Your targets are the Ether corporation’s acting CEO, Martino Di Lauro, and his boyfriend, Marius Besson, a model for Sanguine.” You make the fact that they’re gay sound really forced.