Create Your Own Bonus Level


Just wanted to make it obvious they’re a gay couple. I’m a little awkward at free writing. I’m not trying to be PC or anything.


I think my way of writing it makes it obvious enough, but I still don’t see what bearing it adds to the story, just makes it look overly dramatised.


Ok then. I’ll change it.


Looks much more professional, now. Keep that in mind with future things; If it don’t sound like Diana, don’t write it down.


You are sounding kinda smug now.


I hardly think I’m sounding smug if I’m offering you some advice that has worked well for me. If you have any advice for me, go ahead and give it, but I’m not going to stop trying to help other writers just because you think I sound “kinda smug”.


I’m not stopping you from helping me or other writers. I thought you were telling me what to do than advising me. Sorry if misunderstood you. Anyway, what do you think of my write-up?


Seems good, but I have one complaint… why a sabre? Surely a guard would just shoot them, or snap their neck? Using a sabre seems really out of place and messy for a guard. And the means for acquiring his phone seems pretty lacklustre; he just leaves it? It doesn’t sound very believable, IMO.


The guards have been ordered not to cause a scene. The guards don’t have silenced pistols, and unlike 47, the guards aren’t great at sneaking and subduing. So they decided to improvise with a sabre.

Yeah, it’s kinda funny how a man working for the world’s foremost spy ring just forgets about his phone. I couldn’t find out a better way to get the phone without knocking him out, so I ran with Besson’s carelessness.


@Travis_IOI Give this man a job :stuck_out_tongue:
Nice attention to detail, now imagine getting paid for that same level of detail etc.


Yeah, he’s a damn good writer. His work’s not frequent, but quality over quantity.


Mission: Drunk Bites
Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Good afternoon 47. Your next mission will take place at the Himmapan Hotel located in Bangkok. Your targets are Sammie Markson, and his brother-in law Jack Pagan. Two extremely drunk “party-hards”, and notorious criminals on the run from the British government. 30 years ago, Markson attended a late night party and arrived home to see his furious wife. It was a few hours later when nearby neighbours heard a loud gunshot coming from Markson’s room right after a loud argument with someone. The body was reported to be Mrs. Markson’s, and not far away was her daughter’s dead body buried in the ground as well, with several bullet wounds in her head. Markson was taken to prison but broke out only a few days ago. He is now on the run from all of the British government. We believed Pagan was involved with the escape of Markson and the mysterious death of his daughter. They are currently at a night party dressed up as vampires, and intel shows the two will be staying in the Emperor’s suite tonight. I suggest you take advantage of this 47. I will leave you to prepare. Good hunting.


I have no idea of a new location but I want a remake of “The Lee Hong Assassination”, including both of the other two missions that are set in Hong Kong. It would be a 4 in 1 mission and the main objectiv would just to assassinate Lee Hong, while the objectivs from the other two missions would just be opportunitys to trigger something like a little war between the two clans. Im going even so far and want this huge Hong Kong locaition as a second bonus level that is set in a timeline after Lee Hong got eliminated. It would be an altered location but the adverse Clan has taken over the area and the restaurant and build up it’s own little realm with a high more security level, because they know that Lee Hong was assassinated by an agent They are prepared!


Mission: Fire And Match

Target: John Smith

Occupation: Fire Fighter

The idea is that John, the fire fighter had saved a family from a terrible fire that occurred by accident. The case was closed as an ‘ACCIDENT’, but only a few weeks after the incident, every member of the family except for the mother had gone missing. The mother of the Schwartz family had gained suspicion for John and later on started an investigation. After gathering a few clues and a possible weapon that seemed to be used a lot, she eventually started to think John was involved with the crime. She filed a report, but being a loyal hero to the town, the police did not do anything about it. She came to the Agency for help and the contract was placed. The mission takes place in China.


John Smith allready died in the Hitman agent 47 movie


Cory Smith then.

20 47s


If the story takes place in China, why is John Smith the name of the target? Why and how would a fire fighter kill off a family he saved? And why are you calling him John instead of Smith?


I don’t know, I’m drunk, I’m part of IOI, I’m Rick, I’m 47, I’m dead, I’m ICA, idk, who 3v3n [email protected] an7M0r3


Lets not forget that these levels have to be made using levels from HITMAN 2016. Like A House Built on Sand or The Icon.


Suggested Challenge/Opportunity: "Artist Self-Portrait as a Dead Man"