Create Your Own Bonus Level


Why would the ICA want Blood Diamonds. I mean I could understand if maybe the client wanted you to retrieve them but it seems out of character for the ICA to just randomly steal for themselves. Just my opinion though.


The Yacht map in a real environment. I just hate it that this missiion looks like a theater set.


Well, it is a theater set, to be fair


Sry my bad, I hate the theater set. :wink:


It’s a training mission, for one, and the bonus levels all have to be attached to a series location, not a tutorial one.


It is a tutorial mission, even if one that does have a bit of replayability, but very small in comparison to the main missions. If you went to the effort of designing and making a level with a real yacht in a real harbour (maybe set in Monaco?) that you might as well just make a brand new proper mission.

I mean, the yacht mission has maybe, what, 2, maybe 3 hours of replayability in it?


The only real replayability it has is for people who like the setting. I personally quite like to replay that mission just because of what it is, not the content within it. I would love to have a mission where 47 is on a cruise ship already out at sea, just because I like things like that.


A cruise ship level would work really well. Hell, The Ship is based around maps using cruise liners, and I think you could make a really big and explorative cruise ship, with a restraunt, lower decks, people’s rooms, etc.


Exactly, and, depending on the type of cruise it was, there are a variety of kill methods and challenges depending on the theme. Party boat, luxury cruise, murder mystery night, etc.


Pretty much, definetly a good opportunity there.


I mean there’s already a cruise ship level in blood money.


Ha, I completely forgot about that actually. Although I suppose I wouldn’t mind a better one, since the BM level is probably one of the weaker ones in that game, plus was set in a swampy paddle boat, so I think you could get away with setting another level on an actual cruise liner.


Wasn’t really a cruise ship, at least in my eyes, it was more of a smaller boat.


@Markie : This one’s for you, my friend. :slight_smile:


Map: The Final Test (KGB Air Base)

Client: Erich Soders

Targets And Objectives:
-Eliminate ‘Erich Soders’ (the Protege)
-Optional: Ormov Grodinkel must survive

Context/Mechanics/Map Changes:
47’s Starting point has changed for this mission, he starts inside the KGB Airbase in a Trespassing area in his ICA Training Suit. The Jet Plane has been removed, replaced by a Surface-to-Air Missile system. An area outside the hangar’s opening has been cleared to allow a small crane-operated fake helicopter to rise and fall (think: Miss Saigon helicopter stage rig). Guard placements are different and now also include new Mercenary guards. The slide projector has also been changed into a Dirty Bomb area being worked on by various Demolitions Technicians. There’s a large addition of weapons all over the map as the Air Base is being prepped for massive arms deliveries. The arsenal includes many CX Explosives as well as a collection of quirky devices like explosive rubber ducks, Icon explosive figurine, Napoleon explosive figurine, etc.

An ICA drop-off is located at a new Watchtower which reaches Level 2 height, but this drop off location cannot be setup by 47. It always contains a Dragunov SVD Sniper Rifle with a Bayonet.

Most notable change is the presence of Spy Cameras which are not part of the test and are therefore not intended to be Security Cameras for the Air Base. These cameras, instead, are part of an elaborate attempt to embarrass 47.

Unlike regular security cameras, the Spy Cameras use a smaller 3D model that resemble webcams and are tucked away in hidden places (ie: shelves, beams, under banisters, gaps between tables, etc.).

Because these are not Security Cameras 47 will not get a message if he is spotted, instead the nearest guard investigates the area where 47 was seen. The Spy Cameras are enforcers against any disguise 47 wears. 47 can spot these Spy Cameras through the use of Instinct and can deal with them as he would Security Cameras. Any destroyed Spy Camera will also lure guards to investigate similar to destroying cameras in Pro Difficulty.

The Spy Camera Control Panel/Recording Machine replaces the Radio in the Radio Room, manned by an ICA Trainer who isn’t supposed to be there, but is there to help ensure failure for 47 and success for the Protege.

Another ICA Coach wearing an ICA Suit with the word “TRAINER” emblazoned on it is hidden in an area just outside the Hangar.

Main Map/Normal Mission Script Sequence
At the start, 47 receives an introduction from Erich Soders himself. Soders tells 47 that they’ve had their differences in the recent past but he is willing to set them aside for the good of the ICA.

To that end, Soders has asked 47 to help train his Protege based on a mission that occurred at the same Cuban Air Base six months prior to the Jasper Knight Assassination. In it, Soders claims that as a setup mission to trapping Jasper Knight at the KGB Air Base, he eliminated a KGB officer named Ormov Grodinkel, a Janus contact who was negotiating terms with Jasper Knight in exchange for his entrance and asylum in Moscow. By silently eliminating Ormov Grodinkel, Knight’s demands never reached Janus which left Knight trapped in Cuba long enough for Soders to complete preparations for Knight’s own assassination.

47 then asks about the Protege, to which Soders replies that it would be too easy to give everything away.

Therefore, it seems the mission is simple: Find and eliminate the Protege, who is playing the role of ‘Erich Soders’ for this mission, and exit.

Shortly after, Diana tells 47 that Soders cannot be trusted and that this training exercise is an attempt by Soders to elevate his own initiate and to try and humiliate 47 as well as damage 47 and Diana’s reputation at the ICA even before 47 has gone into the market.

She cannot inform 47 exactly what Soders has planned but warns him to be extra careful.

A small craned prop helicopter lands just outside the gate in front of the Hangar main doors, revealing a twist in the mission. The helicopter contains not just Ormov Grodinkel, but also Arkadij Jegorov, an arms dealer wearing shades and a hawaiian shirt. The pair meet up with Jasper Knight and Cilas Netzke. The group will initially have pleasantries at the hangar floor.

At the meeting on the Hangar main floor, Grodinkel introduces Jegorov as a Janus associate. Knight starts stating some of the terms for his collaboration and eventual asylum in Moscow. This becomes the origin of the ‘Girlfriend Deal’ that is found in The Final Test.

Jasper Knight will excuse himself to go back up to the office to think about some of Grodinkel’s conditions for asylum. This is the room which contained the Chess board and Vodka Set in The Final Test. Cilas will excuse himself away from the Hangar Floor as well, saying: “I’ll just keep an eye on our new friend.” and go join Knight.

When Grodinkel and Jegorov are alone. Jegorov will make fun of the idea that he passes off as “A Janus Associate”. The conversation reveals that Jegorov and Grodinkel have their own designs for Jasper Knight and that Jegorov “doesn’t give a shit about Janus”.

When a certain amount of time has passed, Cilas Netzke will have to take a call from KGB HQ (isolated in a bathroom) and will leave Jasper Knight alone. At this time, Grodinkel and Jegorov go to Jasper Knight where Knight is told that there are “additional conditions” to his request for sanctuary.

Knight is told that he must help Jegorov through use of his high intellect to work out a set of codes for a weapon Jegorov recently stole from the Soviets - revealing that this is the Dirty Bomb that is being worked on near the office. The conversation reveals that Grodinkel and Jegorov are in this together and that they need a working product to sell on the black market. Grodinkel adds that if Knight does not cooperate, Grodinkel will ensure that his papers never emerge - possibly discredit him to Janus as a double spy for the CIA - and also threatens the safety of his girlfriend.

Knight reluctantly agrees, so Jegorov, Grodinkel, and Knight go to the Dirty Bomb area where Knight will work on the Detonator Laptop to decode it and activate its software.

NOTE: If the Detonator Laptop has no power at this point, Grodinkel just says that: “We can come back later when they’ve fixed the problem.” Therefore, pulling the plug prior to Detonator Decoding allows 47 to suspend this opportunity for some time.

NOTE: Once Knight has finished activating the Detonator software, the Dirty Bomb opportunity will become available for both 47 and the Protege.

When successful, Jegorov will be in high spirits, inviting Knight to enjoy some Vodka. Four glasses will therefore be available at the Vodka room.

NOTE: Spiking Grodinkel’s drink will also halt any progress the Protege was making towards the kill either in his Sniper Nest or if he was right there in the room. Therefore it is possible for 47 to use non-lethal poisons on Grodinkel to distract Jegorov, Netzke, and Knight while 47 deals with the Protege who will be momentarily confused.

After the celebration, Grodinkel, Jegorov, and Knight tour the Hangar’s inventory of “Jegorov’s wonderful toys”. Note that the Protege may attempt to use explosives if the script reaches this point and he has managed to gain entrance to areas where the Hangar held explosives the Protege can pick up.

NOTE: This tour also happens whenever the Detonator Decoding action is not available to Jasper Knight.

Grodinkel and Jegorov then bid Jasper Knight goodbye, Grodinkel promises Knight that he’ll have his papers in six months. They then board the Helicopter and Exit the Level.

Soders’ Protege
-The Protege is a bald man with thick eyebrows who also starts in an ICA Training Suit.

-The Protege has three possible starting points that are randomized each time the mission is loaded.

-By default the Protege does not register at all in Instinct Mode. Note: This actually can be used against the Protege. As if you are in the same room as he is, the one with no silhouette in Instinct Mode is the Protege!

-The Protege has the same animations as 47 when in ICA Training Suit form, but acquires the exact animations of NPC’s when disguised making detection somewhat difficult.

-Enforcers against 47’s disguises do not work against the Protege when he is wearing disguises.

-When in Contracts Mode, this character bears the name ‘Erich Soders’ with quotes.

-The Protege never picks up weapons from NPC’s so normally cannot be compromised when he fires ballistic weapons, because his default pistol is suppressed. The exception however is when he uses the Dragunov SVD Sniper Rifle which always triggers a chase.

-Soders’ Protege can be manipulated by 47 by allowing him to spot a fallen NPC. Soders’ Protege will always be tricked into changing disguises. But he will never do this if it can get him spotted. Tricking the Protege into wearing a specific disguise can be useful for some of the Opportunities.

-During a firefight (against NPC’s or 47) Soders’ Protege will attempt to occasionally hide in Wardrobes and Boxes. While NPC guards will always fail to catch him here, 47 has ways of catching him (eg: via Micro-Monitor). Similar to when 47 is caught in a Wardrobe or Box, the Protege can be killed by shooting him through the Wardrobe or Box.

-The Protege can be spotted by the Player by looking for distinctly thick eyebrows on a bald man. Note, however, some additional bald NPC’s are on the map and can cause a mistaken Non-Target Kill.

-The Protege can also be spotted by the Player using the Mico-Monitor which can be found near a parked car.

-If 47 fills many boxes and wardrobes with two bodies, the results can be fatal for the Protege if 47 resorts to using the Intruder Alert opportunity, since he may find it difficult to hide and evade Searching.

-The Protege won’t pick-up guns, but can pick up explosives littered around the map, so the Player must be mindful of this.

-The Protege will attempt the following strategies to eliminate Ormov Grodinkel in random order:

  1. Reach the Sniper Nest (disguised as a Guard or Suit Only). He shoots Grodinkel in a number of locations but mostly when Grodinkel is on the floor in the Hangar (where the fighter jet used to be). This can also be used to catch him since he is the only other character who can climb ladders asides from 47. The Dragunov’s scope will also shine when the Protege is in position at the Watchtower and ready to take his shot.

  2. Find a Dirty Bomb Technician disguise in the Locker Room (if not elsewhere) and attempt to comandeer the Dirty Bomb, waiting at the controls to ignite the Bomb when Grodinkel inspects it.

  3. Infiltrate to Grodinkel’s location (disguised as a Guard or Suit Only) and either shoot Grodinkel dead with a suppressed pistol if encountered from the front, or fibre wire Grodinkel if encountered from the rear.

  4. If within reach during the Explosives and Weapons Tour part of the main script, the Protege may just resort to blowing up Grodinkel with explosives found along the tour.

-The Protege does not bother with hiding Grodinkel’s body if he succeeds in eliminating him.

-Once the Protege is successful in killing Grodinkel, he will make for one of three exits available to him which will also be marked for 47 as RED Escape Icons. Players will also see a “Target is Escaping” warning message but with no timer. These exit points coincide with the Protege’s three possible starting points.

-The Protege can be distracted by a coin toss but will not be lured to it, instead he will taunt out loud: “I ain’t fallin’ for that trick.”

Soders’ Spy Cameras
There are 10 Spy Cameras hidden on the map. These are not part of the test and are therefore not intended to be Security Cameras for the Air Base. These cameras, instead, part of an elaborate attempt to embarass 47. Unlike regular security cameras, the Spy Cameras use a smaller 3D model that resemble webcams and are tucked away in hidden places (ie: shelves, beams, under banisters, gaps between tables, etc.).

Because these are not Security Cameras 47 will not get a message if he is spotted, instead the nearest guard investigates the area where 47 was seen.

The Spy Cameras are enforcers against any disguise 47 wears. 47 can spot these Spy Cameras through the use of Instinct and can deal with them as he would Security Cameras. Any destroyed Spy Camera will also lure guards to investigate.

The Spy Camera Control Panel replaces the Radio in the Radio Room.

The Spy Camera Control Panel is manned by an ICA Trainor who is an enforcer against 47 in any disguise and will coach everybody to 47’s whereabouts when spotted by Spy Cameras.

KO-ing/Killing this ICA Trainer will nullify the effects of the Spy Camera system.
Destroying the Spy Camera Control Panel/Recording Machine will also distract the ICA Trainor and shutdown the Spy Camera system.

While you do not get the usual Security Camera Spotting message, you still see the Suspicion graphic to indicate you are in the act of being spotted (similar to Pro Difficulty Cameras). This can help Players realize they are in the vicinity of a Spy Camera.

Spy Cameras do not count against “No Recordings” bonus, but do count against “Never Spotted” bonus if they complete their spotting cycle on 47.

The Micro Monitor
-Micro Monitor: Can be used to spot the Protege temporarily so that he appears in Instinct while you have this device equipped. Illegal Item in ANY disguise. One of the ICA Trainors reveals he dropped it at the car parking lot if you listen on conversations.

Soders’ Team
-ICA Trainor (Protege’s Coach) - carries a radio through which he is giving encouragement and advice to the Protege, beside him is a description of the SAM Missile opportunity, which 47 can corrupt to cause failure for the Protege. The Coach also can be heard saying that he cannot locate the Protege’s tracking device because he left the Micro-Monitor at the Parking Lot and cannot go back out or risk ruining the simulation. This Trainor is hidden behind some crates just outside the hangar where no guards are patrolling.

-ICA Trainor (Spy Camera Watchman) - Mans the Spy Camera control booth and is responsible for alerting all the guards in the Air Base for any sighting of 47.

Both ICA Trainors are enforcers against 47 in any disguise. Both are also immune to coin lures.

Gameplay Notes

Ormov Grodinkel
47 can disguise himself as Ormov Grodinkel. If the Protege uses the Sniper Rifle this can be quite risky as from the Watchtower, the Protege can snipe at 47. Otherwise, if the Sniper Rifle was already taken away, this guarantees a confrontation with the Protege who will attack on sight or attempt to fibre wire 47-as-Grodinkel.

Grodinkel only goes into Lockdown if Jegorov is killed, or if he himself is shot in the leg. During Target Lockdown, Grodinkel, Jegorov, and a group of guards will make for the Helicopter. Be warned that the Protege always attempts a direct attack when Lockdown is initiated.

KO-ing Grodinkel and hiding him in a box will doom the Protege into never finding his Target…even if the Protege happens to hide in the same box as Grodinkel! The Protege will become trapped cycling through his Opportunities and always looking for Grodinkel (or 47-as-Grodinkel).

47 can partake of all Grodinkel’s cinematic roles if he can disguise himself early enough:
1) At the first meeting on the Hangar Floor, 47 introduces Jegorov as "An old friend. We go way back."
2) At the 2nd floor office meeting, 47 uses vague statements, in all cases Jegorov is the one that propositions Knight for the Detonator Decoding. 47 then rides on it telling Knight that he better do what Jegorov says and adds "You won’t like him when he goes nuclear."
3) At the Vodka session, 47 is actually allowed to poison the drink claiming that he has a “special sauce that is popular at all the Moscow parties”.

Sabotaging Opportunities
Rocket Man: Wrong Instructions for the SAM system
Note: While the clipboard claims that this is an opportunity for use of the Protege, the Protege actually can never engage this opportunity and the ICA Trainor Coach never proceeds through this properly.

=Steal SAM Remote.

=Use ICA Trainor Coach’s Walkie Talkie.

=Instruct the Protege to disguise himself as a Demolitions Technician (you can make it easier for the Protege by handing him a KO-ed Demo Technician earlier).

=Coach him through arming the SAM system.

=Make the Protege stand in front of the rocket

=Press the remote to hit the Protege with the rocket. This launches the Protege up and out of the map and kills him.

Sabotaging the Dirty Bomb Opportunity

Method 1: Erich Soders, Super Genius
+Knight must have decoded the Launch Codes on the Detonator Laptop.

=The Pool Ball can be jammed by 47 into the Dirty Bomb’s mechanism through an open hatch so that the detonation mechanism fails to engage.

=When the Protege sets up the Dirty Bomb and tries to blow it up when Grodinkel is checking on it, the bomb will fail to detonate.

=After Grodinkel leaves, the Protege leaves the Detonator Laptop in the ON position.

=He will check the Dirty Bomb by his lonesome, pull out the Pool Ball. As the Dirty Bomb mechanisms whir to engage the Protege says out loud: “Eureka! I’m a super genius!” and then the Dirty Bomb explodes killing him.

=This is an Accident Explosive Kill.

Method 2: Blitzkrieg
+Knight must have decoded the Launch Codes on the Detonator Laptop.

=The Dirty Bomb’s Detonator Laptop uses a wall plug outlet, conversation reveals the batteries are faulty, so unplugging the power cord will cause the Detonator Laptop to shutdown.

=The wall outlet for the Detonator Laptop power cable is near a puddle of water, on which is the usual extension cord to allow 47 to setup an Electrocution Accident Kill when the Protege tries to re-plug the Detonator Laptop.

Foiling Sniper Opportunities

Method 1: Your Gun, My Gun
=The Protege always abandons the Watchtower if he can no longer find the Dragunov in its intended place.

=After this he will always attempt to steal a disguise by KO-ing an NPC (can be manipulated by pulling disguises near him.

Method 2: Kill The Lights
=The Protege has a very high probability of trying to take his shot when Grodinkel is in the Hangar.

=The Lights in the Hangar can now be destroyed. A Fuse Box can also be pulled to temporarily kill lights in the Hangar area.

=The Loss of Lights will cause the Protege to abort taking his shot until the lights come back on.

Method 3: Moving Target

=Luring Grodinkel or making him avoid staying stationary on the Hangar floor for more than 5 seconds will allow you to save his life from a Sniper attempt.

=This includes shooting Grodinkel in the leg.

Intruder Alert!: Deploy Guards to Catch/Kill the Protege

=Find any NPC KO-ed by the Protege and use “E” to pick-up the NPC’s ID Card. (You can find these KO-ed NPC’s because they appear GREEN in Instinct)

=Disguise yourself as the KGB Officer Cilas Netzke (this disguise has no enforcer among the guards in this version).

=Use “G” to show the ID to guards. 47 will then insult the guard before ordering them to “Kill the Intruder immediately!”

=This will Compromise the Protege and eventually get him into trouble.

Other Notes

-Soders’ Protege is bald, has thick eyebrows, and is voiced by William Mapother, the actor originally intended as David Bateson’s replacement in HITMAN: ABSOLUTION

-If Arkadij Jegorov dies for whatever reason, Diana quips: “Somehow, I don’t think that was supposed to happen.”

-Whenever ‘Erich Soders’ is sneaking past guards, the guards state a mocking phrase such as: “Oh! I think I heard something. Nah… It’s just the wind.” or “I see nothing. Nothing at all. Nope.”

-47 uses a series of vague pronouns when he is alerting guards as the KGB Officer. These are meant to imply that he knows the guards are helping ‘Erich Soders’ so 47 phrases the alert vaguely.
For example:
47: "How could you let HIM get in here? HE’s disguised as this guy! Now go get him!"
47: "HE’s dressed as this guy! You buffoons! Look for him! Eliminate him! Now!"
47: “What are you standing around here for? HE is already inside! Look for this man and kill him!”

-When Ormov Grodinkel is killed by the Protege and the Optional Objective is Failed, the Target Killed chime from HITMAN: ABSOLUTION plays.

-If the Protege is killed by 47 with Fibre Wire. 47 says: “We accept no substitutes.”

-Grodinkel is carrying a vial of Sedative Poison. In some conversations he remarks that his working hours have become so erratic that he needs help to get sleep by way of special Sleeping Potion that he carries with him.

-47’s Training Suit
-Dragunov SVD Sniper Rifle, Mastercrafted (Unsilenced, 4x Magnification, Wall Penetration, Bayonet Stealth Kill Elimination, Bayonet Frontal Melee Kill)


@Soupienza Thanks, mate.

Soders really has it out for 47, huh? Awesome premise, good execution, though it feels a little odd going back to the Knight age.


I thought it would be fun to add an episode that had a twist (47 foiling an assassination, 47 pretending to be a Target). Lore-wise I thought it would also be fun to see that 47 was really a headache for Soders.

Once you do the original Prologue and the Bonus Episode: “Kill The King”, it would really add context to the “One Last Time, Mr. Soders” kill in Hokkaido. :slight_smile:

I also was fascinated at the idea of being allowed to “Kill Erich Soders” in a Training Mission, given that 47 basically played the role of Erich Soders in The Final Test.


How can I create bonus level? Do you mean user contract?


Nah… these are just “Let’s Pretend we can Make Bonus Episodes”. So you pick a map and do a version of that map… Similar to “The Icon”, or “A House Built on Sand”.

This thread is really nothing but the land of shattered dreams. :stuck_out_tongue:


What it takes to build a editor in games so users can use existing maps and alter character routes etc. or create totally new placement of NPCs. Like editors in other games.


This is not possible in the current build of HITMAN. This entire thread is just people imagining bonus missions. :slight_smile: