Create Your Own Bonus Level


The hardest part was finding a far-fetched, yet plausible reason for Mario Abiatti to go berserk. I also wanted Marco Abiatti in a prominent role rather than just a cameo.

And of course, the gameplay situation had to be interesting. I wanted players to watch the briefing, start the mission and then go: “WTF is going on?!?” Hahaha.

The Target, by virtue of the design, is “accidentally protected” and can serve as a sort of boss fight. And that’s after you get over the initial shock of “Now what do I do?!?!”


The rest of the gags are lifted from various sources, both real life ones as well as ones from films like Mad City as well as the opening gag from the film Metro, and the scenario of a Mayor taking his own office hostage is partially inspired from the film Robocop.


Title: Happy Halloween (placeholder)

Map: Colorado, nighttime (2am) with light rain. Halloween themed. Lightened up pumpkins all around the farm, same as candles and waving lanterns.

-Eliminate ‘The Shape’
-Eliminate ‘The Brainchild’
-Rescue hostage


Good evening 47. Your next assignment takes place at the abandoned apricot farm in Colorado. Your targets are Mickey Narvadez and Vanessa Zuckerman. Two anonymous individuals in the crowd, but two of the most powerful people on spiritual grounds. Suspicious for the disappearances of serveral locals in the area, Narvades and Zuckerman both went into hiding ever since.

Our client, the father of a recently lost local girl, provided us of intel on their business, location and performance, all from a desperate long search for his beloved daughter.

While the ICA did some extra research, it appears Narvadez throws a Halloween costume party at the farm tonight. “The perfect way to be satisfied and terrified at once.” A innocent looking way to lure unaware civilians into the arms of evil.

While our objective is to only rescue one individual, we’ll be saving a lot more on this one. After all, you are the only Rieper at this party, so I’ll trust you won’t disappoint, as always. I will leave you to prepare. Happy Halloween 47.

Environment overview

It’s late night and very dark outside, almost pitch black. Light rain falls upon the wet mud and people are entering the compound, while other are already at the party. The area will be lightened by glowing pumpkins and waving lanterns. All military objects and vehicles are removed, and all that’s left is the base farm. Since this mission takes place after Freedom Fighters and the targets are usually in hiding, the big fence is still there.

The entrance/starting place

The house is still the same model, only the inside is almost empty. Upstairs are a few mattresses and the house is filled with candles to light up the house and upside down turned crosses. The bathroom is still the same with one flickering light. Sean Rose’s room is also the same (Which is now Narvades’ room) with only candles. The basement is completely changed into a paranormal ritual tomb, with a big pentagram drawed on the floor and blood stains on the wall and floor, with a lot of lighten up candles around it. In the small room where the providence guy used to be is now the girl you need to rescue. The tornado shelter door is removed.

The red barn is the center of the party. There’s a DJ booth standing in front of the back door and there are tables with food and drinks standing on the right side of the barn (where Maya’s intel presentation used to be). Behind the DJ booth you can go up the stairs to the event staff area, where you look over the party.

Beside this, there will be a security setup in the compound where the point man used to be.
The garage area will be the place for event staff to park their vehicles. (This is also a staff entrance).

The rest of the farm will be wandered by drunk party guest, or will be silent spots where you can enjoy being by yourself, standing in the darkness.

Assassination opportunities
-You can set him on fire by leaking the ritual area in the basement full of oil which is used in the ritual
-Since he wanders around the party in disguise, you can drop a stage light on him
-Push him into the old well when he’s talking into it (probably the place he dumps the bodies)
-He has a new kind of agressive human eating plants in his greenhouse, poison the plants so he will be eaten
-He’ll have a meet up with a in white dressed delivery guy somewhere at the explosives range to pick up a box of sedative syringes. To look at the better he turns into the light, with his back to you. This is a opportunity to push him into the combine.

Since she’ll most time at the house and the garden, she has a limited amount of kills.
-You can drown her in a bowl of holy water
-She watches old paranormal tapes in the living room. You can rig the TV to blow.
-Make the stove explode when she tries to light a cigarette with it

-Starting disguise (same as Freedom Fighters)
-Unique starting disguise: actual Reaper costume
-Event staff
-Event security
-Delivery man
-Party guest disguise
-Narvades outfit

Location where the scarecrow disguise will spawn

This mission is also a great opportunity to bring back some funny disguises like the bird disguise, Charlie the chipmunk, et cetera.


Interesting. So this will be like a mission that resembles a FRIDAY THE 13TH film.


What!? I’ve never seen these concept art photos before. I would have much preferred Colorado this way. Hiding in shadows is cooler than weeds. Would have given it a splinter cell vibe.