Create Your Own Bonus Level

The hardest part was finding a far-fetched, yet plausible reason for Mario Abiatti to go berserk. I also wanted Marco Abiatti in a prominent role rather than just a cameo.

And of course, the gameplay situation had to be interesting. I wanted players to watch the briefing, start the mission and then go: “WTF is going on?!?” Hahaha.

The Target, by virtue of the design, is “accidentally protected” and can serve as a sort of boss fight. And that’s after you get over the initial shock of “Now what do I do?!?!”


The rest of the gags are lifted from various sources, both real life ones as well as ones from films like Mad City as well as the opening gag from the film Metro, and the scenario of a Mayor taking his own office hostage is partially inspired from the film Robocop.


Title: Happy Halloween (placeholder)

Map: Colorado, nighttime (2am) with light rain. Halloween themed. Lightened up pumpkins all around the farm, same as candles and waving lanterns.

-Eliminate ‘The Shape’
-Eliminate ‘The Brainchild’
-Rescue hostage


Good evening 47. Your next assignment takes place at the abandoned apricot farm in Colorado. Your targets are Mickey Narvadez and Vanessa Zuckerman. Two anonymous individuals in the crowd, but two of the most powerful people on spiritual grounds. Suspicious for the disappearances of serveral locals in the area, Narvades and Zuckerman both went into hiding ever since.

Our client, the father of a recently lost local girl, provided us of intel on their business, location and performance, all from a desperate long search for his beloved daughter.

While the ICA did some extra research, it appears Narvadez throws a Halloween costume party at the farm tonight. “The perfect way to be satisfied and terrified at once.” A innocent looking way to lure unaware civilians into the arms of evil.

While our objective is to only rescue one individual, we’ll be saving a lot more on this one. After all, you are the only Rieper at this party, so I’ll trust you won’t disappoint, as always. I will leave you to prepare. Happy Halloween 47.

Environment overview

It’s late night and very dark outside, almost pitch black. Light rain falls upon the wet mud and people are entering the compound, while other are already at the party. The area will be lightened by glowing pumpkins and waving lanterns. All military objects and vehicles are removed, and all that’s left is the base farm. Since this mission takes place after Freedom Fighters and the targets are usually in hiding, the big fence is still there.

The entrance/starting place

The house is still the same model, only the inside is almost empty. Upstairs are a few mattresses and the house is filled with candles to light up the house and upside down turned crosses. The bathroom is still the same with one flickering light. Sean Rose’s room is also the same (Which is now Narvades’ room) with only candles. The basement is completely changed into a paranormal ritual tomb, with a big pentagram drawed on the floor and blood stains on the wall and floor, with a lot of lighten up candles around it. In the small room where the providence guy used to be is now the girl you need to rescue. The tornado shelter door is removed.

The red barn is the center of the party. There’s a DJ booth standing in front of the back door and there are tables with food and drinks standing on the right side of the barn (where Maya’s intel presentation used to be). Behind the DJ booth you can go up the stairs to the event staff area, where you look over the party.


Beside this, there will be a security setup in the compound where the point man used to be.
The garage area will be the place for event staff to park their vehicles. (This is also a staff entrance).


The rest of the farm will be wandered by drunk party guest, or will be silent spots where you can enjoy being by yourself, standing in the darkness.

Assassination opportunities
-You can set him on fire by leaking the ritual area in the basement full of oil which is used in the ritual
-Since he wanders around the party in disguise, you can drop a stage light on him
-Push him into the old well when he’s talking into it (probably the place he dumps the bodies)
-He has a new kind of agressive human eating plants in his greenhouse, poison the plants so he will be eaten
-He’ll have a meet up with a in white dressed delivery guy somewhere at the explosives range to pick up a box of sedative syringes. To look at the better he turns into the light, with his back to you. This is a opportunity to push him into the combine.


Since she’ll most time at the house and the garden, she has a limited amount of kills.
-You can drown her in a bowl of holy water
-She watches old paranormal tapes in the living room. You can rig the TV to blow.
-Make the stove explode when she tries to light a cigarette with it


-Starting disguise (same as Freedom Fighters)
-Unique starting disguise: actual Reaper costume
-Event staff
-Event security
-Delivery man
-Party guest disguise
-Narvades outfit

Location where the scarecrow disguise will spawn

This mission is also a great opportunity to bring back some funny disguises like the bird disguise, Charlie the chipmunk, et cetera.


Interesting. So this will be like a mission that resembles a FRIDAY THE 13TH film.

What!? I’ve never seen these concept art photos before. I would have much preferred Colorado this way. Hiding in shadows is cooler than weeds. Would have given it a splinter cell vibe.

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Some Ideas

New Zealand

° Crowded beach party

° Ghost hunting show being filmed in the house


° Talent show being held at the Bayside Centre


° Holi

° Swanky party being held in the completed Rangan Tower


Christmas or Halloween

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@Sniff asked for this sometime somewhere, got around to finally writing it down. Anyways, here is one of the levels. Elusive Targets in their natural habitats. There is so many issues with the Elusive Targets lore-wise, so here is me fixing them. Oh, and this is nowhere near finished, yet i do not have plans to finish it.

Name: Artificial Artistry
Location: Palais De Walewska, Paris
Date: 14:00 / 22:00, Spring 2020
Targets: Baron Sergei Larin, Sir Howard Moxon, Director Miranda Jamison, Harry Bagnato, Marv Gonif
Contractor: Simone Larin
Not-A-Briefing: After the deaths of Viktor Novikov and Dalia Margolis, Simone Larin found a box that IAGO had forgotten about, and decided to look through it. She discovered her husbands business that was behind her back, feeling betrayed, she decided to hire ICA to take care of Sergei Larin and his business partner, Sir Howard Moxon. Simone Larin is on a business trip, and Sergei Larin and Howard Moxon have setup a deal in Palais De Walewska. Turns out that they are making a deal with the director of the Gorka Institute, Miranda Jamison. Miranda Jamison has been a wanted target for years now, but has managed to stay hidden, or under other aliases. Miranda Jamison has worked with Harry Bagnato and Marv Gonif in the past, two infamous treasure hunters, known to have worked with the legendary names such as Blake Nathaniel. Harry, Marv and Miranda are infamous in the art industry, for their disrespect for art and are commonly despised by most. Marv and Gonif are optional targets. Miranda Jamison is in there to buy The Ivory White for the Ark Society’s filigree egg collection. ICA however has no idea what The Ark Society is, nor is it never referred in this mission by name. The Palace’s Butler left with Simone. Anyways, the level takes place in either 14:00, when the Palace is open, or at 22:00, when the Palace is closed.
Armed: 1. Some lower level security detail from The Showstopper or something similiar to the cops found from Landslide. 2. Ark Society Raiders with outfits similiar to the Providence Guards in Hokkaido, except no mask, and with the orange goggles and black beanies. There will be only around 5 Raiders with Miranda, four of them have pistols, one of them has a carbine rifle. 3. Some Bodyguards with oufits similiar to Jordan Cross’s bodyguards will be found in the upper levels.
Normal Civilians: An unrealistic amount of visitors around the museum, Palace staff with outfits similiar to ones in Delgado Mansion or Villa Caruso. Gardeners. Museum staff. There is also construction workers working on the roof.
Unique / Only Few: Janitors, Chefs
Unique: Sergeri’s Secretary, Simone’s Secretary, Construction Foreman, Chef Marcello Ray, Moxon’s Secretary, Head Gardener, Sergei’s Personal Bodyguard, Sal Falcone, The Guy who fake shoots D’Alvade in the Tosca play
Harry and Marv: Instead of two foolish robbers, they are now Ark Society raiders… And still robbers.
Disguises: Gardener, Housekeeping, Construction Worker, Janitor, Chef, Museum Staff etc
Special Disguises: Howard Moxon, Butler, Vampire Magician, Construction Foreman, Sal Falcone, Chef Marcello Ray, Santa, The Guy who Fake Shoots D’Alvade
Changes: All the Sanguine and IAGO Stuff has been removed. The bar, the stylist area, the rooms on both sides from the main entrance, have all been turned back to museum, the Sheikh’s Room is the bedroom of Sergei and Simone, the roof is under construction (Unrelated to Notre Dame), Dalia’s Suite in the top floor is the Butler’s room, the library is still the library, the auction area is a livin room. The area in the middle that normally has the stage is now just a normal courtyard.
Opportunities: 1. Something about Sal Falcone trying to spy on the deal. 2. Meeting Miranda Jamison as Howard Moxon, however Sergei Larin will be an enforcer. 3. Some Deluxe Food Shenanigans with Miranda Jamison as Marcello Ray. Ray will complain about Jamison and compares him to Silvio Caruso. He will also wonders why 47 looks familiar, if he happens to see him. 4. Shenanigans in the Construction Yard. 5. Dressing up as the Butler with a Toupee after finding out a bit more about him. The opportunity would involve the Butler coming to the Palace, way before Simone is coming back, telling Sergei that the plane had issues and that they couldnt leave, and making Sergei panic. 6. Something related to Sergei’s past, luring him to the room in the attic with the vampire magician outfit and then confronting him as a Vampire Magician… Something like that, relating to Sergei’s past. 7. Causing a target lockdown for Miranda Jamison, and placing a bomb in her helicopter, or just shooting it down. 8. Placing an explosive inside a fake version of The Ivory White, and blowing up Miranda Jamison with it. 9. Breaking a fake Ivory White, stealing the real one from a safe etc, and making Howard Moxon panic
Few Home Alone Methods: 1. Electrifying a door knob for Harry. 2. Somehow setting a fire on Harry’s beanie or something like that, making him run for the toilet to extinguish it, but there is oil in the toilet. 3. Something related to shooting Marv with a BB Gub. 4. Making something fall from the construction area in the attic, most likely a bucket of bricks or something, and crushing Marv with them. 5. The five santa challenges from Holiday Hoarders, WITH an additional challenge about Harry, feathers and tar, while disguised as Santa.
47’s Starting Role: 47 starts just as a normal tourist, looking around the museum. In all locations, the default starting disguise is the same for all missions in that location, but a tuxedo wouldnt really suit Paris, so instead i was thinking of something as simple as a Hawaiji Shirt and Sunglasses.
Escapes: Miranda Jamison’s Helicopter in the backyard, Sergei Larin’s speedboat (The Keys in his office), the three front gates, the door in the cellar, a fireplace (As Santa), Foreman’s Van (Keys on the Foreman)


Bonus Mission 1

Level Name: Royal Mistakes
Location: Paris Morning
Target(s): “The Trickster”


  • Eliminate Donald O’ Neill
  • Destroy Queen Elizabeth’s Imperial Jewels

Briefing:Good morning, 47. Your destination is the Palais de Walewska, a pearl for special events such as balls and fashion shows, now hosting a private exhibition for the worldwide elite members of Art Destion. Your target is Donald O’ Neill, chairman of the high society club and owner of the Rossi Fremont Galerie in Ireland. Once a year Art Destion organizes an private exhibition for their exclusive members. And with O’Neill his preference for culture of Brittany, he has ensured that this year’s theme revolves around the royal family of Great Britain.

But what the public eye doesn’t know, is that O’ Neill is a well-known art forger for various criminals. He sells them fake artwork copies to finance his treasure hunts around the globe. He now has Queen Elizabeth’s Imperial Jewels in his sights. And with the help of the Queen Secrets Order (QSO), O’Neill can increase his chances of getting the Queen’s Jewel for himself.

Our client, advisor of the Royal family of Brittany, has managed to gather enough evidence for O’ Neill actions to prove his guilt for disappearance of various works of art and their artists, selling fake replicas and even two numbers of assassination attempts. The Secrets Order of queen Elizabeth has lost the trust of the royal family through their “affairs” with O’Neill. So the client also request to destroy the real Queen’s Jewels before someone else get their hands on the 2 million worth of Jewels. The Jewels have cost the family enough misery in the past and they want to make sure it doesn’t repeat itself.

Expect O’ Neill in and around the Palais grounds, while you have to deal with bulletproof glass and strict security as you get closer to the Queen’s Jewellery. But I know that you’re always up for a challenge.

I will leave you to prepare, 47.”

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So NTK’s if not solved in X minutes? Or these won’t count during the firefight/raid?

Casualties in the raid don’t count, unless 47 personally kills them.

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Im not creative enough for any real ideas. But I would love seeing a night time version of Miami. Some kind of party and have every area accessable except for the hotel, the bayside center and the podium building.

Mission ideas for H2:

Bonus Mission - Miami
During the off-season the race track has had the temporary fencing and paddocks and stalls removed, replaced by a pop-up amusement park which will only be around for a month or so. Ferris Wheels, Bumper Cars, a giant water slide(?), Games, stalls, a bar, and plenty of other things abound, sadly no full on roller coaster. It is night time and an adults only event. The Kronsdadt building is closed, and if the marina is included there will be people on the foreshore watching fireworks displays. I’m not locked on the targets, but at this stage they would be a higher-up (Sheriff? Chief?) from local law enforcement who is corrupt and allowed a relative of the client to die uninvestigated, and a local politician who’s done some bad things and is showing their support for local community by attending the fair/event/festival and trying out different rides etc for a photo opp. One opportunity is to get on the ferris wheel with a sniper where either a) You can time it and be fast enough to snipe the target/s while it’s moving, b) You can pay the ride operator extra coins to stop the wheel when you’re up the top, or c) You can shoot the powerbox to the Ferris wheel and wait for your target/s, it takes a while for the operator to fix the box. You would unlock a challenge by sniping your target/s from the Ferris wheel. There are plenty of other opportunities and things to talk about, but this gives you a taste.


  • Event security
  • Food/Drink vendor
  • Ride operator
  • Performer [Clown or magician, etc] (Mission opportunity to call politician target onto stage and arrange an accident)
  • “Rubber Duck shooting range” attendant (Is allowed to carry air rifle, potential opportunity to eliminate target at stand)
  • Sheriff (Target, most law enforcement will see through the disguise)
  • Drug Dealer (Is paying off the Sheriff, Mission Story)

Bonus Mission: Hawke’s Bay
You wouldn’t believe it, but the new owner of this isolated house in Hawke’s Bay has also got a hit ordered on them! Hosting a housewarming party at daytime, people are celebrating outside the front door near the pool, speakers are set up with either a laptop or DJ providing the music, people are also in the first floor of the house dancing, chatting away and eating/drinking. Since you were last at the house the new owner had a small basement built, accessible by stairs in the back pantry room. The target himself predominantly hangs out on the upper floor, which has no party guests except for the very special ones he’s having one-on-one meetings with. Bodyguards dressed similarly to Jordan Cross guards are all over the upper floor, and guarding all the back areas and staircases of the ground floor, as well as keeping an eye on party guests. It’s possible for you to pose as one of the target’s VIP guests and get a meeting with him; the target is ‘selling’ an Interpol agent to someone who wants to interrogate them for information, you must take out the target and rescue the Interpol agent from the basement. Another Mission Story involves luring the Target downstairs to give a speech. Sniper Assassin can be achieved by arranging the target and buyer to meet on the upper balcony, and shooting them from the bushes.


  • Mic drop: Kill the target during his speech
  • Private Party: Kill the target while meeting him upstairs as the VIP
  • Liquid courage: Drown the target in the pool or the ocean
  • Justice Served: Arrange matters so the Interpol Agent kills the target
  • Turn It Down: Drop a speaker on the target while he uses the music laptop
  • Panic at the disco: Trigger a target lockdown, and kill the target in the panic room


  • VIP guest
  • Caterer
  • Server
  • DJ
  • Private Security

This was how I assumed they would do an ET at hawkes bay. Bon fire and music outside.

This one would take us back to Paris

Name: Behind the Curtains

Good Morning 47, we have been reported a very serious case which needs to be stopped and fast. The target is Simone Larin, someone who we’ve come across before, Simone was a client for a hit on her husband Sergei Larin. However, it seems that police have come to the palace after the fashion show was over to come question Simone about her husband’s death. Unfortunately for us she has seemed to crack under pressure and has sold us out, the police, for now, don’t believe her and thinks she is crazy, but it seems Simone won’t take this lying down and has asked a former colleague to come to bring her tablet which has all evidence of who, when, and how her husband died so in order for this to work we will have to eliminate Simone and her assistant Selena whilst also retrieving the tablet before the police have hands-on. One more thing the assistant Selena is extremely smart and the first sign of danger she will try to get to the police station as soon as possible. Good luck.

What’s changed?

  1. No more fashion show- no catwalk, no makeup room, no technical stuff up on the 1st floor
  2. the auction has all chairs stacked away and instead has a party being set up for later in the week.
  3. Shiek’s bedroom is now Simone’s
  4. day time is at night at around 10:45 pm
  5. police cars surround the palace
  6. where the helicopter was is now a wedding ceremony (that’s why its all setup fancy around the palace)

Low security: French police
High security: CICADA bodyguards


  1. Words Can Kill - Eliminate Simone by forcing her to commit Suicide
  2. What You Readin - Eliminate Selena by pushing a bookshelf on her
  3. Slow Poke - Eliminate Selena with an explosion whilst she tries to leave
  4. Party Tonig…Tomorrow?- Eliminate Simone with the Chandelier in the party room
  5. No Hero - make Simone and Selena drown in the river on the side of the palace
  6. A Drink To Celebrate - poison a target with the vodka
  7. Mind The Car - cause a car to hit Selena when she tries to escape
  8. Don’t You Know How To Knock - get the police to walk in on Simone killing Selena with a statue, and then to gun her down
  9. Ouch That gotta hurt - Get Simone to kill Selena with a statue
  10. That’s Not A Window - make Simone fall out of the attics balcony’s above the court (where the fashion show was)

Tablet would be found on Selena at all times unless she dies


I thought of the special assignments today and how badly they were done. I thought a cool mission would have 5 female badasses (like the nuns) but have them taking over the city after Rangan, Shah, Kale die. I was thinking that these would be the map changes:

Dawood’s tower is finished but closed off
Train Station is taken over from the targets
Military trucks surround the entrance of the station
Sewers Flooded Into The City

the reason I thought five is because I enjoyed Colorado and its targets but the level and lack of deaths made it boring for some people

There would have to be at least a few good/unique deaths, ones we haven’t seen before, and the setting would be illusions of grandeur time because I can’t imagine it at night or it is raining heavily

Normal or already used death:

Birdcage Kill
Train Kill
Neon Sign Kill
Poison Tea Kill
Drowning In Vanya’s water bowel
Barrels Of Explosives

Unique death ideas
skywalk drops with a target on it
snapping there neck with a gun
pushing them in front of a truck/train on its normal route (cutscene)
cargo on truck falls on top of them
falls into over flooded sewer (cutscene)
Hang all five of them on the station roof (cool cutscene of their hanging bodies)

all targets would be armed and would be dressed in tight all in one leather costumes

Dual combat knives (melee)
Mumbai necklace (garrot)

Starting Location:
Boat Dock

Target Names:
Devya Bimala - Wears a black rose in her hijab and black lipstick
Izna Urja - Only one who doesn’t wear a hijab (leader)
Vidya Rina - Cut across her face
Nisha Neysa - Recognise any disguise
Pia Omala - Always with someone, very conscious of her surroundings

I don’t have anything on your level @Steven_Jones but I was thinking about a Sgail mission in the daytime when they’re preparing for a meeting and the target is the person putting it all together or something

I was really hoping we would get a sgail mission in the day, I think that would be cool

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Paris, 2012 - 8pm - winter - snowy

Others Optional.


47, The cult’s virus has surfaced, a new batch was synthesized from a sample taken at the Gama institute, multiple buyers are descending on Paris to acquire the virus an IAGO auction hosted by a fashion magazine editor: -Vallire ___ .
Aquire the virus, and take down Iago forever


Paris is identical to before, but with the fashion show removed and replaced by a board meeting, with the target at the head of the table.

Items related to the event have been removed and replaced with other classy furniture from other levels.

bar is closed

The auction has moved from the roundra to the room on the second floor with the desks and shelves, the one where the auction staff was reading his phone.

A display case for the virus to be displayed in during the auction and the auction detius have been placed here.

The previous auction room and margoles room have turned in to a Biohazard area. With multiple guards.

the hedge maze is now a mocroccan staging area

Path to the auction is up the main stairs, to the auction room past the empty board table,

Vallire moves from the office on the top floor, to the head of the table.

The sheick’s room is now occupied by columbian sicario soldiers



Saberage sabotage - Assassinate Vallire with a sabre while serving champagne as a waiter - accident kill.(Virus must be sold)

Deliver a message - retrieve the parcel bomb from the security room and deliver it to the board meeting (Virus must be stolen)

Send a message - snipe Val during her speech (Auction must end)

New Bid from the man in the red tie - win the auction

Going, going, gone. - Steal the virus from the bioarea

An unrefusable offer - kill the auction winner and take the virus

No reserve - steal all the funds for the auction from the buyers as they arrive

Best offer - Kill the autioneer and take the virus from the display cabinet

Rigged - make sure the MI6 agent wins the auction by becoming the auctioneer

100% comission - survive or avoid the sicrio’s attempt to steal the virus

Former USSR guard - hostile area other than side dock
former USSR officer - allowed on auction path - bidder
ground floor Security (bank vault style without badge)
middle floor security (ether lab)
top floor security - black biohazard
head scientist - white biosuit
scientist - yellow biosuit
MI6 Agent - bidder
Shekih - bidder
Italian Maffioso - bidder
Kronstat scientist - bidder
US Army officer - bidder (miami general but face-swaped) -biodder
militia elite soldier (us escort) -bidder escort
general morocco (zedan face swapped) - bidder
Moroccan solider - bidder escort
Moroccan officer - bidder escort
columbian soldier -bidder escort
colombian sicario - bidder
bank teller - board attendee
lawyer - board attendee
bodyguard - ground floor interior security
landslide politician - bidder
zoe - board - unwearable
waiter -from itally
auctioneer -

White tie - suit

By the dock behind the property - suit
As a USSR guard by the side dock
As a buyer - car arrival - suit
As a biohazard team member by the helo

Singapore, 2014 - rain

TARGET: Pirate captain, barge

pirates in the china south sea have been trafficking people from India to south america as forced labour,our client, a rival cartel, want this operation shutdown

This is a re-purposing of a map as a ground based level for the most part the level is identical with things moved only to vary things up

Dropping in - drop a crate on the captain

Going down with the ship - sink the ship with the captain aboard

how do you not know? - drown the captain by pushing him in the water

raincoat poncho sicarios
human traffic
dock worker
port security (from free form training) - gate area only

**Two divorcees, and a funeral **
Austria - 201? 7pm -autumn - dry

Husband (accident)
Mistress (any)


47, the wedding you crashed here in Austria has ended very, VERY, badly, the divorce papers are due to be signed in the rotunda as soon as the yard birds are put to rest, we cannot allow that to happen, as the prenup will ensure the former bride


Identical, but with more formal guests and the wedding replaced by a funeral, limo by a herse,


Poison - “bitter sweet ending”
Fall - “fell for you”
Helo blades - “all chopped up”
car accident - “it’s a carwerk”
chandelier - “my new crush”
drown - “drowning my sorrows”

husband only
pen “accident” - “the writing on the wall”
hunting “accident” - “shot through heart”

mistress only
shooting - "ends in tears "
suicide - “waiting for you” - have the mistress discover the husband’s body
Allergic reaction - “like a panda”
(mistress is a glutton, when she dies via this method her eyes get black rings)

“The other woman” -Kill the second mistress
“couples counselling” -Have the husband and mistress kill each other
“domestic issue” -find the positive pregnancy test and have the mistress kill the husband
“catfight” - have the mistress kill the whore

“happy ending” - let the cheating husband leave
“new beginnings” - take the lawyers place and invalidate the legal documents
“sued” - invite the second mistress - Susan to the signing.
“whore-able” -give the pictures of the husband cheating on the mistress to the wife
“hired help” - have the whore kill the mistress

raincoat security
target’s bodyguard
maid _unusable

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Play it Again
The three targets are the Santa Fortuna band members who have since grown famous after the events of Three Headed Serpent. Following the fall of the Delgado cartel, the construction site has been changed into an exclusive concert venue. The client, Dexy Barat has one request—that the band’s new replacement drummer—Abel DeSilva is not to be eliminated. She recommends you pacify him and hide him so that you can focus on your three targets, as DeSilva is usually in close proximity to them.

Each target is guarded and in a different area of the venue. One of the targets may go between the audience area to the vip only, one may go around the whole venue in the exclusive guard areas, and one might rotate between the commentators booth to the cave system. Abel DeSilva would be much like the constant where he is connected to all targets routines and travels everywhere. Most of the NPC’s will be a part of the class crew from after the death of their lead—Jordan Cross
New Colombia Disguises
Abel DeSilva—lots of enforcers but access everywhere except for the rafters
Event security—lower level guard
Event bodyguard—upper level guard
Sound crew—access to stage, backstage
Lighting technician—only about three on the map, has access to a specific path that goes to the rafters—can sabotage lights or cancel the show
Each band member—the only enforcers are in the crowd, the bodyguard from the target, and the targets. Grants you access to the routine of whichever target you’re disguised as
Adoring fan—has a meeting with one of the targets

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Title: A Conclusive State

Map: Isle of Sgail (During a storm)

Client: Narwhal Oil Company Limited

Briefing: 47, we are facing a cabal of powerful businessmen and international players, who are planning stage a coup in an oil-rich province of Benin. The cabal already has the support of an exiled member of the government, numerous resources and funding from its benefactors. Our client owns the drilling rights in this province and wants the risk to their investment to cease. The cabal has at its disposal a small army of ex-servicemen trained by some of the best military units in the world, good luck 47 and take care.

What’s different/Map Changes

  • No formal party a more low key affair, more closely guarded and based inside.
  • Blizzard-like conditions, the sound of the wind howling through the hallways of the castle.
  • The Castle is guarded by highly alert mercenaries with sniper support who are based in the tower areas.
  • Inside more medieval and classical items in the more modern areas, giving it a museum-like appearance, a room with different historic suits of armour.
  • In the gallery area, an old Viking Long Boat is hoisted up as a display, beneath this is an old fashioned map.
  • All the run-down area’s like the chapel and outhouse area’s have roofs and a habitable appearance.
  • There are other members of the coup present, who are less prominent than the targets, who give intel opportunities.
  • The atmosphere inside has roaring log fires, a feast prepared for members, people having nightcaps in the study discussing business, a high stakes poker game.
  • In the lower area’s of the keep, there are minor participants involved in the coup, their entourages including personal security, people who are assisting the coup but not aware of the full operation, escorts, staff.
  • Castle staff members have been vetted by security and the disguises are easily seen through.
  • The meeting between the members is conducted in the upper atrium and is heavily guarded.

Targets Overview:

Jean Salomon: Born into a political family, his father was an ambassador for Benin in France, educated in Switzerland, lived a privileged upbringing, graduated from the prestigious PSL Research University in Paris, moved back to Benin and rose up to the rank of minister of trade. Saloman is an ambitious individual who was not happy with his standing in the government, especially in concern to funding his extravagant lifestyle, during his tenure he made cutthroat deals and disposed of potential rivals by brutal means. Saloman was found guilty of corruption and was exiled in 2012, he will take over the province for the cabal once the military operation has succeeded.

William Simms: Will lead the military operation for the cabal, a former British Special Air Services Officer, saw action in The Falkland Islands, both Iraq wars, Afghanistan, served in Northern Ireland and a variety of undercover operations. Simm’s is the most dangerous of the bunch, don’t let his age fool you his tough, mentally sharp with a superior level of fitness. Simm’s is married to war and the service, not content with retirement after his wife’s death in 2009 he has effectively cut off his family including his daughter to chase conflicts around the world. Simms knows and has studied everyone present in the castle will shoot you on-site if he does not recognise you.

Sir Robert Moray: Moray spent his younger years in Kenya before being sent to be educated at Eton. Gained a 1 in History at Cambridge University, then joined Sandhurst military academy passing top of his class, after serving five years in the Horse Guards, Moray spent his time in the social circles of the high society in Europe living the life of playboy and gambling away his families riches. After a brief stint working in investment banking in Singapore he decided upon settling back down in the UK, Moray became involved in a series of fraudulent investment schemes through his financial contacts which led to him earning millions from international investors who never saw their returns. Moray, later on, became a highly regarded lobbyist of a political think tank before retiring. Knighted in 2014. Always chasing after adventure and money Moray could not help facilitating deals with his international connections.

Rex Peterson - Co-owner of the Peterson Petro Corp. Peterson was raised the son of a Texas Oil Magnate, after finishing college he worked his way through the company under his father wing. In 2003 he inherited the company with his twin brother after his father’s mysterious death. Peterson is a very astute and capable businessman who has earned billions growing the company, he has got a reputation for ruthlessly expanding the land surrounding drilling sites, including accusations of extreme violence and destroying the businesses of those who refuse to sell their land to him at a cut-rate. Peterson is one of the key funders of the Coup and the permit holder for the oil drilling rights.

Assassination Opportunities:

The Guillotine: Salomon is a history and torture enthusiast, his childish spoilt nature leads him to mess around with serious instruments even if his own life is in danger, accidents do happen.

Bill Bars: Simms is a fitness fantastic, often seen running laps of the castle grounds, there is a bar conveniently placed by the edge of a cliff where he has a habit of doing pull-ups, what if you give him a helping hand by tampering with the bar 47.

A Quick Line: Moray has a cocaine habit, he keeps an extra supply hidden in his quarters, which he’ll likely collect at the rate his going tonight, what if you mixed this with some poison.

Flame Grilled: Peterson is a control freak and a fussy eater, he often storms down into the kitchen and overrules his personal chef, due to the disruption he causes his been assigned a separate area for his food to be cooked in.

If I Ruled The World: Salomon is driven by his extreme ego and sense of vanity, he will often visit the gallery area to review the old map.

Demolition Job: A new arms dealer whose identification details have not been reached the security office, has recently landed at Sgail Castle in the blizzard conditions. Simm’s does not trust his demolition experts making the purchase and wants to personally meet with the dealer, beware as he will be on high alert.

The Executioner: Moray seems like a respected family man on the surface, but has always kept a steady stream of mistress’s one of which is on the Isle, she is working under the guise of appearing as his new assistant, she is bored and sinking down the free champagne at the bar like it’s gone out of fashion. Moray has told her to keep in text contact and they both plan to meet in a secluded spot in the castle, there are plenty of old disguises and weapons that might be of use in this area.

The Card Shark: Peterson is a gambler, who loves a game of poker. There is a high stake game in castle tonight, get to the table and find a way to eliminate him.


It would be pretty cool to have Paris as a fully functional museum during midday or something.