Create your own fan-made elusive target

Elusive targets are very creative in hitman so I want to see what other ideas people have for an elusive target.
How it works: Basically what you have to do is create a name for your elusive target. This can be whatever you want. Next, create a description for the target. Try to make it as creative as possible. Your target can also be from other video games so keep that in mind. Have FUN!


Elusive target #?: The Emperor

Good morning 47.

Your target is Yakuza boss Kawamura Keishi, one of the leading crime bosses in Japan during the 1990s who remains a significant player in the Japanese underworld now.

Keishi, a diagnosed sociopath with no regard for human life, was head of the Yakuza and was certainly an effective ruler, causing a crime spree in the mid-90s. He hires only the best men as his personal protection, and has been known to be effiecent in gunfighting himself.

Our client, a rival within Yakuza, wants Keishi eliminated to prevent a civil war ensuing in the Yakuza of which Keishi would certainly be the main player against our client.

Keishi is currently visiting the GAMA private resort, where he is scheduled to meet ex-Yakuza lawyer Yuki Yamazaki in an attempt to convince her to release damning evidence about our client.

As a former client of ours, Keishi has full knowledge of who you are and what you do, and so he will be sure to become suspicious of you if he sees you in any form.

I will leave you to prepare.

In-game details:
Wears the White Yakuta robe, or something of similar design. Can wield a weapon, as with guards. Has two bodyguards who follow him at all times.
Route: Starts in the winter garden. Moves into the spa, where he will stand at the edge of the platform, providing a kill opportunity if you take out one of his bodyguards, the other will stand outside. Moves down into Yuki’s room, where his guards can be lured into the bathroom (the guard who you would need to take down for the spa kill). Then moves to the restaurant, where he will reside in a (contantly guarded) booth for a short time. One of his bodyguards will be able to be poisoned with sushi at this point( Again, the guard who you would need to take down for the spa kill). If both bodyguards are taken out he will move to the sauna, where he will stay even if the temperature is increased. Can be killed with the sauna. If you trigger a fire alarm, he will be rushed to the security office.

Good hunting, 47.


This sounds awfully close to my briefing in my “End of a Legacy” contract. :wink: Still sounds very fun!

I don’t think I’ve played that one yet.

It hasn’t been ported i don’t think. It has a somewhat similiar briefing.

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Elusive Target #?: The Playboy (and the Manipulator)

Good morning 47.

Your target is Valentino Prince, celebrity actor and notorious playboy. Prince, who starred in multiple films and has received multiple awards for his performances, building a personal fortune of over 350 million dollars. However, Prince is not faithful to his partners, contantly involved in affairs and scandals behind the scenes.

Recently, Prince got married to singer Harriet Grey, however this relationship was short lived and within two years he had cheated on her with Phillipa Yeovil, a model who worked for IAGO in the past and has been known to manipulate her partners into illegal practices.

Harriet Grey has hired us to eliminate Prince and Yeovil. Prince is currently visiting Jordan Cross in the Himmapan Hotel, and has booked the room adjacent to yours. I will leave you to prepare.

In-game details (The Playboy):
Wears a flashy suit, along with sunglasses. Has an entourage of two bodyguards. Does not carry a weapon.
Walks in from the pier, where he visits the room where the Manipulator is staying. He will talk to the manipulator then walk across the atrium up into the recording studio. He will then patrol the recording studio and emperor’s suite.
Potential kills:
If the Manipulator is killed and her body is found (accident or not) then he will go for a private phone call, then he will remain alone in his room for a short time, looking out the window.
If the recording studio is cleared by the exterminator he will leave the studio and come into the atrium, where he will stand beneath a coconut by himself.
If a fire alarm is triggered he will go to Heidi Santoro’s room, where he will remain throughout the alarm and no bodyguards will be in the room with him.
He will walk over a puddle that can be electrified.
If all his bodyguards are taken down, he will go to the room where the Manipulator is staying.

In-game details (The Manipulator):
Has a similar outfit to Elinor Westrup or Martha Harris. Has no dedicated bodyguards. Does not carry a weapon.
She will remain in the room next to 47’s at all times (room 206) unless she is lured out of the room… She will walk around this room however, taking a drink at one point and standing next to the open window. Two bodyguards guard the door to the room, while one bodyguards guards the inside. She will not move if a fire alarm is triggered.
Potential kills:
Can be poisoned in her room or pushed out the window.
She will go into the bathroom, where she will look in the mirror then go to the window to go on her phone. She can be shot through this window and her body won’t be found.
The three guards can be easily lured away with breach charges.
You can access her room with a bodyguard disguise and a keycard.
If the Playboy is killed and his body is found (accident or not) she will make a phone call in the bathroom then go to the bathroom window for a while.


Your target ideas are always interesting, I also found another thread where you had planned five missions or something. :smiley: Please post more of those if you have, it was fun to read them during a boring flight.

Btw there will be an ET called The Playboy. :^)


Glad to see you enjoy them :grin:
Guess I’d have to change his name to the actor or something like that then. Anyway, it won’t happen, but I like the playboy, so I’ll stick with that.

Elusive Target #??: The Last Albino.

Location: Paris.


Good evening 47

Your target is Mark Pendragon IV, the last known survivor of the now defunct Franchise’s illegal cloning program. Pendragon went off the radar after the death of Alexander Leyland Cayne and his so-called albino “brothers”, but our sources inform us that over the past 13 years he has been operating as a covert assassin for hire under the employ of an as yet unknown party.

Intel places him in Paris at the Sanguine fashion show, apparently contracted to kill the ambassador, a personal friend and guest of Viktor Novikov.

Our client has tasked us with eliminating Pendragon and protecting the ambassador at all costs. As an added bonus for the agency, the elimination of the so called last albino will allow us to end a particularly unpleasant chapter in our history.

Good luck 47. I will leave you to prepare.


Sorry i cant remember the ambassadors name, but he cannot be killed or its mission failed.
I think the albinos had a problem with aging or lifespan, so maybe he can be aged significantly?
Would be a fun mechanic if he could disguise himself to avoid detection by 47.

Just an idea :slight_smile:


This would be cool. Sadly, I’m out of likes :confused:

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Elusive Target #?: The Thief

Good afternoon 47. Your target is Mathew Baines, an international jewel thief wanted in 11 different countries. Often credited as the best thief the world has ever seen, Baines is ruthless in his exploits and will not hesitate to kill or hold hostages as other theives would be afraid to do.

Baines is currently in Sapienza working a job for Torvik reaserch, who have requested he retrieve a virus prototype in a safe inside Silvio Caruso’s room. He will infiltrate Caruso’s mansion and go to his room, where he will pick up the prototype and make his escape.

Our client, Silvio Caruso, has requested you take down Baines. He has also requested that you ensure the Virus prototype is in the safe, if it is not then you must retrieve and return the prototype to the safe. Caruso has also requested that you do not harm anyone inside the mansion grounds, biolab or ruins in any way. This includes security, staff, gardeners, chefs, housekeepers, scientists and anyone else within the mansion grounds.

Baines will most likely patrol the harbour or main square areas before making his move through the mansion. After retrieving the prototype, he will most likely leave, so you must be prepared for that. I will leave you to prepare.

In-game info:
Matthew Baines will wear tourist gear, with sunglasses and a khaki pattern top. He will sneak through the mansion, and he will use a weapon. If he spots you, he will not report to a guard, but he will try to escape by boat.
Baines will patrol the main square for a short time, but there are no obvious ways to kill him here. He will then infiltrate via the door next to the ICA safe house. He will move through the grounds (some guards and staff will be moved so he can sneak through undetected). He will move through the observatory and up onto the third floor (again, guards have been moved) and sneak through a side entrance into Silvios room. He will then exfiltrate the exact same way he infiltrated, but move out through the harbour and onto his boat this time. He will move fairly slow, and can be killed fairly easily at any point. Cartharsis cannot be completed during this ET, as the butler will simply not talk to Lafayette. As mentioned before, all staff within the mansion are VIPs, but this does not count any staff that move outside the mansion in their routines to avoid confusion (for example the Gardener in his apartment or Rocco).


hey @Lockh33d I like your idea for this target :grinning:

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Thanks. I doubt they’ll ever do it but i live in hope :slight_smile:

Elusive Target #?: The Liar

Good afternoon 47,

Your target is Roberto J. Jones an ex-president of Italy. A few years ago when the election was happening it came down between Roberto and another politician named Marco Ricci. Roberto was losing by a lot so he slandered about him all over social media.

Marco said these were all lies, but one night Roberto plotted fake evidence about him that caused him to go to prison for over 20 years. This is illegal nationwide, but Roberto got away with it and won the election. He has been personally invited to a private party in Caruso’s mansion along with some other government officials.

A client from the Italian government has asked us to eliminate Roberto J. Jones. You should also know that no other government officials can be harmed or the contract will fail. Good Hunting 47,

I will leave you to prepare.

In-game details:

The target appearance will be a tall man wearing a suit and he is also bald.

Route: He will start in front of the mansion and make his way near the golf course. After that Silvio will introduce all the government officials to the mansion. The target will then move around the golf course and talk to other people.

Potential kill: You can poison the target by knocking out one of the guards by his drink. Then another guard will come, but turn around immediately providing a chance to poison the drink leading him to go to a nearby bathroom and drowning him.

Potential kill #2: The target will go towards the outer edge of the golf course. In order to push him you need to act fast. You first throw a coin distracting a guard. Then you need to quickly go towards the target and push him.


A nice idea for an ET, my only issue is the use of the overly stereotypical Italian surname of Jones :grinning:


The Editor

Good morning, 47.

Your target is Vito Dellucci, an editor currently in Himmapan Hotel, Thailand helping the famous musician Jordan Cross for his albums.

Several years ago, he got a fight with our former target Dino Bosco about an edited scene. This triggered the downfall of Dino Bosco’s career and then, his death when he tried to make a comeback… by us.

Our client, a daughter of a billionaire and a die-hard fan of Dino Bosco, said that Vito Dellucci is responsible for Bosco’s death and she asked us to eliminate him.

The clock is ticking. Good luck, 47.

(Yeah yeah, very funny how the client think the target is responsible for Dino Bosco’s death when in fact, it was L’Avventura Pictures and the hitman she hired are the ones who kill him)


Months ago i wrote my idea about an ET in Morocco: The suicide bomber.
We don’t have the identity of the target. He’s someone hired by someone to make a suicide attack. We must stop him before he makes himself explode. But first we must find him, following an NPC, listening dialogues, watching if he has a particular disguise, or in another way. If we are spotted he will do the suicide attack.


Good evening 47. We have a rather peculiar situation on our hands. The Agency has caught a pair of informants who have sold a sensitive amount of information about us to a movie studio, who in turn intend to make a film that exposes the ICA to the public. They already have two lead actors who will be portraying…you and I. Renown actors David Bateson as Agent 74 and Vivienne Mckee as Anna Woodburn, are both targeted for elimination. It a bit of a shame because I happen to enjoy their work but they both fully read the script and therefore have learned too much about us. The film crew is currently using Bangkok for it’s first location shoot. In addition to the targets, you must also find and destroy the script. The clock is ticking 47. Good luck.

What can I say? Sometimes I have a twisted sense of humor! :innocent:


The Heir (borrow an idea from reddit)

Good morning, 47.

Your target is Yakir Yegorova , Vadim Yegorova OR Daria Yegorova. They are relatives of Nikon Yegorova, CEO of the 3rd largest multinational company of Russia who has died a few days ago. They have inherited from him a large amount of money but they are still dissatisfied and they want more.

So each of them has secretly asked us to eliminate the other two and our problem is that neither of them decided the amount of payment so they haven’t paid us in advance yet.

They are in Sapienza for vacation and your objective is to choose and eliminate TWO of them without harming the other. If two of them are dead while the other one is dead or pacified, the contract will be cancelled, the same goes with all three are pacified.

The clock is ticking. Good luck, 47.

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This would maybe work better as a real mission, but still pretty neat idea. :stuck_out_tongue: