Create your own fan-made elusive target

Elusive Target #?: The Warden

Briefing:Good Afternoon 47,

Your target is Adranuch N. Chaiprasit a powerful warden that is in charge of many prisons. He is even partly in charge of the military too. The ICA has found out that he and his private militia group planned a terrorist attack in his own country a year ago.

He mainly attacked his own buildings making it seem like someone else did it so he can get investments and become rich. He killed many innocent lives so the ICA has asked us to elminate Chaiprasit and retrieve the money he has stolen.

We found out the target will be in Bangkok, but we don’t know the where about he is. Eliminate the target and get the money back. The clock is ticking 47,

Good luck.

In-Game Details:
The target will be located on the basement, but you need a bodyguard outfit to go down there. It is random of where he will spawn in the basement, so his path will often change.
Potential kill: The target will be near an explosive barrel so you can quietly make oil spill and kill the target. Note: It will also kill the people around him
Potential kill #2: The target does have a drink so if you poison him he will go near a trash can with another bodyguard with him. While the target is throwing up you can knock the bodyguard and kill the target once you do that.
Second Objective: To find the money it will be on the computer near to guards. you can:
A: Pull the fire switch
B: cause an explosion
once you do that the guards will go away providing an opportunity to steal the money and leave.


Elusive target #?: The Activist

Good evening 47. Your target is Tobias Downing, a radical eco activist who is currently part of Sean Rose’s militia in Colorado.
Downing was a high ranking member within the Australian collective called the Sons of Solidarity where Rose grew up, and after the Sons of Solidarity were disbanded he and Rose planned numerous terror attacks around the globe.
Rose has since become leader of the Colorado militia and Downing eventually followed, becoming a guerrilla fighter who works around the globe, carrying out assassinations and attacks.
His next assingnment is to blow up a Hamsun oil tanker in the Gulf of Mexico. Hamsun have hired us to take him down before he does so.
He is currently preparing for the attack in Colorado. Be warned 47: Downing is armed and highly dangerous.
I will leave you to prepare.

In-Game Details:
He wears a bandana around his neck which covers his mouth. He carries a HX10 SMG and will shoot 47 if he goes into combat.
He will walk around the shooting area in the barn then through the training zone. He will then walk over to the demolitions area where he will talk to some of the demolitions experts. He will then walk back to the barn.
Potential kills:
• He will walk beneath the hay bale
• He will walk within luring radius of the oil tank, so if you take out the technician he can be killed there
• You can use a gun to lure him to the drop box in the barn, which is fairly secluded
• He is within luring radius of a battering ram kill
• If you take out enough guards he can be killed and hay baled in the Demolitions area.


Elusive target #?: The Bruiser
Location: Colorado

Good morning 47.

Your target is Mitchell ‘The Bruiser’ White, former model for the SANGUINE fashion house, now a rising star in the UFC amassing a large fan following for his brutal and relentless beatdowns of his opponents. However, this supposed bloodsport prodigy hasn’t always played by the rules.

One month ago, White was matched up with fellow rival, Adam Frost, which unfortunately ended with the latter’s death in the ring. Rumour has it that White was motivated by revenge when his long time girlfriend, Jessica Highmoore, was found to be cheating on him with Frost.

Our client, Richard Frost, former manager and father to the aforementioned deceased fighter, has contacted the ICA wanting to seek retribution for his only son. We’ve managed to narrow down White’s location in Colorado where he is scheduled to meet with Sean Rose, an old childhood friend of his.

I will leave you to prepare.

(P.S: I hope Square-Enix finds this thread and either adapts or draws inspiration from these posts for future Elusive Targets, that would be neat.)


Elusive target #?: The Blue Soldiers

The Captain: Raul Kazaku
The Tactician: Ioan Alexandrescu
The Gun Nut: Eduard Vãduva
The Bodyguard: Valeriu Otvos

Good evening 47. Your targets are a Romanian group of spec ops mercanaries known as ‘The Blue Soldiers’ who have been involved in multiple coups over the years. Lead by Raul Kazaku the Blue Soldiers are widely regarded as the best special ops group up for hire.

The Blue Soldiers have four key members: Raul Kazaku, the leader of the Soldiers; Ioan Alexandrescu, an excellent battle tactician and Kazaku’s second in command: Eduard Vãduva, the quartermaster of the Soldiers and the man responsible for their weapons; and Valeriu Otvos, who serves as a bodyguard for high profiles during a coup.

The Blue Soldiers are currently working with Reza Zaydan, who is masterminding a coup in Morocco. Our client, the United Nations, has requested we take down the leaders of the Blue Soldiers to prevent them toppling any more governments. We do not know the specific locations of the Soldiers but on-site intelligence confirms they have set up headquarters on a rooftop near Zaydan’s field headquarters, an abandoned school. I will leave you to prepare.

In-game information:
All targets wear a blue version of the cap elite soldiers wear. The Captain and The Gun Nut have more militaristic uniforms (similar to Elite Soldiers and Officers) where as the Tactician and the Bodyguard wear an outfit more like the Chameleons (without the medals). All target wield pistols.

The Captain: He will be on the headmaster’s rooftop with one soldier. Two more soldiers will be downstairs, and one on the stairs. The Headmaster and his son will be gone. The Captain will start on the rooftop and walk around there for a while, making a phone call to the Tactician and the Gun Nut. He will also smoke in the Shisha pipe. The rooftop can be accessed with a soldier disguise (multiple enforcers) officer disguises (no enforcers) or a waiter disguise (one enforcer on the roof). He will then walk downstairs for a smoke, he can be easily lured to a puddle where there is an outlet and a potential motorcycle puddle.

The Tactician: He will be upstairs in the command centre in the school. He will walk between the centre and Zaydan’s office where he can be killed with a gas leak. Between the two places he can be pushed out a window, which he leans out (but there is a soldier patrolling nearby). If the power is turned off at the centre he will walk to the bathroom, alone. He will occasionally have a phone call with the Captain.

The Gun Nut:
He will be in the underground tunnel. He walks around the small centre in the tunnel. He can be killed with an oil fire or lured behind the lockers and killed. He will occasionally have a phone call with the Captain behind one of the sets of lockers.

The Bodyguard: The Bodyguard will follow Strandberg at all times. If Strandberg’s evacuation is triggered, he will stay in the shoe shop where he can be killed easily. If the interview is started he will wait in the observation room (where the moose winch is). He can be lured away in lots of places. If Strandberg is subdued or dies he will go to Olander’s office.

EDIT: The main point of this target(s) would be the idea of an ET with three or four (fairly easily killed) targets in completely different parts of the map. This would be cool as it would mean you have no restarts for multiple targets.


That would be pretty cool. Imagine seeing a target made here actually appearing. By the way, SQUENIX don’t check this forum, it’s IOInteractive you want to catch the attention of :wink:.

@IOInteractive pls notice us

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Elusive target #?: The Imitator

Good evening 47. Your target is Connor Webb, a top-class underworld actor who specialises in imitating high profile targets for organisations and criminals all over the world.

He has currently infiltrated the GAMA private hospital and is posing as a high profile somewhere in the resort. We do not know the exact target, but he will imitate their look flawlessly.

GAMA has asked us to eliminate Webb, however if we harm the wrong person they will withdraw the contract. You must look out for a person asking more questions than usual or acting strangely. Pick your target carefully 47, this is a delicate contract. I will leave you to prepare.

In-game details: The target will be imitating the Curator. He will look just like the Curator and will have the exact same voice. However, if you try to use the neurochip remote, it won’t work as it will always say ‘patient is too far out of range’.

Routine: The target will have a larger routine than the Curator. He will go to his office (where there will be bodyguards) and into the room with the heart. He will also visit the female surgeon next to Soders and the two morgue doctors operating on the body. He will also go to the medical quarters where he will make a phone call to his bosses. After eavesdropping on this phone call Diana will inform you that the Curator is the target.


Elusive Target #?: The Double

Briefing: Good afternoon, 47. Your target is Antonio Baroffio, Stefano Colombo’s stunt-double at L’Avventura Pictures. He began working there in April of last year, but has quickly made his mark.

Using his astonishing resemblance to Colombo, he has completed many illegal activities and gotten away with it. As you can imagine, Colombo is not happy with this. The arguments caused by this are very disruptive to L’Avventura Pictures, who are our clients.

He will be hiding at Marco Abiatti’s political rally in Sapienza. I will leave you to prepare.

In-game Details: He has a baseball cap (supporting FowlPlay), dark shades to hide his face and a L’Avventura Pictures shirt.

Routine: He will start in the crowds at the rally, and will cheer for Marco. There are no easy ways to get him here. Then he will walk down the boardwalk and chat with a fisherman. He takes a drink from a drink bottle here. He then walks back up into the back streets and around into the ice-cream shop. He pushes his way to the front of the line by shouting that he’s Colombo. And takes an ice-cream. After that he walks up to the Bohemian’s room (which is now his) and looks out the window (perfect sniping opportunity). He makes a phone call to Colombo to taunt him (can be switched with explosive one). If scared by you, he will escape on a boat.


Elusive Target #? The Speedrunner
Target: TheKotti
Briefing: Good Morning, 47.
Your target is TheKotti, a speedrunner who is currently participating in the 10th anual Sapienza speedrunning contest. Our client, is going to compete directely with him, and he is affraid to loose, so he asked us to eliminate him.
Good Luck, 47.
@Morten_IOI @Travis_IOI @krainert @Marta_IOI @IO_RubberDuckInSuit could you please get some inspiration from this?


@Kotti look out for the bald man with the barcode tattoo.

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Elusive Target #?: The Black Marketers

Good Evening 47,
your targets are Arzad D. Shahnawaz and Ujalaa Bajwa. Both of them are illegal sellers on the dark web that sell guns, counterfeit credit cards, drugs, etc. We found out the two of them are giving Raza Zayden money and guns to improve his army in exchange for a private militia group which they plan on killing innocent civilians for their money and other stuff.

A client that works with Zayden has asked us to eliminate the targets because he claims his family lives around there. He has also asked us to retrieve any files or documents about any other members of there group that are also working with Arzad and Ujalaa. Be careful 47 this picture may be out of date because there are no other pictures of them. Expect them to blend in with the crowd in Marrakesh. Mark your target carefully. Good luck 47,

I will leave you to prepare.

In-game details:

Arzad D. Shahnawaz is wearing fabric over his mouth, nose, and head but his eyes are showing and he is a male. Ujalaa Bajwa is in a military type outfit that is similar to the guards in the area and she is a female. Only one of the picture are out of date and that is Arzad D. Shahnawaz. In the picture he is not wearing any fabric on his head, so you would have to identify him by his eyes. (This is the most target to track in the mission. You would almost have to listen to a conversation in order to know what he looks like, and where he is.)
Target #1: Arzad D. Shahnawaz is located near the rooftop nearest to the Swedish consulate. The place is private so you would need a Elite Guard outfit in order to get in, but both of the guards guarding the door can see through your outfit. Just distract them anyway and you are good to go.
Potential kill #1: Arzad will go near the ledge of the roof, but four of Zayden’s guards are by him at all times and two of them are enforcers. In order to push him of the ledge you could knock all the guards out (very difficult) or cause an explosion causing all the guards to search around giving a brief second to push the target while he is there before he runs.
Potential kill #2: You can also poison the target, but one of the enforcers are by the drink. You can distract the enforcer and poison it before the he turns around. The target will then go throw up in the far end of the building on the first floor giving enough time to snap his neck and put him in the bin to where the stairs start.
Target #2: Ujalaa Bajwa is located in the school talking to Raza Zayden in the room where the prisoner usually is. it will be guarded by two enforcers which you can again distract them and make your way inside. There are a total of five guards in the room and three of them are enforcers.
Potential kill #1: you can poison the target, but it is a lot more difficult than poisoning the last target. You have to lead two of the guards out of the room that are nearest to the drinks and then distract one more guard leading him towards the other side of the room giving you a chance to poison the target very quickly. The target will go outside to throw giving you a chance to kill her.
Potential kill #2: You can lead Zayden out of the room by turning on the PA system which causes Zayden to get angry and talk to the guards and Three of them will leave the room with him.You have enough time to lead the other two guards outside the room which causes the target to go upstairs and look out the window. You can push the target causing an accident kill.
The Documents: The documents are in the same room of where Ujalaa Bajwa is in a safe. She has the key so if you kill her she will drop it and you can unlock the safe. It’s a suspicious activity, but if your in the officers disguise it won’t be.

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Elusive Target #?: The Owl

Briefing: Good evening, 47. Your target is Leo Dubois, the leader of French crime organisation Hiboux.

With his connections to French officials and underworld bosses, Dubois quickly rose to the top of the “Owl Men”. He won’t be wearing the standard owl mask tonight, but look out for other refrences on his clothing. He is a sociopathic brute, who will not hesitate to kill anyone in his way. Watch out for these tendencies, as there are no pictures of him.

We only know he will be at the Sanguine fashion show to meet with Richard Holmsby, the dark and brooding lawyer who will be attending the IAGO auction. Eliminate Dubois quietly, without Holmsby knowing, or there will be hell to pay.

Good luck, 47. You’ll need it.

In-game Details: He has an owl tattoo, black hoody with a golden owl symbol, and black jeans. He has a buzz cut and a scar through one blind eye.

Routine: He starts at the bar, and will drink from a wine glass there. Then he will wander outside and have an argument with a guard about where he’s allowed to go. He will then walk around to the back area (with the helicopter) to smoke a cigar (He can be killed by fireworks here). Then he makes a phone call to Holmsby, who will leave the auction to take it. (You can listen in from both sides here, and if you kill one of them, the other will know. If Dubois dies, Holmsby will alert the guards. If Holmsby dies or is subdued, Dubois runs to the auction, knocking over a guard to find the body.) After the call, he walks back inside to meet Holmsby in the basement area.


Elusive Target #? The Details

This would be set in Sapienza, in the art/pottery museum. (the place with the kiln)

Good Evening 47,
Your target is Allan Grant, a former artist who’s simplistic aesthetic once took Sapienza by storm. All good things must come to an end, and Allan’s career ended when he was busted for smuggling plans into many of his sculptures. I’ll spare you any further ‘DETAILS’.

Good luck, 47.

In-game details:

Basically your typical hipster, clad in a painter’s smock - bonus points if he’s wearing a beret. A chisel will debut in the level as a potential weapon, and Allan will mention his sculpture - a briefcase. (Because everyone wants 47’s case)


Elusive Target #?: The Counterfeiter

Good Morning 47,

Your Target is Kjetil Ødegård a criminal that is known for counterfeiting money to become rich. He has escaped prison because of Claus Hugo Strandberg requesting General Raza Zayden to help cause a prison escape located at Norway. He has requested this because Claus would like to team up with Kjetil so he can use “money” to get out of his situation.

Kjetil is a very skilled counterfeiter so this may trick people to thinking this is legit. The ICA has asked us to eliminate Kjetil Ødegård and burn all of his counterfeit money he has made. This will not be easy because Claus has asked most of his guards to guard the Swedish Consulate because it will be private. The clock is ticking 47,

Good hunting 47.

In-Game Details:

The Target is has blond hair he is also wearing glasses and wearing a grey suit.
The Target is located at the top floor of the Swedish Consulate, but it is heavily guarded by military guards on the inside and outside. To get in you could get a military outfit, but everyone knows you or the officers disguise which people guarding the front door will know you.The target is mostly near the window or in Claus’s room.
Potential kill #1: The target can be alone in Claus’s room if you knock out all four guards in the room and wait for Claus to leave for a minute providing you a chance to kill him.
Potential kill #2: You can push the target of the ledge with a distraction of an explosion when the target is near the ledge causing all of the guards to leave him alone providing an opportunity to push him.

Note: Attempting to Front Melee the Bruiser will result in random/different QTE patterns for the fist fight. Losing this will allow the Bruiser to escape and cause an alarm.

Why not have him attempt to rob Caruso’s museum? (with the plague doctor costume - that area)

Good morning, 47.
Your target is Davey Al-Skok, codenamed “Goldminer”. This conman successfully works with rare historical values ​​of different countries,
sold them into the hands of potentially dangerous clients. Al-Skok leads a loose way of life, riding on a private yacht, and on her travels around the world.
Him nothing worth destroying a whole village to find a nugget of gold. Explore the area, it marks the sign “Found and cleaned”. Al-Skok visited the most famous
places in the world. Archaeologists turn a blind eye to such sacrilegious relations to jewelry, because their appeal to the the police do not give results.
After such popularity goldminer, known archaeologists in Bangkok appealed to the ICA, as soon found out that Al-Skok rides to them.
The clock is ticking. Good luck, 47.


The Technician.

Good evening, 47.

Your target is Yokoya Kazutaka, CEO of Tasei, one of the largest technology company of Japan. He’s in vacation in Gama Hospital and Resort, enjoying the best service this place has to offer. He is alone in the hospital, neither his assistant and his guards are with him so we suspect he may has a hidden agenda here.

The clock is ticking. Good luck, 47.


Yokoya starts in Yuki Yamazaki’s room. When Yamazaki goes to her room, he greets her. It turns out that Yokoya Kazutaka is a Providence agent, he said that he had a project that could “change the world”. However, he claimed that there’re several competitors and he want to deal with them so he can monopolize the whole project. He asked Yamazaki to contact the upper members of Providence as a Herald so he can have some assist for his plan. Yamazaki agrees to help him.

The target then asks for a tour around the hosptal, Yamazaki gives him the master keycard and dispatched 2 guards to accompany him. The target then goes in a loop between the Defibrillator room, the Observation room and the Morgue. If Erich Soders is dead (it doesn’t count as non-target kill), he’ll stay in the morgue. If both of his guards are get rid off, he will stay in the garden.

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how did you make that picture @11117

I do that in Adobe After Effects
This is example

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That plot is strange