Create your own fan-made elusive target


Target: "The Smotherer"
Location: Bangkok

Briefing: “Good day, 47. Your target is Laurence Greenway, a janitor who uses his ability to move around unassumingly to satisfy his psychopathic tendencies. Greenway, a quiet, normal-looking man, has been linked to a series of smotherings across hotels and motorway rest stops around America by our clients, the private investigation company InvesTor. They have asked us to eliminate the target and retrieve a bottle of specialised chloroform he utilises during his attacks. Be warned, 47, Greenway is a highly competent marksman and won’t hesitate to engage you with his customised Bartoli if alerted to your presence. Good luck, 47, I will leave you to prepare.”

Appearance: Greenway wears the same outfit as the gardeners, but he has his hat off and his hair tied back into a ponytail. He wears small glasses and has black hiking shoes on.

Interesting Notes: Sometime during the contract Greenway will attack Toby Hicks (the guest by 47’s suite in the blue), getting him into the same animation as 47’s subdue and render him unconscious. He will then hold a pillow down on his face, smothering him to death. If you are able to prevent this, Toby promises not to tell anyone and thanks you greatly for the saving.

Note: I am only going to be doing routes for Paris, Sapienza, and Hokkaido, as they are the only maps I know completely, and the route is always my least favourite part of these writings. Thanks.


Target: The Homophobe.
Location: Sapienza.

Briefing: “Good afternoon, 47. Your target is Percy Roper, a famed televangelist. Roper is a known opponent of gay rights and runs a television show called “The Gay Mafia”, where he tours Italy to preach against homosexuality. Roper is in Sapienza to protest the marriage of Ponzio Dioguardi and Amedeo Muzio in the local church. The couple feel threatened by Roper’s increasingly violent protests and have hired us to take care of him. They requested you won’t harm them, the clergy or their guests. Roper, being rich and famous, has hired bodyguards to protect him. He will be hard to reach. The clock is ticking, 47.”

Appearance: Roper wears a blue suit and leather shoes. He has slicked back grey hair, green eyes and fair skin.

Route: Roper starts off in the marina, talking to his bodyguards. He then walks to the church and makes a scene, saying “everyone is going to hell”. Father Francesco civilly brings him downstairs to talk, his bodyguards would stay outside the restricted area. Roper would eventually storm off after listening to Francesco defend the marriage and go harass the grooms. Francesco firmly kicks him out, saying “So what if they are gay? If they search for the Lord and have good will, who am I to judge?”

Roper, after cursing everyone in the church, walks around the coast with his two CICADA bodyguards, frequently going on a politically incorrect rant, staring daggers at the church and hitting on women.

If Francesca De Santis proceeds to the harbour for the PI, he would try to flirt with her but get turned down. After Francesca leaves, he would then go on a sexist rant and then go back to his routine.

Kill Opportunities:
Roper can easily be lured to the edge of the water and kicked inside.
Roper would meet with Father Francesco in the basement and drink from the wine glass. He would also leave ahead of him, giving you the chance to syringe him in the staircase.
Roper is within luring vicinity of the church bell.
Roper walk directly under the church chandelier thrice.

Special Opportunity:
If you disguise as the priest using the spare robes in the basement, you can have another talk with him in the isolated basement, a perfect opportunity to murder him (you don’t even have to hide the body, his guards would never look for him).

Roper apparently thinks Silvio Caruso is gay, moaning how Silvio has “corrupted this once great town” and how “this queer needs to be stopped”.
Aside from homosexuals, Roper has a aversion to blacks, protestants, other religions and women.
Roper’s guards are clearly disturbed by his rhetoric as if you incapacitate/kill him without them knowing, they will head over to the café opposite Villa Caruso without bothering to search for him.


I’m assuming this took inspiration from the Phelps-Roper family of the WBC?


Target: The Lunatic
Location: Marrakesh

Briefing: Good evening, 47. Your target is Mark Isaiah-Wang, a serial killer currently in hiding after a nearly-disastrous escape from his maximum security prison in Austria left 12 orderlies dead. Sentenced to life for a deadly spree in the early 80’s, Isaiah-Wang has been biding his time, preparing for that perfect moment to strike. When the time came, however, there was a sudden shift swap and Mark broke out to a hall full of orderlies. They tried to calm him, but he was able to disarm one of them and mocked a suicide attempt, before turning the gun on the employees and slaughtering (what he thought to be) every last one. Our client, the only survivor of the deadly shootout, has tracked the felon to Marrakesh and has asked us to eliminate him with extreme prejudice: “The more it hurts, the more you’re paid.” With a civil riot looming, this would be the perfect stalking ground for a sadistic man like Wang, and he won’t hesitate to strike if he sees a target that fits his criteria. Good luck, 47. I will leave you to prepare."

Appearance: Mark is of half Asian, half English descent, and is dressed in a beige jumpsuit with a black jacket over top. He has a scar running straight down his neck and black work boots.

Route: Wang will start in the markets, making his way around the stalls and occasionally taking cover against a wall and watching a member of the crowd. He will, at some point, make his way to the top of the lamp store rooftop and attempt to murder the headteacher, but this will fail and he will only manage to knock him out, before he has to run away due to the commotion he’s caused (in fact, he’s pretty inept at whatever he does).


Seeing so many awesome Elusive Targets, I really wanted to create my own.
Target: “The Werewolf”
Location: Sapienza
Briefing: Good afternoon, 47.
Your target is Jack Mercer, better known as “The Full Moon Killer”, a failed medical student with a history of psychotic and violent episodes. The target is an unstable, yet cunning, young man responsible for a string of brutal murders that claimed the lives of no less than eighteen people.
Notorious not only for the gruesome method of dispatching his victims, Mercer is known to remove and consume the organs of those he kills. Much to the outrage of our client, whose daughter was amongst the list of victims, Mercer has avoided prosecution and simply disappeared. Various, scattered reports tell of a “wolfman” with “fingers as sharp as claws” in isolated murders that the ICA has tracked across Europe. He has since become the subject of an international manhunt, but is still at large.
Recent security footage has provided a positive identification of the target in the coastal town of Sapienza. It seems that instead of moving on, Mercer has settled in the area and established a killing ground. Intercepted eyewitness accounts report of a figure wearing gloves tipped with steel nails and a wolf mask that bears striking similarities to those he has worn during his previous acts.
This is the first opportunity to engage in over a year and the client requests immediate action before the target disappears again.
If old habits truly do die hard, Mercer is sure to be prowling the streets of Sapienza for his next victim, a predictable pattern that is easily exploited. But act fast, the full moon is tonight.
Good hunting, 47.

In-game details: His most notable features are his spiky brown hair, a howling wolf-head tattoo on his neck, a black bomber jacket with faux fur collar, and yellow eyes (thanks to special contact lenses).
Route: Mercer starts off in the sewers by the body of one of his undiscovered victims (the red plumber) and makes his way out to the beach, up through the back streets to the main square. After stopping and talking to several people he will wander down to the church, where he offers a mocking prayer to God and talks to a woman whom he charms into meeting him at the beach that night.
Unique Kill: Can drop the church bell on him during his “prayer”.


Target: The Traitor
Destination: Marrakesh Night

Good evening, 47.
Your target is Rebecca Prescott, an FBI agent who has betrayed her employers and is going to give Crystal Dawn a document of sensitive information in Marrakesh, Morroco. However, FBI has caught wind of the betrayal so they have sent an agent to Marrakesh to apprehend her.
In desperation to get their hands on the document, instead of sending their representative, Crystal Dawn has hired us to be their representative to “meet” her and retrieve the document.
The clock is ticking. Good luck, 47.

When starting the mission: Welcome to Marrakesh, 47. We have confirmed the target and the FBI agent are in Marrakesh. Because the agent are here without the government’s permission due to the sensitive situation, they will probably only arrest her when she’s alone to avoid any attention. You can pretend to be a representative of Crystal Dawn to acquire the document but you must deal with the FBI agents first. Treat her nicely, 47.

Route: she starts North Bazaar Gate and has the document with her, then she goes in a loop.

There’s a male FBI agent who is tailing her, can be spotted if observe carefully. The target can be killed by scooter and wire plug. Cafe sign is possible if she’s lured to the damage range. If she’s distracted and isolated in the shop, fortune teller den and the headmaster’s house, the FBI agent will attempt to arrest her. If he sees any NPC or Agent 47, he’ll retreat.

If you subdue the stalker, a prompt will appear to talk to the target, pretend to be the representative of Crystal Dawn. She’ll hand over the document and go to the shisha cafe. She can be poisoned or isolated in the toilet.

(My first idea is that you can take the documents without subduing the stalker, but the stalker will probably spot it. If it count as spotted then it’s not good for a one-shot contract since one objective is completed and i don’t think not everyone (especially newbies) will notice it.

Of course, another idea is that it’s not count as spotted but instead the stalker will stalk 47 instead of the target. But I don’t think everyone will like it since the “misfortune”)


Target: "The Officer"
Location: Sapienza

Briefing: "Good day, 47. Your target is Arthur K. Aimes, an American police officer currently on the run from authoritites for his involvement in an underground cocaine ring that Aimes used to operate in more than 15 stations around the country. A malevolent force, Aimes has been both directly and indirectly responsible for more than 30 deaths throughout his career and, our client, the family of an officer who Aimes had killed for trying to blow open the operation, wants the target eliminated until he fades into obscurity, so time is of the essence.

Aimes is currently staying at Villa Caruso, and ICA sources cite him as Mr. Caruso’s newly appointed head of security, most likely controlling the detail in and around the bio-hazard lab.

The clock is ticking, 47, I will leave you to prepare."

Route: Aimes starts outside of the observatory, smoking a cigarette, before making his way inside and down the stairs to the lab area (the door is now guarded by 2 guards). He will then pause briefly at the railing, make his way down the stairs and meet with a group of guards in the centre of the room, and he will give a small talk about security. He will then make his way into the surveillance room and have a drink from the coffee cup on the table. He will then repeat this routine, stopping in at different parts of the lab and talking to various scientists and guards.

Appearance: Aimes wears the usual bio-lab outfit, but has the sleeves rolled up and has a black cap on. He has brown, slicked-back hair, is wearing aviators and has a scar on his right cheek.


Target: "The Benefactor"
Location: Colorado

Briefing: "Good day, 47. Your target is the billionaire philanthropist Daniel DeLuan, owner of the world-famous tech company Horizon Incorporated, renowned for his large and charitable donations to various different organisations around the world. However, underneath the kind and benevolent demeanour, there exists a far more sinister and criminally-driven persona. DeLuan is, in fact, one of the world’s largest benefactors of global terrorism, funding some of the largest terrorist cells currently active. Our client, Interpol, has been monitoring DeLuan’s actions for some time now, but does not have the required amount of evidence to prosecute, so has contracted us to eliminate him as swiftly as possible.

ICA sources have placed the target to the militia’s operation in Colorado, where he is believed to be attempting to broker a deal with Sean Rose, with interest in funding their operations. His presence within the Shadow Client’s compound makes this contract a high-value mission, so complete discretion is required.

I will leave you to prepare, 47. Good hunting."

Route: DeLuan starts getting out of a limousine, walking to the house with an escort of two CICADA guards. He will meet with Rose in his bedroom, and they will discuss business over a drink, and Rose will then lead him down to the firing range for a firing demonstration. He will then make his way to the greenhouse/kitchen area, strolling around for a while and observing the facilities. Moving to the spec ops area, he will talk with Pavarti and repeat this route, minus the drink with Rose.

Appearance: DeLuan wears a black shirt, black trousers, a maroon tie and a black duffel coat. He has black, swept-over hair and a watch on his left wrist.


I like the ET idea, but I have one question: how did you get that map picture with the route drawn on, and would you mind letting me use that kind of idea in my ETs?

An option to hide all, some crops and I have nice images.


@Q.Minh I really like your idea of getting part of the map and showing his route. Very creative.


Target: “The Salesman”

Briefing: "Good day, 47. Your target is Asrar Bakali, a Moroccan businessman who uses his vast web of connection and sharp business acumen to run a brutal racketeering around the country. Bakali specialises in protection racketeering, claiming that theft will no longer be a problem for all of those that work with him. Of course, most of them do not want such an obvious scam, but Bakali expects this, and makes sure the keepers get the message. Bakali employs a large force of thieves, thugs and troublemakers who he sends to disrupt and ruin the mark’s business, eventually forcing them to pay up or face a far worse experience.

Our client, the Moroccan government, has been chasing Bakali for far too long, and, with him being slippery enough to worm his way out of every situation they have caught him in, have finally given up and have turned to us to put and end to the callous brute before he can advance his organisation any more.

ICA sources indicate that he is currently in Marrakesh with the intent of securing a deal with General Reza Zaydan, a cutthroat military leader whose control of the markets will surely be a welcome aid to his proceedings, so time is of the essence, and we have noted a booking of a table at the local shisha cafe, but the purpose is unknown.

Good hunting, 47, I will leave you to prepare."


Original Route: Bakali will start by the snail stand, and will eat a bit, before making his way to the right street and discussing “business” with one of his “clients”, before making his way to the main door of the school and talking to one of the soldiers, who will inform him that Zaydan is not ready yet, and that he should come back later. He will then make his way down the side alley and standing in front of one of the flammable barrels outside the shoe shop, smoking a cigarette. He will then make his way into the market and talk to one of the vendors, standing under a specially-placed rickety carpet awning. Moving into the shisha cafe, he will walk around the fountain and repeat his route.

Route After Waiter Intervention: If 47 dresses as a waiter and approaches Bakali, he will tell him that his table is ready, and Bakali will make his way to the cafe. It turns out he is meeting one of his associates there. He will go to the table outside, have a sip from a water bottle, then move inside and sit at a table with the associate. They will get heated and the associate will throw his coffee over Bakali, causing him to go into the bathroom and was off in a sink with a precarious wire next to it.

Route After Officer Intervention: If 47 takes an officer’s outfit, he can talk to Bakali and tell him that Zaydan is ready to see him. He will make his way inside, having a general walk around the bottom floor, talking to guards, looking at computers and fiddling with some wiring before making his way up to Zaydan. After the meeting, Bakali will smoke a cigarette over the railing and he is available to push over.

Appearance: Bakali wears a large, circular hat, a business suit and a brown and yellow striped jacket, similar in design to the shopkeeper’s apparel.


This is the list of leak ETs that most likely will never appear. Anyone thinking of designing those ETs.
The Rouge (Owen Cage)
The Bad Robinson (Jaromir Zotov)
The Ice Cube (Michael Dorman)
The Gunner (Herman Vanhoek)
The Tourist (Daniel Vestergaard)
The Burglar (Fitz Denis)
The Torturer (Wilhelm “Willy” Schulz)
The Gambler (Riley Hunter Moorefield)
The Documentarist (Phillipos Kaphanopolis)
The DJ (DJ SANGUE) (sangue means blood in italian, as Google Translate said)
The E-Sportsman (Zhen ‘LOLRaptor2000’ Yü)
The Operative (Mi-Cha Sun)
The Conditioner (Bradley Paine)
The Doomsayer (Giichi Daita)
The Author (Lawrence Wilson)


You are missing The Partners in Sapienza and Mr Giggles, ET in The Freak. Maybe The Freak will be next ET in Marrakesh by night. I think the DJ will be in Landslide, because there is music (so there could be a dj) and Sangue is an italian world.


The Clown and The Partners are the only ones that have briefing so they are most likely 2 final ETs.


But in The Partners, targets are two scientists of Either’s Lab, and in Landslide there isn’t the lab. It’s in a closed area and according storyline its construction is after Landslide events


Why do you think one of the last two ETs is in Landslide.


Because there are only two ET and with The Bad Boy i think they wanted to end with Bonus missions. Night Marrakesh and Landslide are the only maps where we still haven’t ETs


I’m definitely going to give some of them a try!


Target: Janice Abyss

Codename: The Actress

Location: Hokkaido


Good morning, 47. Your target is disgraced actress Janice Abyss. Abyss led a very successful career, earning billions of dollars and winning five oscars. However, her career was ruined when the press revealed that she had a sexual relationship with her younger sister Joan. Humiliated, she fled to the GAMA facility in Hokkaido to get a face reconstruction and start a new life. Joan Abyss, now the focus of the media, had hired us to take down her sister. The clock is ticking, 47. Good luck.


Abyss wears a red kimono and brown sandals. She is blond, caucasian and speaks in a Japanese accent.


Abyss starts in the bathroom next to the sauna, repeating to herself “Janice Abyss is dead, Janice Abyss is dead”. She would then walk out, accompanied her bodyguard, who addresses her as “Ms Aoyama”. After getting a foot massage from a staff member, Abyss would visit the restaurant, where you can offer her poisoned sushi. On the way, she will bump into Yuki Yamazaki, who happened to be a fan of her, mentioning she loved her performance in “Design Without Honor”. Abyss hands her an autograph and leaves.

About now Abyss would be called to the hospital, where Haruo Nakamoto, Jason Portman’s surgeon, would inject some botox into her face as her guard looks away. Subsequently, Abyss would have a heated conversation with her sister and go to a window to throw her phone out. She would then return, passing Yamazaki again, who ignores her. Abyss would then walk to the restaurant and rest on a chair for the rest of the mission.

Kill Opportunities:

If you start in the sauna, you can subdue Abyss’s bodyguard and shoot Abyss through the door for a quick kill.
You can poison Abyss with sushi as a chef.
You can shoot down a lantern on Abyss.
You can push Abyss out of a window when she throws her phone out.

Special Opportunity:

If you disguise yourself as a surgeon and took out Nakamoto, you can perform the surgery on Abyss and snap her neck as her bodyguard looks away.