Create your own ICA weapons and Equipment


-Suitcase gun
-Poison tip cane (can deliver poison + Melee weapon + Not Suspicious).
-Pepper Spray
-Explosive Suitcase
-Bladed Credit Card (see: “Glimmer Man”)



Grenade launcher (for mass murderers)
Combat Knife
Pen-Gun (As mentioned above)
Removable thermal imaging display for W2000 sniper
Syringe filled with a drug which when administered to a person causes him to go insane



We have a combat knife. Marrakesh unlockable i believe.



Briefcase-shaped remote explosive just to screw with everyone.



I’d prefer a “Pocket-Sized Batman Grapnel Gun”… kind of in keeping with the James Bond elements of HITMAN. Would also like the Grapnel Gun to have an alternative use as a one-shot lethal gun if fired at the heads of NPC’s.



Possibly controversial but I’ll put it here anyway:

Binary Poison. The Poison is in a single pack (one inventory slot) but contains two aerosol-type sprays.
The first Spray fires the “A” compound, and the second Spray fires the “B” compound. They are used sequentially and are totally consumed after each use.

You can spray the Binary Poison’s A or B compounds on any surface and they will be marked in your Instinct mode in Green highlight/patch. The idea is to spray either A or B on the Target (doesn’t matter where) and then on an item the Target gets/uses/touches, or upon any food the Target will ingest.

So this is basically like the Portal Gun in Portal but for poisons.

The main idea is that the act of spraying on the Target is only Suspicious for the Target and Bodyguards (if either see you) but not for NPC’s (unless death occurs such as if you spray the Target twice so both compounds merge inside the Target immediately). And as long as the Target’s loaded compound has not come into contact with the other half of the Binary Compound the Target will not die (ie: No Alarm, No Combat, No Problems).

The use of Binary Poison can have many possibilities:

  1. Spray one part of the Binary on the Target and then Spray a chair the Target will sit on. Target dies a short time after sitting in the chair.
  2. Spray one part of the Binary on the Target and then Spray a pen, computer, table, weapon, drinking glass, or any other item the Target will pick-up or interact with. Target will die upon interacting with the object.
  3. Spray one part of the Binary on the Target and then Spray the Target’s food at a different time. Target will die after eating.
  4. Spray one part of the Binary on the Target, then spray a Faucet, cause sink to overflow when the Target is nearby. Target dies when they touch the Faucet.
  5. Spray the Target twice. The Target dies after the second spray.

The intrigue with this item is that while applying the Binary Poison to the Target is not different from applying poison via syringe, you avoid having to deal with instant death. Rather, you use this as part of a trap that ensures the Target dies while you are far away from possible suspicion.

Also prevents issues if you “poison the wrong plate of food” as an innocent NPC will not die as they only have one and won’t have both compounds of the Binary Poison.


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I quite like this idea actually, not that my opinion means anything in the grand scheme of things. Also I think the same could be applied to an explosive kill i.e the target is exposed to two elements/chemicals which combust upon exposure to each other.

To be fair this idea, whether posion or explosion, is probably a little bit overkill for a game but still a pretty cool idea and I guess considering some of the other assassination challenges in the game it is feasible.

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So I kinda thought about how body armor should work.

First off you would have to pick it up at an ICA Supply point as it’s a big item. The idea is you can drop it and pick it up later if you have to. It would essentially work like a second health bar only it can’t regenerate.

Second there should be two types.
ICA Kevlar Vest: Takes quite a bit of damage, however it decreases speed a bit and guards notice it at frisk points.

ICA Light Weight Vest: Cannot take as much damage as the regular version. It can pass Frisking points and it won’t affect your speed at all.

Let me know what you guys think! :grin:



The lightweight one would seem to be a better choice. Where the other one, really wouldn’t be that beneficial unless you were strictly going for a mass murder type run.

So for me personally, I’d go for the second choice.

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An item I’d like to see
(For a distraction item) would be a whistle

Either that, or give 47 the ability to whistle himself in season 2 (by hitting whatever button it would be)

Or… The ability to knock on walls.
But doing that would render all the current distraction devices, useless…



Doesn’t the ability to throw items kind of full this role already?

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Well yeah, that’s what I was saying.
I just meant if they did add the ability to knock (anywhere, anytime) we wouldn’t have to worry about using or finding ‘throwable’ items. IMO it would be a lot better, but it certainly would be OP now that I think about it.

But idk I was just thinking of ideas. The whistle is basically a reakin of the audio distraction device. And Lord knows, we got enough reskin crap :joy:



I want a Cane Katana! Like the one Thin Man used in Charles’ Angels. :yum:

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Rubber bullets.

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I want a reintroduction of the taser gun from Contracts and BM. With limited use thanks to that the battery will die eventually and after that you can use it as a throwable distraction.



Silenced bazooka please.



Even better: a duck launcher. You can kill people with avian flu that way, so basically it’s a poison kill. SA in just a few minutes.



Perhaps the range of throwable items could be expanded too, say, to include some larger items like chairs, bins, large cartons, etc. which would knock out the first NPC you aimed at and also deter actions/attacks from other NPCs standing closed to him.

Not that I’m really crazy about this idea, but…when I’m cornered in an unintentional combat and all I have are 5 shiny coins and there’s a chair or something next to me, oh boy I wish I could grab and throw that shit.

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Haha yeah, I been in that situation before :laughing: Imagine throwing the orange juice carton at someone in Colorado lol wouldn’t do much damage but would still be funny.

Idk, just something from the MGS series that I always thought would have worked well with Hitman.

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XM174 40mm automatic grenade launcher fed from a 12-round magazine.