Creative & Detailed Hitman 2 Contracts! Please enjoy & review!


Hahaha, glad to hear it BlueLineLeo93. I do really try to keep the Briefing as authentic feeling as possible because like you, I greatly dislike the Contracts people do that are basically just a generic achievement run.


Another contract. This one is admittedly quite simple, but I feel the story behind it is reasonably good.


A Taste of Their Own Medicine
Whittleton Creek
Eliminate two possible serial killers in suburban USA. Both killers use poison to kill their victims, make sure to give them a taste of their own medicine!


Here’s my last Contract for the day…enjoy!

Framing the Kashmirian
Pose as The Kashmirian and target the love of the Maelstrom, the greed of the Slum Queen, and the vanity of Bollywood!


I haven’t really gone into Contracts mode a lot yet. :slight_smile:
Been busy prepping for my projects and also ET No. 3. :slight_smile:

I did have a series of Accident Explosion based contracts back in H2016 but story Contracts weren’t so popular at the time.


I also did a bunch of story based contracts for Hitman 2016. Actually had a lot more folks playing them than these current H2 contracts I’ve been creating.


I think what drives away people looking for story Contracts, and this is true in my case, is that in reality we’re looking for Contracts that have at least some resemblance to the Main Campaign contracts.

So the bare minimums in my mind would be;

  1. 1 to 2 Targets, rarely more than 2. (In fact, the classic 1 Target contract I believe would be most attractive)
  2. No restrictions, total freedom of approach.

The moment you find something interesting, but it’s chockful of restrictions, you lose the illusion that this is a “real mission” and you go do something else (like play the actual Story Mission instead).

Then there’s the stuff we’d like to have but cannot really have and therefore such Contracts lose attractiveness such as:

  1. Custom dialogue
  2. Custom routes
  3. Custom Briefing Videos
    3.5) More space to write Briefings!

That said, I think if we looked hard enough, the H2 maps do have possible alternate targets. Miami for example has Rico Delgado and a Sheikh with some interesting possibilities. But guys like these are hidden away and it would take a Contract maker willing to do without the best possible trappings to make do with what’s there and spend the hours looking for all the interesting persons - and still end up with a Contract with no flashy story briefing, etc.

You can only write so many backstories around Delgado and the Sheikh talking about making some kind of deal. :stuck_out_tongue:

It would potentially affect the popularity of such Contracts if players could search Contracts by name of Target… some may be surprised or intrigued to find Hector Delgado in Miami.

If we at least had the power to write Intel for the Targets (and not just in the Briefing pane) then that would also go a long way to helping flesh out this content.

But that’s really the problem with this type of Contract.


I disagree that 1 target without restrictions would be the optimal story driven contract. If done wisely, special disguises and kill conditions can be integrated into the story reasoning. Total freedom of approach combined with a random (no routine) target for me makes it bland.

I find contracts with 2-3 targets and special conditions for the kills to be the most interesting ones. If they provide several possible approaches (for kill opportunities and best execution times) and a good story behind it, then it is optimum.

Forced loss conditions and too many optional win conditions that are not bringing anything to the contract besides annoying overcomplication are the worst thjing that can be done, though.


Side note, would check these out if I was a PC player but Hector Delgado is in Miami?


Cannot try these as I am on PS4, but I read the briefings. Very nice work, @MikeWolverine!


Not the first contract where I am seeing him there. Where do we find him though?


Thanks @RW_Slick. Appreciate the read throughs. Delgado is in the Thwack lounge in Miami and is sharing a drink / discussion with Sheikh Al Ghazali (from Paris mission). Although Al Ghazali is named Abdul Suleiman in Contracts mode…


I try and always use 2 or 3 targets and will sometimes use a specific weapon requirement or disguise, but I rarely use both as I want the contracts to be enjoyable, and allow for lots of freedom and decision making rather than being an onerous puzzle of requirements.


Platform: PS4
Title: Hyperion Pt. 1
ID: 2-10-6435372-07

Title: Hyperion Pt. 2
ID: 2-11-2220895-07

Title: Hyperion Pt. 3
ID: 2-21-4894777-07

They’re all One Exit via Helicopter and remote EMP is a recommendation for part 1 & 3. I think the restrictions are harsh but fair, I tried to make them balanced in each one so if you want to just quickly complete it you can but to do it meeting all the optional parts is much more of a challenge/puzzle. And the complications have a narrative reason too.

I’d love some feedback on these (personally Pt. 2 is my fav). I designed them all SASO so they are definitely doable. Also feedback on the story would be great (500 character limit was a bit constricting), and hope you like them :blush:


Damn @TheContractor, these are PS4, so I can’t play them on my PC or I absolutely would. The stories look pretty damn good and I like how you have carried the theme through all three missions. Well done.


The Ghost of Janus
Isle of Sgail
Eliminate the most powerful man in the Ark Society, The Constant. Special instructions - you must wear Janus’ Burial Robe and use his Burial Dagger!


Hey @MikeWolverine, I tried to make each level feel unique but not too different that it’s inconsistent.

I’ve seen you posting on the subreddit a lot recently with little response. I was thinking, if you want you could send me the contract info on the forums before you upload to Reddit and I can try to recreate them on PS4 (obviously not a guarantee but hey) so they have a larger appeal?

Genuinely I’d love to let people on any console play great contract stories.


It COULD be another sheikh, ya know! :rofl:


If anyone posting has the time, and wants some of the contracts in the thread to be ported over to other platforms, it might be worth adding an extra picture with all the complications included (so full details for each contract are clear).


@TheContractor and @Ed_ll3

I can definitely do up a few more pics / info and if folks want to recreate these co tracts on other platforms, go for it!


@MikeWolverine Yeah I’m still up for it, maybe send me over one of your contracts and I’ll recreate it :slightly_smiling_face: maybe your fav?