Cruise Ship Level

One minor disappointment I had with Hitman 1 is the yacht level was fake. I thought how interesting it would have been to dump body’s into sea to hide them and I got to thinking with the sizable scale the Hitman levels attempt, a Cruise Ship Map would make an excellent choice as well as offering very interesting and new opportunities. If you’ve ever been on one of bigger ships you know they are basically floating cities in ocean.

From the ones I’ve been on I can say the opportunity for varied locations are tremendous. About a dozen decks with small cabins and massive suites, multiple restaurants and shops, night clubs, casinos, movie theaters, live action performance stages, pools, enormous dining halls, not to mention the restricted working decks and locations for crew and cast: bridge, kitchen, engine room, back stage, staging area, etc.

All of those things are just on the smallest ships; some of the larger ships have water parks with water slides encompassing 7 or 8 stories, entire go-kart tracks, full roller-coasters, and other rides suspended high in the air above the ship, which all would work well for sniping. In fact even without those rides, ships like Allure/Harmony of the Sea have 3 spires/towers. The one at the back of the ship towards the bow overlooks a mini golf course, wakeboard pool, and basketball court by 70ft or so, towards the stern is an outdoor stage about 150ft below a great sniping opportunity for 47 and the audience members. The two towers in front and middle of the ship overlook the helicopter pad and the Central park by at least 100 to 200+ ft among other pools and restaurants you can see far below.

A big Cruise Ship Map would have many opportunities for mission stories, varied kill location and targets, and many disguise possibilities as maintenance/performing/hospitality staff, captain/crew/housekeeping, and VIPs and allow for multiple opportunity for exit such as lifeboats, jetski/speedboat bay, medevac helicopter or even a scenario where’s if you can kill the targets before the boat sets sail you could exit on land before the ship even made it’s way out to sea.

I think it could be a really great addition to the game, maybe even have the ship leaving near sunset so it starts sunny and bright and gets dark as it heads out to sea. Just a thought.

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yes, it’s been requested a lot. i think we might get some sort of level on a ship soon. im hoping, anyway

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I would like to not have a cruise ship level.



why not bb it would be a fun

Agreed, falls into the Airport problem for me.


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Too big with too many areas to actually be achievable in a way that would do it justice.

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Well the whole point of Agent 47 is to do what anyone else would deem impossible. I say bring it on.

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I meant from a level design POV, lol. Not what is too much for 47 :joy:

That means that the devs and the players must keep up. I reiterate: bring it on!

It would have to be done properly but I think it’s the wrong era for stylish old style cruise liners.

The main problem I have with cruise ships is they are generally tacky and vulgar places, old people counting out tokens, tacky entertainers, obese people stuffing their faces at all you can eat buffets, middle-aged couples in Hawaiian shirts drinking watered down beers and cocktails, it wouldn’t be the kind of the place I’d expect to find a billionaire member of Providence, a private yacht in Monaco would be more likely.


There we go! That’s more like it :heart_eyes:


Makes me think of the cruise ship level of Double Agent. While it was locked down and covered in guards instead of guests, still thought it was a great level.


I agree, without affecting their time on creating new locations, a re-imagined cruise ship stage would be very interesting. Especially since the training mission was supposed to be based on a past contract according to the storyline. Plus it would be relatively easier for them to rework the visuals given the core mechanism of the stage is already there.

Additionally, I would love to see a full stage version of the preorder sniper stage “the wedding contract” fully developed.

I’m gonna go a little off topic but I have to ask, what cruise lines have you been on? It’s sounds like you are describing something off of television not real life. I’ve been on Disney Magic, Oasis and Harmony of the Seas and they were REAL NICE. Met some chicks at the club, had drinks, hung out at the pool, and more, it was a great time… the ships I’ve been on were nothing like what you’re describing so I’m curious what cruise lines you used.

And with the private decks and multiple Royal Suites costing $20,000 per person (yes I looked up how much they cost because they were pretty damn nice), I sure as hell wouldn’t pay that so I have to assume that’s exactly for the rich folks who’ll pay $100,000 to take their family on a cruise, or even $40,000 for just a couple. There were definitely people in those rooms so people with money absolutely do use them.

Never been on a giant cruise line, the closest thing has been ferries across to France and when I was young I went on a cruise down the river Nile in Egypt. However I did have a manager at my work who regularly went on cruises and a friend who moved to North America who goes on them with their family, I’ve also seen cruise ships docking in port cities and the passengers disembark, my comments are based purely on my personal opinion. Glad you had a good time but they are not for me, give me a city any day of the week.

Not doubting there won’t be rich people there, but if you were a billionaire would you be stuck on a boat with thousands of other passengers?

Right, I will say the ones I’ve been on are Florida cruise ships so they do lean towards a younger adult and family crowd as tourism is their bread and butter, which is also why I’m sure they in particular make sure they are bigger, more fun, more luxurious, higher quality performances and just enjoyable to be on, but yea I guess smaller ones and those not driven by tourism wouldn’t be as nice.

That said while it’s not an everyday thing by any means, it’s definitely something worth experiencing in your life, the Florida ones are pretty much cities/theme parks on water. If you’re against it fine, but if not you should definitely check it out if you ever have the opportunity.

Going back to the game, I’m not getting what your point is with the billionaire thing. It’s not as though all of Hitman’s targets have been billionaires or even millionaires, or even have to be.

My only point was these ships have very expensive rooms and I can’t say billionaires don’t use them, I’d assume they do sometimes… even billionaire want to be social and, show of they’re private deck and suites they can afford sometimes, they’re human. I am sure millionaires probably assuredly use them, because again a lot of it, especially in Florida is tied to those big money industries, Bob Iger or any Disney exec. have had to have gotten on their own ships at some point if even to check them out from a business stand point. I mean they have a bunch of them. Regardless I’m sure IOI could figure something out.

My points about how it would fit into Hitman 3, Providence are the worlds elite the top 1% the billionaires who control the world from shadows, industrialists, media moguls, and government leaders, these kinds of people would have their own boats or charter them from their rich friends.

If it was a contracts or blood money game and to be honest with you I would absolutely love to see a similar style hitman game, I think more regular locations where regular people frequent could be used, and I miss the kind of targets you had them games as I found them genuinely dark depraved characters, where Providence are evil but mainly because they are maintaining the status quo to retain power and wealth.


Fair enough, but I figure they’d use any of the non billionaire targets they have always had in these game like Francesca De Santis, The Freedom Fighters, Nolan Cassidy, etc… I’m just not sure if your saying all the targets in the upcoming game have to be billionaires, which I don’t think they’d all have to be.

However, if they did want to make every target a billionaire one way off the top of my head, is what I said earlier, the target owns the whole company and are on one of the random ships to check out the how things are running as any good business person would do from time to time. I’m sure millionaire that own a McDonald’s may eat there at least once to check out service. But again I believe IOI could easily think of something, only time will tell.

They fitted conveniently into the storyline De Santis was merely a pawn used by Providence to spy on her boss, The Freedom Fighters were just a layer of protection for Lucas Grey and Cassidy was an ineffective two bob overpaid bodyguard for Janus.

I can imagine they would attend places with their staff, but I’m thinking along the lines of when they are more relaxed with their family and friends, the perfect opportunity to strike…