Curated Contracts by TheContractor – March 2020

Congratz to creators, who got their contracts curated!

«Sniper Assassin: Island», «Sniper Assassin: Ruins», «Sniper Assassin: Miami» by @KevinRudd

«Houdini’s Great Escape» by @PEA

«A Competition in The Bank» by @IlikeHitman

«Tricked and Mistreated», «I’m Burning up, Doc», «The Portman Reconstruction», «Fireworkers», «The Mendez Retirement» by @TheContractor


Oh wow, he told me a while ago he liked my sniper missions, I didn’t realise he liked them that much though :joy:

Cheers for the picks, @TheContractor! I’m honored I finally got one three of my sniper contracts featured!

Just a head’s up tho that Sniper Miami was one of my earliest contracts and it has a bit of a random timer on it; if I could do it again I probs would’ve gotten rid of it

EDIT: I should also mention that TheContractor originally wanted to pick “Virus X” by @GlogolZ but the IO team couldn’t find it from the ID given and couldn’t reach TheContractor before the contracts had to be locked in; so since I was the anonymous person who recommended TheContractor as a curator Clemens messaged me and asked to pick a good contract of his (I picked I’m Burning Up, Doc)

So the point is, he wanted to pick more creators who weren’t himself but sadly the ID or something was wrong and they missed out :frowning:


«The Portman Reconstruction»

I’ve got first!

edit: added The Mendez Retirement


Hehe “the Queen of the Spas”

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Don’t forgot to add The Mendez Retirement to the list, made by TheContractor.


Thanks, fixed :ok_hand:


Congratulations for being curator!

@TheContractor for Contracts, @KevinRudd for the images: perfect combo :ok_hand:


01:06 “Sniper Assassin: Ruins” By @KevinRudd (Sapienza)
09:23 “Sniper Assassin: Miami” By KevinRudd (Miami)
13:17 “Tricked And Mistreated” By @TheContractor (New York)
18:09 “Fireworkers” By TheContractor (Sapienza/Landslide)
22:42 “Houdini’s Great Escape” By PEA (Paris) Thanks!
26:51 “The Mendez Retirement” By TheContractor (Miami)
34:43 “The Portman Reconstruction” By TheContractor (Hokkaido)
39:56 “A Competition In The Bank” By @IlikeHitman (New York)
44:44 “i’m Burning Up, Doc” By TheContractor (Hokkaido)
47:36 “Sniper Assassin: Island” By KevinRudd (Haven Island)

Holy Poisoning! Man, the last 2 took me hours! and got really lucky with Sa: Island.
Great patch The Contractor, and thanks for choosing one of my old contracts!


way to go picking 5 contracts from yourself wtf XDDDDDDDDD


He didn’t, he picked a different one but there was some sort of issue with it and the team couldn’t get in contact with him for a replacement pick before it had to go live, so another one of his contracts was picked rather than them trying to guess another person’s contract he’d like


It looks like the Sieker makes my contract easier.I had created the contract before the sieker appeared.
It looks like there are more strategies for my contract now,which is a good thing.

Nevermind. I see that Kevin has already explained why there was 5 contracts from Contractor.


there should have been 11 from TheContractor imo

“We only need you to pick 10.”


Very nice. Just a question, is there a reason to why you are not using your sniper on Kevin Rudds sniper contracts, more challenging?

Flying Magician


A Competition in The Bank by @IlikeHitman


It was great how you lured the target using the phone.

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I‘m not good at sniper contract and when I recording it, I was exhausted cuz I tried more over 2 hours :sleepy: so I used @PEA‘s method.


I was suspecting that, which I found fascinating because you guys kills it on all the other Contracts :slight_smile:.

Sniper Assassin: Island

I just got idea in the morning. final target is so annoying that I went to the mansion and lured him.

Tricked and Mistreated