Curated Contracts by TheContractor – March 2020

:clap: Very nice sniping strategy! You did well Olivia :cowboy_hat_face:

Think i know why he was so annoying :face_with_monocle: You lured him around the corner and he stands in front of the glass door (balcony). You headshot him and silent assassin is gone?


This is the problem of Havens extended view range: The whitness of the kill is the bald guard standing in the group of guards (near to room with evidence recorder).

I just want to animate you to try it again, by just placing a distraction shot before you shoot the target. the distraction shot must effect that the bodyguards do not look in the balcony direction :wink: so it should be behind them, they turn around, then aim for the targets head. :smiley:

Would be nice to see a full sniping strategy from you!


‘‘Sniper Assassin: Island’’ - Curated featured contract by @KevinRudd

Really Sniper Contract!!

I don’t get it, i sniped Chad like that several times, his body was found every single time, even distracting the guard in the left :confused:

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Not sure.  

So he “only” picked 4 not 5 lol…

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Usually, you can see what kind of guard is running to the body, and that’s the guy who saw the body. If it’s the guy with the cap and sunglasses, then it’s the guy in the picture below the balcony. If it’s a bald dude, it’s probably the guy sitting on the couch inside the home-theater. I couldn’t really tell where the bald guy came from, so I took the guess from the couch, so I made sure to shoot the target before the two main doors, and it seemed to work.


As I understood - in that place there is a point (dead zone) - where the bullet hit hears only the target itself, and no one sees or hears its elimination…

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‘‘Sniper Assassin: Ruins’’ - Curated featured contract by @KevinRudd

Sniper - is also very Cool!!

Wow that’s already impressive (I wonder how long it took you to figure out that Golf target strat?), but how the hell has someone SA’d that contract in 50 seconds???

Glad you enjoyed it too :slight_smile:

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Golf Target - sometimes at the beginning of the mission is on the left side of the location, where he talks on the phone, but usually goes directly to the Golf course and then the elimination is a little difficult… The place where i eliminated the golfer - he runs there to inform the guard about an emergency, but this scenario does not always go…

‘‘A Competition in the Bank’’ - Curated featured contract by @IlikeHitman

Tricky Contract!!

I like how you used the muffins in the video.This was original.

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Sniper Assassin: Island | SA/SO | 1:18

My favorite contract in this batch and one of my all time favourite contracts in Hitman 2
A solid 10/10 Sniper Contract from @KevinRudd Great choice @TheContractor

Hah, best run so far.

Awesome & Amazing!! Really!!

I don’t know how many times I tried to get that Weapon Lure trick to work on I’m burning up, doc. I ended up just using a lethal poison syringe. I was like; “f*** this!” :joy: I’d either get compromised 95% of the time, or he’d completely forget about seeing the weapon &/or me picking it up and would return to his routine (which was VEEEERY strange!). Seeing some of the other vids on this contract, I’m thinking I wasn’t far enough away from him. And the one where he went after 47 after turning around… :anguished:

I was almost convinced they stealth-patched it out.