Curated Contracts - The Intern - Year 3

Congrats for all creators that were chosen?

Anyway, this batch consists of 3 contracts:
“Caffeine Chaos” (Any/Any, 4 Targets, AHBOS)
“The Spice of Subterfuge” (Kill Method: Pistol / Required Disguises: Suit & Militia Soldier, 5 Targets, Ambrose)
“Swedish Secrets and Suspicious Swedes” (Kill Method: Pistol & Assault Rifle / Required Disguise: Consulate Security, 5 Targets, Marrakesh)

@Clemens_IOI Mind to share with us who made the contracts?


Only 3? :frowning_face: Between this and the fact we still don’t know the community member (or at least, you would think) that curated these, this is looking to be pretty disappointing. Oh well, at least it’s content


If not we must sift through the game credits and see who was credited as a studio intern :smirk:


I assume we just don’t know the Intern. :confused: That makes this an IO batch for me, not so much a curated batch.


Yeah, they should’ve just put the IOI logo in there, curated batches are made by members of the community

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Three contracts only after the 10-contracts previous batches is pretty disappointing, looks like that intern didn’t have much time to pick them up, maybe they were overworked fixing the Freelancer bugs :x

Anyway it’s still three curated contracts to play so I’ll do that, I hope they’re interesting.


I haven’t played nor seen any gameplay of the contracts but I’m already annoyed there’s two in Marrakesh, at least there on different map versions

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Even tho it was very disappointing having only 3 contracts, I enjoyed all 3 of them, I could see that this Intern Curator is a newish creator but the contracts turned to be pretty fun.

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OK I played them all and that selection was… pretty meh :confused: Too many static targets. The any / any at least let you be a bit creative (I went with poison, poison, explosion and neck breaking) but the other two were pretty much an emetic fest. The Ambrose contract in particular was absolutely awful since it only had static targets (the cook’s not exactly moving a lot and there aren’t really that many ways to kill him aside from “get in the kitchen and shoot his face”), and having to go back to the village to take care of the girl after eliminating the two militia guys was pretty annoying.

I hope the other curated contracts will be better, and more numerous :x


You can acquire a militia disguise in the viliage too, saving that running around

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Yeah I thought about it afterwards, but by that time I was already fed up with that contract so I didn’t want to go back to it :x

Well, thats what I did :man_shrugging:

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I wish I could credit the name of those who got there Contracts Freatured. It is what it is :thinking:

0:00-0:16 Mission 1: “Caffeine Chaos” (1:54) SA/SO Featured Contract by Community
3:08-3:25 Mission 2: “The Spice of Subterfuge” (2:48) SA Featured Contract by Community
7:01-7:19 Mission 3: “Swedish Secrets and Suspicious Swedes” (2:59) SA Featured Contract by Community


Interns don’t get paid or receive credit for what they do.

It explains that the contracts were created by Community Nobodies.

Fits the theme.

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They were made by our actual intern Theo. Theo was a marketing intern, and what better way to end his internship - than taking out some IOI devs :slight_smile:


Oh wow, this is pretty damn cool, nice to know, thanks.


The title was kinda misleading as it implied the mission was supposed to be done in the intern disguise.

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I’ll blame the intern :wink:


Good choice!

It is a less catastrophic avenue to provide unpaid interns at IOI a means to vent their frustration at their employers using a virtual agent fantasy.

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Without being paid and having nowhere to live, out of desperation, interns can be forced to commute daily by public airline…

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