Current Hitman Legacy Price Raised?

Is the only option to buy the Hitman Legacy Pack currently being sold at $60?

I own Hitman 2 on Xbox but don’t own Hitman 1 on Xbox. I was trying to buy the Legacy pack. From what i understand it’s supposed to be $20. But I have worked my way through the Xbox store and the Hitman 2 in-game store for hours trying to find where I can do that. When I managed to find my way to the regular “Hitman Legacy Pack” Xbox store page (I can’t even remember how I got to it, it’s was not easily found) it says it’s “currently unavailable”.
And the only option I have is to buy the Hitman GOTY Legacy Pack for $60? So I ordered Hitman Definitive Edition hoping that once I start it I can download the Legacy Pack through its in-game store for free. HITMAN DE getting here tomorrow…