Current or Next Gen version of Cross Generation games?

Hello everybody. Today I have a question that I struggle to answer myself when purchasing a title that is available on current and next gen. For instance, Cyberpunk 2077 or Marvel Avengers. Said to be coming to both PS4 and PS5. Without double dipping would you rather get the PS4 version or wait till the PS5 version to play it?

My instinct is telling me to wait so I can have a better experience but if this game was built from the ground up on current gen hardware, will there really be much of a difference in the PS5 version other than faster loading and slight graphical improvements?

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To be honest I’ll wait for the Nextgen so i can play the Games that are out now on a Console that doesn’t sound like a damn Jet engine.


We will probably not see a big graphical leap from PS4 to PS5 regrading this trilogy, however the more important factor will be overall performance between current and the upcoming generation. Alone from just a performance perspective I would say going with the PS5/Xbox Series X version over PS4 and Xone is enough to reconsider waiting.


on xbox once you buy the game you have access to it on both current and next gen (although each game’s developer can choose whether or not to offer it, i know for a fact cyberpunk will, so i imagine most developers will choose to) i thought ps5 was offering something similar

From my understanding the PlayStation 5 is downward compatible with the PS4 Games.

It does with backwards comparability, if the game is backwards compatible. From my knowledge not all games are going to be.

hmm, i hope they offer more than backwards compatibility because with that you only own the last gen version

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PlayStation already announced the free upgrade from the PS4 version of Marvel’s Avengers to the PS5 version.

I’m hoping that this means that PlayStation is following XBox’s lead and that most games will have a free upgrade rather than just plain backwards compatibility, but I’d settle for it just being available for Hitman III.

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I was debating this earlier in the year but the fact Cyberpunk kept getting delayed, at this point if you’re buying a next gen console around launch time you might as well get it on that generation of consoles.

I’ll probably buy the PS5 a week or so before S3 of Hitman comes out when hopefully the console has dropped a bit in price.

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For Hitman 3 I will definitely be getting it on Next Gen. Reason being I will be able to play season 1 - 3 as one seamless experience on my PS5.

Next gen is better if you can afford it.

If, like me, the only game on the horizon that you really care about is Hitman 3, which barely plays different than current gen, a whole new console for Hitman 3 is very much overkill.

Basically, don’t buy next gen if you only care about Hitman 3

or just buy a PC :eyes:

I agree if Hitman is all one is interested in. For me im getting a PS5 to play the new Ratchet & Clank , Spider Man, and Horizon games. But it will be a while, because I prob won’t be getting it at launch unless I hit the lotto or something.

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Depends on how much money you’ve got to spare. I myself would wait for the PS5 version so you can get the most optimal experience. That also means you still have to buy the console itself which doesn’t come cheap. It’s up to you if it’s worth the wait.

I’m currently waiting for the PS5 release so I can play TLOU2 on it, along with Hitman 3 and Far Cry 6. All 3 are playable on PS4, but I just want the best experience.

If you want the best experience, graphically and performance wise, PC is the way to go if you’ve got the funds

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Earning trophies/achievements and playing exclusives is the only reason I haven’t truly embraced the PC platform yet…

Current gen for me. My country has bad inflation and exorbitant taxes on everything so the ps5 and the new xbox whatever its called will be very expensive when they release here. same thing happens with building your own PC. Wont be able to afford any of that, but thankfully the only new game i’m interested in is Hitman 3, so i’ll just save a little money for it and buy it on my trusty ps4 that ive owned for years now. Thats more than enough for me.

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