Currently Elusive Target-Missions should be playable, even if already finished

I’ve still finished the current elusive target mission “The Collector”, a few months ago, but I didn’t achieve the “Silent Assassin” unlockable. Now, currently the mission can be repeated, but I cannot start it again. So it looks like I’ll never get the chance for another try - to achive the “Silent Assassin” unlockable … That’s a little annoying. :frowning:

The idea of reactivation of Elusive Targets is an ability to play them for those who missed them first time around.
For those who completed or failed them nothing changes - they can’t play it again. Only those who missed them.

The idea of Elusive Target as a mode is one attempt with no second chances.
That’s why they called Elusive


“… with no second chances.”
Args, that makes sense, of course.
So I’ll try to calm down a little my inner completionist Monk. :slight_smile:

You can make the next ET less elusive by disconnecting your connection after you killed him, so you can restart the mission. Even if I get SA on a ET the first time, I often do this to experiment more ways to kill, which for me is the core of this game. Some people may say it’s cheating, but I am pretty sure the best times on the leaderboards are using this tactic as well.

Maybe the upcoming Elusive Target Arcade will give you a second chance. I certainly hope so, since I haven’t played HITMAN 3 yet (still finishing HITMAN 2 and I’m also waiting on a PS5).


Same situation here :frowning: I failed “The Collector” SA e I would have liked to try again. So sick.


No, that’s not the same … just not the same … For me it’s primarily a matter of getting this damn SA unlockable. And the “one and only, perfect” kill is absolutely sufficient for me. :slight_smile:

Maybe … But is a lesser elusive target still elusive? Indeed Count.Ruhsmore is right when he says that

The idea of Elusive Target as a mode is one attempt with no second chances.

Yet I’am not sure what I think about these new Elusive-Arcade-Mode. Currently the elusive target missions are still the most exciting missions at all, to me at least. Espescially the last few seconds, when you “only” still need to escape, after the final kill - a little hightlight, every time. :slight_smile:
But of course let’s first wait and see how the new mode will realized in the end.

Yes, elusive is elusive and I agree with this but imho target will continue to be elusive if you can retry for it many months later. I explain: The collector started april 2021 and it’s ok that if you have failed you can’t play it again immediately. But, and this is my question for you all, it is also appropriate that you will never be able to play this target again? Even after months of purgatory?

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