Custom Community Challenge(CCC)

Send your most creative/interesting/puzzle challenge here!
Everyone can submit,even those who reserved a map or didn’t! So feel free to do so! Also,do not submit starting locations,and I wont be accepting no KO complications,unless they fit the challenge,or if you have 1-2 other complications

Eliminate the Target(s) with_______(Accident, Fire, Headshot,Melee,Screwdriver etc.)
Complications:______________(Write some cool and challenging complications. They don’t have to be existing ones,but they can. Also try to avoid “No KO” complication. Be creative,come up with something!)

Hey there!

Here’s a little backstory of me(you can skip this part,you’ll find it boring)

I’m relatively new to this game.I came across HITMAN 2016 in the middle of 2018,and since then I played it,and now I play Hitman 2 really often. I simply really like them. Plus I look forward in buying the HD Enchanted Pack for Xbox.Before,I used to play C47 (Codename 47),but not that much. Some time later,i did quit playing it.Now,I play it again,but a little less often.

Anyways,I’m “The Ducker Gaming” on youtube,and I love Hitman. I watch a lot of youtubers,and I really liked the idea of @Pagan ,who records “Send your challange-SYC”(if you watch him,you know what this is,basically you create your own roulette and send it),and so I also want to do that. He gets his requests on the Community Tab on Youtube,but that is unlocked at 1,000 subs(I have 23👍). So,I wanted to use this Forum for this. I want to start from the REAL begining,so the first “Custom Community Challange-CCC”(my name for SYC) I will film on “Freeform Training”. Since I kinda stole this idea from @Pagan ,he can go first.

In case you don’t know what this is, it’s basically:
-pick the weapon(s) and disguise(s) which will be used while killing the target(s)
-pick an exit
-send some made up complications
And I have to get SA with these conditions! Just, don’t make it too hard

Basically, pick any map you want,and I(or anyone else who would like) will do it!

Thanks to everyone who read this! Enjoy!


-Kill Kalvin Ritter with Fall as 47
-Exit via Chopper
Complications: Pacifiy Terry Nolfolk as Mechanic, Do Not Destory Any Camera or Recoder

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Thanks Pagan,but I think there is a Kitchen Knife only in the Escalation on Freeform Training. You can pick any other weapon,even the Shotgun or Assault Rifle!
Tagging you so you see @Pagan

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Partners in Crime
Eliminate Dawood Rangan using the kashmirian
Eliminate Vanya Shah using the kashmirian
Eliminate Wazir Kale with a silenced pistol in the crows hideout
Exit in the tunnel in the hideout
Complications: You can’t change your starting disguise. All targets must be eliminated while you are in your suit. Destroy cameras but not the terminal. Only three K/O’s allowed. The kashmirian can not be pacified.

Btw Pagan I love your vids!


The School of Hard Knox (The Finish Line in Miami, Florida)
Infiltrate via Dolphin Fountain.
Eliminate Robert Knox with Accident Kill (Falling) as Krondstadt Security.
Eliminate Sierra Knox with Accident Kill (Loose Tyre) as Kronstadt Mechanic.
Exfiltrate via Speedboat.
Complications: You cannot pacify Robert Knox or his bodyguard at all, and you are not allowed to bring a gun.

Enjoy, and feel free to curse my name when you complete it.


Caruso’s Dying Grace
Eliminate Silvio Caruso in a fall dressed as an Ether Scientist.
Eliminate Francesca De Santis with poison dressed as the Bohemian.
Destroy the virus dressed as the Bohemian.
Exit through the plane dressed as the Bohemian.


Any map
Yes,but not that it takes long
Yes,why not. I accept any challanege you send! But if it takes 1-15 minutes. Nothing more

I think this can take a long time. I can try to do it,but I just just think it will take a lot of time.

Okay,if @Pagan doesn’t submit in 3h,someone else can

@The_Ducker_Gaming can I submit a isle of sgail challenge ?

Yes,of course!


That sound makes the sky fall
Eliminate zoe with a loud shotgun as musician
Eliminate sophia with falling object as musician
complications : you must neutralize my cello brother at the 6th floor (i play cello in real live :grinning:)
Good Luck and have fun !


No start and no exit? Okay,you reserved Sgail.

no this is a challenge not a roulette :wink:

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@The_Ducker_Gaming can we play these challenges on our youtube channel ?

Yes,of course! It’s not like I own them,right?

It takes a bit of waiting but it takes 15-20 minutes max

Bangkok like “Club 27” or “The Source”?
Also only that? Not even any other cool/tricky/comedic complications? Okay then,you reserved Bangkok(just tell me which one :wink: )

Patience Zero
Location: Hokkaido
Mission: Patient Zero

Details: Infect the nurse that usually gets infected first by yourself and then finish the mission as soon as possible, preferably with SA rating.

BONUS: No other NPC gets infected before the nurse.


Eliminate Jasper Knight with a fall
Complications: this must be done after you have corrected his chess game and there can be no non target pacifications

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