Custom Community Challenge(CCC)

Nice one,Urben! Really witty and creative from you! Thanks for that,and you reserved Patient Zero-Hokkaido!

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A crushing blow
Eliminate Erich Soders with poisoned stem cells as a motorcyclist
Eliminate Yuki Yamazaki with a falling object
as a motorcyclist
Start in the sushi restaurant
Exit mountain path
Complications: once the motorcyclists disguise has been put on it can not be taken off
One K/O is allowed
You can bring one item-lethal pills
The falling object must be triggered by a loud weapon

Nice one,tricky,but should be fun! Also,can I please bring 1 more item,as I have a really cool start that is,also,pretty tricky to pull of,cuz’ otherwise it would’ve take pretty longer? (it’s not a pistol,btw)

Edit: You reserved Hokkaido-Situs Inversus,and thus you won’t reserve Mumbai. Sorry,but one reservation per person allowed,heh😅

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Oh yeah sure go ahead

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Lol sounds good I pick Hokkaido (Situs Inverus) Urben you got patient zero

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Ok m8! You reserved Bangok(C27)

Well,you can only do this after you equip the exterminator disguise,so yeah, since I have to do it Suit only,it can’t be done😀

A challenge for Whittleton Creek:
Kill Janus with any firearm right after ringing the doorbell and him opening the door.
Kill Nolan Cassidy with any melee. Bodyguard who follows him cannot be pacified.

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What was the other item you brought? I’m curious to see what it is and how it speeds it up

Is it a key scrambler to grab the shotgun in the security room?

Ok I just beat the challenge I made (A Crushing Blow) 8:34 SA with the only disguise change being suit to cyclist and the only KO being a guard on the ledge. I was able to get soders killed with the stem cells without putting them in myself (figure that one out :grinning:) I’m brand new to this forum and I’m happy that I’m able to share this challenge with you guys!

Nice work! Also,I think,with good timing,I can make it in under 4min,the other item is a surprise :wink:

Okay,you are the penultimate (second to last,however you say it) person to reserve a map(since there are a lot of reservations). You reserved Whittleton Creek!

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Here it is,Pagan

It was an interesting challenge!

I’ll wait for more Final Test CCC’s


@Sniff @Pollisya_Hotel @SilentWraith @Markie @Toto @Urben @Pagan anyone can submit challenges for the current map(The Final Test), although you reserved a map,if anyone thought they can’t (as @Sniff thought)

But it’s already taken?

Oopsie I’ll stick to situs inversus I had no idea abt the reserving when I posted that

No,look, it’s just a CCC for The Final Test. You can see the reserved maps on the top,and a current map CAN’T be taken. So feel free to send challeneges for the current maps,as they can’t be taken. Feel free ti send it

Oh,that makes it harder. Can there be at least more allowed distractions? At least 3-4?

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Yeah i think i am trying it and this is really difficult