Custom Community Challenge(CCC)

No, it’s not. In fact,I know 1 way,which is not that hard to pull off

Also @Urben ,do I have to pacify the targets? Or can I just start subduig them and wait until the Snap Neck option appears?

Ok I just read the challenge and it says “after pacifying”. So yeah…

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@The_Ducker_Gaming so for the paris challenge you take the mine, @HungaryHippoe challenge or the @Urben challenge ?

I’m not sure he either picked Urben’s or he does as many as he wants. I’m gonna try some of these too.

@HungaryHippoe @Toto I see you are active on here,so I’ll do yours later,maybe tommorow. For now,I did Urben’s one,now I just have to edit

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Good job! Are you new to hitman? I started in early 2018 but it’s only now that I’m able to put together complex SO runs like Kashmirian, and Explosion motorcycle for Strindberg and fiber wire for zaydan. I can’t wait to send u some challenges for sapienza and Marrakech!

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Wait, shit. Nope, nevermind.

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Yeahh… just gonna drop this here. For the love of God, please somebody do it!!! lmao
(Cool thread idea btw!) :+1:

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Well,not a bad idea,but it will just take a lot of time. If I ever have some free time,I’ll attempt it. But,I don’t know how to make a poll🤦‍♂️(I’m new,sorry)

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I’m new to things like r/Hitman on Reddit,this Forum,watching Youtubers etc,but(as I said up there) I started playing S1 since the middle of 2018.

I started the HITMAN series with Absolution in 2017, got HITMAN 2 in January this year and HITMAN 2016 in February this year.

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Great! I hope that you do :grinning:

Like this…


  • Subject
  • Subject


:arrow_up: Don’t put the period

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I’ve also done a load of legacy ETs and had a contract featured in March, and that was two months after I started. Even better, it was in Sapienza, which means I made the contract in a level that I’d had less than a month.

And, of course, I am deeply involved in the community (Reddit, Discord and the forum).

I think I would never have met any of you if I decided not to get Absolution for $12 at a game store two years ago.

And even so, there’s a giant poll button in the thing, press the settings button on the end of the taskbar, on top of the text.

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Lmao that too!

I forgot about that :sweat_smile:
Thank you!

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I think you made a great step by spending those 12$👍

@Piano_Man Ok,thank you!


No problem bro, happy to help :slightly_smiling_face: and welcome to the forum!

Hey there, @Markie ,just.1 question:
-Can I change my outfit out of the Bohemian disguise just once,the Ether Scientist,for Caruso, for just 10-ish seconds,as I have a cool strat in mind! If you let me,just edit the comment,as I think running to the Main Square Tower and back is time-consuming and the whole run could take more than 15min.


20 characters.

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K,thanks man. I think you will like the strat :grinning: .I’ll do it maybe today,maybe tommorow.

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@SilentWraith @HungaryHippoe Here are both challenges! I enjoyed them very much,and thanks for sending them!

@Urben 's Paris one is done,and now to complete @Toto 's and @HungaryHippoe 's CCC’s for Paris,and Sapienza,here I come!