Custom Piano_Man Challenges


Hello, Agents. Welcome to my playground!
A thread for all things FIBER WIRE!!

Piano_Man Challenge

How many NPC’s can you Fiber Wire on a level? Can you eliminate the entire map SA/SO using nothing but the Fiber Wire?

(It can also be for any Hitman Game as well. Codename 47 - Present)

I was inspired to make this thread because of the Challenge in Absolution (The Saints) where you had to eliminate the entire map with the Fiber Wire without getting spotted or bodies found.

I understand this won’t be everyone’s cup of Joe and I can respect that. But if this seems like a challenge you would be into, get out your Fiber Wire and share those videos/screenshots!! How many NPC’s can you take out and how fast can you accomplish it??

  • Any Level (Any Hitman Game)
  • No Disguise Changes (Suit Only)
  • All Fiber Wire Kills (on everyone who can be eliminated with it, that is… I’m looking at you Mr. Soders!)
  • No Bodies Found, or Getting Spotted.
  • Silent Assassin Ratings Only!

Also, if you don’t wish to do this challenge, don’t let that stop you from posting some awesome Fiber Wire screenshots! I always enjoy seeing those :sunglasses::+1:

Feel free to share any Hitman “Fiber Wire” artwork (Either by you, or some you have found on the internet.)

Members here may also compete with one another, creating their own type of Fiber Wire themed Challenges. Whatever you want. Be creative, just remember to set the rules and all parties understand and agree before playing.

Few ideas to throw out there

  • Player must eliminate target and drag them (with Fiber Wire) from point A to point B within X amount of time without getting spotted.
  • Target Tag. Back and forth between two members. One picks one target, the other must eliminate them with Fiber Wire. If successful, they choose a target for them to do the same. Game goes on until one fails and the other is declared the winner.

Stuff like that…

One last thing: If you have any good Fiber Wire Only contacts in Contracts Mode, please post the ID#’s for those in this thread for easy access.

Make me proud, Agents!


Have Fun!
And stay wired!!


I did simmiliar challenge on final test few months ago. Preety Fun.

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Yeah, I really enjoyed doing this too over the years. I remember a while back I Fiber Wired everyone in Blood Money (Requiem) minus Alexander, of course. But damn, that took me a LONG time to do lol can’t get SA on that level obviously, but still wanted to attempt it.

My bad!! SA it was!! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: Sergei level. I did however also wished we could in BM


Wait, i thought the only weapons you get in Requiem are Silverballers. You also get fiber wire?


Yeah my bad bro I misremembered haha both levels were a bit similar and I did that back when H2 first came out. That shit literally took me hours. Only ever did it that one time, I think I’ll try it again. There was also a weird glitch when you would Fiber Wire Sergei where he wouldn’t die when you strangled him. He would be paper thin and follow you around on the floor so I Had to shoot him lmao I also don’t recall if it was even possible to get SA on that level by doing this, I’d have to check again, this was 2002 after all when I did this :grin: but I’m pretty sure it couldn’t be done…

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Definitely going to take this challenge on sometime this week on a smaller map (maybe Hawke’s Bay)!

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Yes! That would be awesome bro! That’s also great map to do it on, seeing it’s not that big and probably wouldn’t take an insane amount of time to pull off.

But yes, definitely do it. I’ll look forward to seeing your run! Good Luck.


In the meantime, if Anyone on PS4 would be interested I have a little challenge…

How fast can you complete all 6 of The Sarajevo Six Contracts SA/SO all Fiber Wire Kills?

I did this last year, but honestly I forgot my time. Will do it again and post my combined times.

Here are my screenshots, anyway…


You need to go to some AFWA meetings

Anonymous Fiber Wire Addicts

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Okay, when I said sometime this week I meant today apparently. Here’s my final victim:

Here’s my hero shot (should have disabled the objectives and mini map):

And finally here’s my 2 score screens:

I probably could have done it faster but I spent too much time hiding bodies and the final three guys at my boat were being real pains in the butt. Only had to fall back on an autosave once, the turnaround glitch got me.


Lmao you’re probably right! Giving my Fiber Wire a nickname too probably doesn’t help either :joy:

@gsaurus_rex love it! Very impressive time man. I like the “hero shot”

Excellent work, Agent! You done the Piano_Man proud! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1:

Hope to see even more from you, my friend. Stay wired!


Edit; updated the OP please review my friends! :smiley:

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@gsaurus_rex here is a challenge I’m gonna do and was wondering if you would like to as well…

In Patient Zero; get all NPC’s on the map infected with the virus (minus the Hazmat suit guys) then Fiber Wire them all while in your Suit (no disguise changes) and get Silent Assassin

What do you say? Up for the challenge? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



It’s been a while since I played it, so I don’t recall if you are good after taking the antidote. If that’s not the case, then right at the beginning of the level, Fiber Wire a NPC in a hazmat suit, take the suit and begin the challenge. (Or is there a hazmat suit you can obtain without KO?) if so, do that lol


I know how to get the hazmat suit technically without knocking anyone out (thanks, tranquilizer gun!), but oof that’s a tall order. Refresh my memory, if I get spotted but then kill the person who spotted me, am I still spotted? Or do I have to fiber wire and hide all the bodies?

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I believe as long as they are a target, even if they spot you you’re fine if you kill them. Wasn’t that in the latest patch @doom-generation? I could be wrong… personally, if I was ever spotted I would just do it over anyway.


Yes, that should be fine.

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