Custom Rating's names

Got inspired by this, decided to make something similar, but with all possible cases and some of my own ideas.

To start with - this is just a phantasy about different ratings you get after completing a level, which could be implemented in some Hitman or Hitman style-game. In the most recent games there is only one rating - Silent Assassin - which makes sense, after all, but it was always fun to see which rating you get after completing a level with some mistakes done, back in older games.

So, here is my interpretation.
My ratings’ names consist of two parts. The first one (adjective) refers to your “noise” or “aggression” level during the mission, and depends on number of bodies found, kills noticed, times you got spotted. The second part (noun) depends on number of non-targets got killed.
If everything was done smoothly, you get your usual “Silent Assassin”, the best rank. If it wasn’t… Well, there are plenty of options.

Here is the first part.

Some clarifications on the first part
  • “All zeroes” means that not only you’ve got no bodies found, kills noticed or “spotted”, but also no non-targets killed. This is the best possible rating - Silent Assassin; you can see “Silent” part here and “Assassin” part on the second’s part picture. It’s impossible to get those parts separately - with ratings like “Silent Hitman” or “Professional Assassin”, because I said so.
  • Every noticed kill automatically gives you “Body Found”, by my logic, so keep it in mind.
And here is the second one!

This one is much less complicated, because it simply depends on number of non-targets killed.

Of course, this “system” is very basic, not ideal, and could lead to hilarious results like “Clumsy terrorist” or so. But anyway, it’s just a concept and it would never get implemented anywhere
So, what do you think?

  • Interesting idea.
  • Stupid idea.

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I like that idea, I still just want a rating system. Just something a little more unique than what it is now.

Right now it’s either silent assassin or nothing.

Once mastery is over I don’t even see the point of showing me I got 1 or 2 stars. Just hurry up to the cut scene so I can skip it.


I like the idea of bringing back “custom” rating titles. But I’d prefer fixed combinations like Bloodmoney had, instead of semi-random combinations. That could turn out awkward, e.g.

  • Spooky Terrorist
  • Incompetent Maniac

From here on out, you can check my “system” out!

Check this out!

Click here
I know it’s kinda clunky, but it was the best way to show you how this system works.

Click “Run” button, then type how many bodies were found, etc. In the end you’ll see your rating.
“Kill noticed” automatically gives +1 body found. “Spotted at killing” automatically gives +1 spotted at crime.

If everything works fine, please reply to the thread, cos I’m very unfamiliar with this machinery and don’t know if I did everything right.