Custom Targets - Contracts Mode Idea

I came up with this idea recently that I put into my megalist I just posted: Hitman 3 ideas megalist
However, while most of that list is nitpicks that I would be fine with being ignored I thought this idea was amazing when I came up with it and want to create this separate thread to gain feedback, get exposure on it and just expand the idea with other people. Here’s my pitch:

When you spawn into Contracts mode you have three devices in your inventory. They all look like mines. The first is a Target Spawner, you have five of these. Placing one of these spawns an NPC on the spot, that you can mark as a target. The target’s appearance will be that of one of the ghost mode targets, randomly generating a name and which model it’s using (which you can change by picking it up and placing it again) so you can tell when a contract is using them.

The second device is a target route node. Placing this will have the target from his or her spawn point walk over to it. These are infinite. Keep placing them and so long as they’re close enough the target will pathfind his way to them. Placing a node on an objective will make the target interact with it, so a chair will make the target sit, placing it on a toilet will make him piss, etc. So this is used to create your own routines for this target.

The finale mine-like device of this trio is the target route ender. Basically placing this will make the target return to the original spawn point after reaching it in the fastest way possible. This is essentially just a way to create a loop for the target, or give you the option of not using it which will make the target take his or her route back to the original spawn point after reaching the final node in their point, after which they will retrace their steps and walk down every node again to get back to the original.

You can have five of these custom targets and place them pretty much anywhere. After the mission is over you can give them custom intel and names. You can even choose to make the targets “elusive”, hiding them from the map and instinct. To prevent overlap you can’t edit multiple routes at the same time, only create targets sequentially. But you can still place them together.

Another device you’ll have is like a trigger, this shows up after you spawn a target. It’s the bodyguard toggle. Press right mouse once to spawn one guard. Again to spawn two. And again to get rid of both. The guards will have a unique outfit, called the Target’s Bodyguard disguise. It’s essentially an all black suit with a white tie, so it doesn’t look exactly like any other guards in any other levels in the game. These guards can be marked too and their disguise can be worn and used for restrictions. The bodyguards are ofc enforcers to their own disguise and the target is an enforcer to the disguise too.

Now I’m sure the benefits of this idea are obvious. We love Contracts mode for giving us the freedom to make our own missions, but it’s mot Mario maker. We’re always going to be limited by the routines of existing NPCs. Here we can essentially create our own bonus missions. We can use space up that has been neglected in the main game. Create kill opportunities that are truly as unique and inventive as we can imagine it. The creativity of a contract is now fully in the hands of the fans. I’d probably never play the main campaign again, no offence to IO.

I’d probably stick a target in the vault for shots and giggles, or maybe on the sniper tower in Haven to freak @KevinRudd out when he tries my sniper contract lol. The possibilities are endless.

Of course there’s the question of is this feasible? I tried to storyboard it in the most realistic way possible for IO to implement it, but it’d still take a lot of resources to pull off. Still, i would pay a lot of money for H3 if it did include it. And maybe they could pour some of their Ghost Mode money they’re not using into it. It’d truly make the cap on this trilogy something special, would be a great selling point and probably keep the game alive for years. Though it’s a bit of a pipe dream if IO is already putting the finishing touches on Hitman 3


Thoughts I’d elaborate on the idea a bit more:

Fourth target routing device I forgot about: the lockdown node. Placing this will determine where the character runs to lockdown in.

And also, on whether this will add towards the 5 target limit on contracts. I don’t know. Im thinking either you can have 5 in map targets and 5 custom targets at the same time, or if they add the ability to pacify or avoid a target as an objective there could be five elimination targets and five pacifist targets for each of those categories and custom targets could go into each

Bodyguards will count as in-level NPCs tho, but you can also change their names and intel.

Another idea I had: perhaps the target’s bodyguard disguise could have either all the permissions of the suit just with ability to use guns, OR could be like a skeleton key with the ability to go anywhere legally. Illegal actions are still illegal, like poisoning and holding snipers but that’d really open up Contracts possibilities because keep in mind you don’t have to tag the target you spawn