Cut content in Hitman games

No it was in Codename 47

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Oops my bad, at least my post still made sense though :slight_smile:

Ok. Never got a chance to play that game so i didn’t know. Thanks! :smiley:


Never forget.

Nothing worse than this one for me. Even worse, pretty sure the original scene was 47 trying to hand over Victoria to Travis, then changing his mind and shooting the troopers. Felt that was in character for me.

edit: While we’re at it

Jade injuring 47? Or Jade injuring Travis? Dexter implied she was a larger character than she actually was.


This item’s description:


Compare the content in there to the stuff we haven’t got and there’s your answer for HITMAN :stuck_out_tongue:

Wasn’t there a crucifix in Hitman 2 that was meant to act the same way as the fiber wire

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Blood Money has cut audio to suggest you could push targets into the crematorium in Requiem. Its Cayne and Rick Henderson begging for their lives basically.


When Hitman: Contracts was still known as ‘Hitman 3’ there was supposed to be a Las Vegas level. When you look into the directory of the game and search for the levels, you can still see that there is a gap between the level numbers. There are to missing levels as far as I know but I’m not sure what the other level was.

The old Blood Money trailers contain a lot of unused sequences. Like that awesome face off with Mark Perchezzi III or that ‘Vegas Girls’-Level. I don’t know If that stuff were just made for the trailers, so this is just speculation.


You could also lay down on the ground.I suppose this would have been useful when sniping.
I don’t know why they removed it though…

Silverballer T stood for SilverBaller Tungsten.

Pity, looks like weapon customization was far along.

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Because he doesn’t want to spend half of the contract money for laundry?


I don’t think he ever talked to Dexter either. Or Ort-Meyer. Sergei seems to be the only one.

He still let Ortmeyer say his last words

Huh, those suit names are the codenames for ETs. Interesting.

Yes you can see the place in his ‘tool’ shed were you could have hung it. It’s pretty obvious why it was cut from the game. Oh and a notable mention from Silent Assassin is the removal of ‘towel heads’ from Agent Smiths dialogue. They also messed around with the turbans and removed alcohol bottles I believe.

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They also removed all Hindu posters and signs

Beta Silvio and Roberto.

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Of all the cut content this is the one that I would like to see the most. I wish the team in charge of contracts would have been given unlimited time and funds.

Flashback No4 which should have been played in the end of the mission the setup and shed light on the following :
47 was made as an adult.
His main victims saw 47 before and why were they frightened when encountered him.
The brain of 47 was blank and information about ica, Diana was acquired through work of the professor.

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