Cut content of the Hitman Alpha

Welcome to the cut guns/gear of the Hitman Alpha.

Before we start I want to say right now that this is not meant to show how IO has ‘gimped’ or ‘downgraded’ the main game from the alpha. Although I hope that some of these items make a return to HITMAN in some way or another, I completely understand why they were cut and I hope nobody attempts to attack IO for not including them in the main game.

I also want to mention how many animations and gun models were ripped from Absolution, which is why some may seem familiar. I actually hope some of these Alpha animations (such as reloading pistols) can be added to the main game as they are far better than the current ones.

NOTE: Due to HITMAN probably having 2 more seasons left to go, we are likely to see these items return in some form or another.


Anyway, let’s get on with it!


Mark4 Semi Auto Silenced

SPS-12 Precision Sweeper
Actually just a SPS-12 with a suppressor.

HX MP-10
This ones a bit bugged…

Jaeger Sniper 12.5
This would become the infamous Lancer. The scope looks terrible for some reason.

Holdable Plates, Cups and Glasses(!)
These were buggy af and completely disappeared when placed.

1911 F A/P
Otherwise known as an the unsilenced silverballer.

Tungsten Silverballer
Otherwise known as the blackballer. First time i’ve seen it without a suppressor.

Electric Shotgun
Just a renamed SPS-12 with an electrifying effect.

Incendiary Shotgun
Just a renamed SPS-12 with a fiery effect.

Bean Bag Shotgun
Yet another renamed SPS-12 but non-lethal.

Taser Gun
This is the buggiest shit ever. From what I can tell when you shoot it attaches a taser to the person which can be activated by pressing the fire button again.

I think this ‘tendril’ coming out of 47 was meant to be the actual wires connecting to the person.

Electric Coin
I’m guessing this electrocutes people when they attempt to pick it up but none of the NPCs wanted to. Assholes.

Remote Electrocution Device
This just flat out doesn’t work. Even if I activate it while the guard is picking it up nothing happens. Pretty self explanatory for what it does.


Laser Tripwire Mine
These worked like the ones found in Escalations, but could be placed.

Siez Sniper
P.S. I’m shortening these names otherwise I’ll be here all day.
This sniper was used in promotional materials for the game and then scrapped on release.

Knockout Gas Mine
This item looks identical to the mines in the game now. It basically squirts a pathetic amount of gas out of it which knocks people unconscious.

Knockout Gas Grenade
I don’t know what universe this gas grenade belongs to but it’s not this one. Functions as a throwable knockout gas mine.

The Briefcase
In all its holiness.

Siez 17A
Another random silenced pistol. I chose the worst spot to take this screenshot but the silencer is there.

Modular Pistol
No clue what this was meant to be. Upgradable pistol perhaps?

–Interesting/random stuff–

Everyone probably knows this by now, but human shields were fully functioning in the alpha. IO please please bring this back for Season 2. It think it would allow for a better balance between stealth and assault gameplay.

Waiters carried boxes in the alpha, and items could be placed in them to carry your stuff around the level.

Guards carried flashlights when investigating stuff in the attic area of Paris. No idea why this was cut.

Pretty insignificant but people who were poisoned used to hold their hand in front of their face.

Apparently the emetic poison used to look like a potion of stamina.

Not sure if it’s obvious but 47 would start to get down on his knees when surrendering. This wasn’t in Absolution and was obviously cut out of the main game.

Old UI for poisoning drinks. Looks nifty but wouldn’t work well in the current version of the game.

Not sure if this is obvious but Point Shooting was in the alpha. It was also buggy as shit. You seemed to have to subdue or garrote a person before being able to activate it. Since some weapon perks were leaked we are likely to see this return for Season 2.


Thanks for reading!

P.S. Binoculars were in the items list but could not be spawned :frowning:



But really, how did crappy purple weapons won over realistic weapons?


Point shooting is still technically in the game:


So many cool gadgets and weapons SCRAPPED. WHY? Also,the game had some very neat features that enhanced immersion,like the flashlight or the waiters carrying stuff around. And plus,why remove the human shield? Not like it was buggy or anything.


To be fair, the crappy purple Lancer was in the alpha :wink:

Wait, what? How did you access that?


That my friend was meant to be 47’s icon pistol in this series. But go guess why it didn’t make in the game.

I even asked the developers why? Why is this gun on the cover of the game but not in the actual game. I receive no response from them like I was asking their personal home address or something.

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I suppose blackballer was an early version of ICA 19.


It’s something different. Because if that was the case they could had least change it from their wallpapers

Actually,the modular pistol and us maybe being able to customize it brings an idea to the table.
Since we have a perk system it’s safe to assume we are not getting weapon customization for all weapons,but how about one gun for each type?An SMG,A shotty,a pistol,an assault rifle and a sniper?We customize the looks(pick if we want an uzi,an umpa doublebarrel,etc and then customize IT) (chrome,black,made in metal,wooden details,that sort of stuff),we customize its components(silencer,kick,compensator,red dot,laser,everything)the ammo (subsonic but comes with few shots,extendend clip,fmj)the rate of fire(automatic,semiautomatic,single shot) and maybe put ONE perk on it to make it particular. It would bring more “personal touch” to the game and would give us a reason to implement a money system in contracts mode as well to do all of this. Hell,besides giving us one gun per category they should also give us the guards weapons just for the fun of it(I wanted the guards UMP with a silencer on it for sooo fucking long,not to mention a silenced bartoli cause that gun looks awesome!). There would of course be some balancing to avoid OP weapons that would make other guns useless,but lets be honest. Besides the kruegermeier and the silverballer(yes,the lancer nowadays sucks so I’m not gonna mention it) what gun is really a must? Plus,it would allow @badeaguard to finally get his beloved blackballer,even better than so,by letting him make it himself and perfect it.

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Secrets :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m pretty sure they outsourced wallpapers just like they did the trailer. Revising it all would be a waste of money so… You just have to deal with the “wrong” gun I guess. Sorry badea


Why did you delete your original post?

It’s not really that buggy at all. It only makes that weird sound effect when point shooting with a sniper (Which you aren’t meant to be able to do). With normal weapons it works perfectly.

And I guess it’s kinda a mod? I did modify a file for the game, but that’s it.


carrying plates!
human shield!
electric shotgun!
point shooting!
Knockout Gas!
image image image


the cut plate carrying and crates hurt me to my soul


holy CRAP!!! how did you do that?! Is it a mod or is it in the game?

You left out the best things, electric coins and remote electrocution device. And the bean bag shotgun.


Don’t forget the taser.
Even though it was the buggiest item out of the alpha.