Cut content of the Hitman Alpha


Don’t forget the taser.
Even though it was the buggiest item out of the alpha.


Really? There was a taser? In which video was it used?


How do I download the alpha?


magic :wink:

20 magical chars


Seriously, can you send me a link?


no idea where you can get the alpha, i’d like to get it myself!

some people just got access to the alpha from IO


Make a video of the briefcase please 1lmh




search for it online. There are torrents out there


There were tonfa style animations for the baton, including how 47 held it, in the game for some time post release that were removed around… Summer Bonus patch? I was baffled when we got an actual tonfa in Hokkaido but it still used the generic club animations.

This isn’t cut from Alpha technically, but worth noting.


As you can see, pretty buggy/unfinished.



Well, as for the customizable weapons, Blood Money was awesome, and it also had only Agent 47’s personal weapons able for customization, like Silverballers and WA2000, plus MP5, M4 and SPAS12. That was very cool and I still hope we’ll see that in the future.

And also, that shotgun from the screenshots is not SPAS12 or SPS12 right? It should be a Mossberg 500, or 590 can’t remember now from Absolution.


@HHCHunter @BernardoOne
Added them to the list. I also added a bunch more cool stuff I haven’t seen anywhere on the internet regarding the alpha :slight_smile:


But it was black. Not purple


Hey guys, I’ve added some more items after fiddling around and I’m pretty confident that this list is pretty comprehensive for all of the cut items. As said in the post, there were WAY more items then in this post but most of them were pretty insignificant.


Black baller. Just the name of it makes me feel more homosexual by the minute :joy:


"Who’s got a case of the not-gays?"


human shield here


The UV texture layout data for the Sniper Rifle Scope object no longer match the Texture Maps that probably replaced the Alpha ones and have the same names.

So it is possibly:

  • Outdated Geometry
  • Outdated UV data for the Geometry
  • Replaced Textures not matching the layout required for the previous two items

Any one or more of the three will cause that same issue.