Cutscene with a cat & nuke?

I remember a cutscene from the mission “Plutonium Runs Loose” with a cat and a nuclear bomb going off. I believe it’s very similar to the intro of Hitman 2 with the cat.

Did I just imagine this or does it exist? Is it on YouTube?

Here’s the cutscene from Hitman 2. Skip to 1:17

Why didn’t you just watch both cut scenes on YouTube? It would answer any questions you had.

There is also the same cutscene from Hitman 2 in Contracts. It might be a re-make of Plutonium Runs Loose but in Deadly Cargo if you fail to stop the bomb going off, it gets the cat.

I think they were trying to make a link between the two games because both times that cat’s in Rotterdam during the hit on Jegorov.

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I couldn’t find a video of someone failing the mission, so I gave up and figured someone here would know.

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Thank you! So did I mistakenly think it was in Codename 47 or is it in both Contracts & Codename 47?

It’s in both. Contracts has some missions that are from Codename 47.

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Thanks. I’ll have to boot up Codename 47 sometime and try to trigger the cutscene because I can’t find the Codename 47 version anywhere on YouTube.