Cyberpunk 2077


Cyberpunk 2077 Won’t Be At E3 2016

We need to Forget about Cyberpunk 2077 for at least next 2-3 years


from your link:

“a new type of video game format previously unexplored by the studio”

CD Projekt going into episodic as well?


This might be the first RPG since Stick Of Truth that I’d be willing to have a look at. Just cannot be doing with the Dungeons & Dragons vibe of things like The Witcher.


Who knows… what nature of format… is this… But I assure you… an experiment by CD project is well tested… Take example of Witcher 3… The amount of content one gets in a 60$ pakage with witcher 3 is unbelievable and it did not disappoint one bit. It not only delivered what was said or expected but it surpassed the expectations even more…


I cant check the link atm but tbh I don’t believe the 2-3year “news”, unless CDPR has confirmed this?


On top of that no major gaming sites has any news about CP being released in another 2-3 years.


2-3 years are my own words… this is my estimate and speculation.



The latest!


I knew it they would get it. There was a news posted earlier about CD project RED requesting a government fund for their upcoming game project. Since Witcher series helped polish government helped build a name in the global economy and even the prime minister of poland gave a copy of witcher 2 to president Obama so this news made sense that they would give CDPR the grant.

There were 4 request grants:

City Creation – 9,935,394.75 PLN (R34,702,864.73): “Comprehensive technology for the creation of ‘live’, playable in real time, the city’s large-scale, which is based on the principles of artificial intelligence and automation, and takes into account the development of innovative processes and tools to support the creation of high-quality games with open world.”

Animation Excellence – 6,452,510.88 PLN (R22,537,665.01): “Comprehensive technology enables a significant increase in the quality and productivity of complex animations face and body for games RPG with open world, also taking into account the innovative process solutions and a unique set of dedicated tools.”

Cinematic Feel - 4,869,327.62 PLN (R17,007,840.47): “Comprehensive technology for providing a unique, film-quality RPG with open world, also taking into account the innovative process solutions and a unique set of dedicated tools.”

Multiplayer - 1,578,855.49 PLN (R5,514,707.47): “The generic support cross-platform multiplayer video games for popular consoles and operating systems.”


A request for improved animations? Yes!

The running animation was a pet peeve of mine all throughout The Witcher 3 :joy: I’ve put over 200 hours into it, so it’s not like it was that much of an issue though.

Come to think of it, I very often judge games based on how good their walk/run animation is :thinking: I also have tonnes more respect for a game if it’s default movement speed is a walk, rather than a run or jog. Just like it is in Hitman.


I am really looking forward to this game, I love Deus Ex (Cyberpunk RPG) and I loved The Witcher 3, what could go wrong?



I was thinking about this game a few days ago. I hope there’s something at E3 this year.

Will watch this video later.

EDIT: just took a quick peek at 2017 news and it states it will NOT be talked about in 2017. :frowning:


I think they are busy with the Gwent game, i liked Gwent in Witcher 3 so i’m a bit curious about this Gwent game :grin:.


I hope it’s not some online game only, because i don’t want to buy Playstation + just for playing this game, the Gwent game i mean.


Ya, that’s what the video said. Gwent will be the focus. And when I played TW3, I had over 500+ hrs plays in that game over 4 months of playing the main game and both DLC games and I didn’t play gwent even once. Lolol.

I just had no interest to even try it. Haha.


You should try it, you can play with a guy at the beginning of the witcher 3 and when you win and buy more cards it’s even getting better, in the end i won every game and bought and won all the cards, it’s a great game within the game :smiley:.


Played the game over a yr ago so not sure I’d want to go back and play again, plus there’s hitman which I play exclusively now. :smile:


You can play the game through your computer. I do, it’s pretty great so far, moving into open beta pretty soon.Very similar to Gwent in Witcher 3, with different cards / effects.

Only problem is CCGs are notoriously expensive, unless you don’t mind grinding for cards over time. I recommend Gwent regardless :slight_smile:


Some news after a long silence.