Cyberpunk 2077


Not everywhere, for mobile games there are not so much crunch and atmosphere is pretty cool, for AAA titles there are diffrent story though…


Well…yeah,but it’s because mobile games take less effort than AAA games. Plus the stakes are higher,with the money invested in multiple assets and the risk of failure. Mobile games devs obviously have a lighter atmosphere,but I’d be surprised if they didn’t honestly. But still,miscomunication,anxiety,preocupations,inner struggles…the things AAA dev teams do,not realizing they hinder their work is unbelievable.


Just curious will there be any form of stealth gameplay?


I’d assume so…you can roleplay as a hitman/mercenary (the Solo) among the many roles so I think that stealth should be one of the ways to get the job done.


I was soo pissed off at DX:Mankind Divided so I’m hoping cypernk2077 won’t let me down so much, I have high hopes for it



One of the images on the video are from Art created by artist Andreas Rocha that is not related to CYBERPUNK 2077:

That said, the feedback from the Sony employee sounds realistic.

I’m personally hoping the game is a bit like VAMPIRE: THE MASQUERADE but with cyborgs and androids instead of Vampires.


Not too far-fetched to post a single beep the day you learn the engine managed to output a valid package for PS4, XBO, PC, and … Switch (we can all dream!)?

Once the engine can do that? That is worth a beep in my book. :slight_smile:


I hope the game let’s you really do you. If I choose to me a Nomad,I want to feel like I’m playing a cyberpunk version of Sons Of Anarchy. If I’m a Solo,I want to build my reputation as the top gunman to go to,buy expensive houses (a penthouse with a good view?) and have access to better contacts. If I’m a rockerboy,let me choose between themes for a song and maybe a few lines here and there (not too much,just have a branching choice where I can say “X” or “Y”).
If I’m an enforcer of law or on the psychosquad,I wanna feel like Deckhard from Blade Runner.
I just hope they don’t brush off the roles as “perks” for your character. I mean,I don’t necessairly want a 100 hours unique campaign for each one but at least unique quests here and there,opportunties and such. But I have good faith they’ll find a way.
Also,they talked about seamless multiplayer a few months back…I still wonder what it means,since they said that the singleplayer experience is their priority and that they don’t want any EA BS in their game…probably co-op with friends?


It has definitely been a long time since an RPG game featured character creation that took 3 hours and had all these stats that filled the whole screen… and you knew you were going to get a unique experience just from the fact your character is the “one and only” version of that character.


We can pray the good old “RPG screen” comes back. Or at the very least,something similiar to it. The more customization the merrier.


Yeah… it’s always nice to create a new character and you see the RNG gods have given you like the Maximum value for one stat… but a terrible value for another stat… and you know that you’ll have to roleplay a certain way… and that you think twice about hitting “re-calculate” because you don’t know if you’ll get it good afterwards…

Asides from Bladerunner, the other obvious segue is into a proper GITS-like story, or other long-hours sci-fi yarn.



Man this is exciting, I can already tell that this E3 is gonna be way better than the 2017 one, last year’s E3 felt lackluster imo, especially with Bethesda and Sony. Also hopefully we’ll get some info on Cyberpunk 2077 this year, I’d be fine with anything really.


I read it may be a first person shooter rpg. If that’s the case, I’ll be passing in this. Just not into first person anymore. But I hope they stick to third person.


Also like 3rd person more. I am very into choosing my schway outfit and I want to see it too. But if the rest of the game is what I roughly expect, I would buy it in 1st person too.

I guess it will be like Fallout does it, you can play it in both modes.


I cannot wait to just even see a small bit of the game. I also prefer 3rd person (I wanna see my swaggy outfit) but it won’t really condition my thoughts on buying the game. It’s a CD Projekt RPG. That ammount of depth and epicness it’s going to have are going to make the game. The PoV is just a little thing on the side when the experience is so wholesome.



Microsoft won this E3.


Kinda disappointed with the aesthetics of Night City to be honest


So, futuristic GTA done by the people who made the Witcher?

I hope driving the cars won’t be as glitchy as ridding the horse.