Cyberpunk 2077


JC Denton is way cooler than that guy for whom no one has ever asked. :new_moon_with_face:


It might be a good sign because with Witcher 3 game budget was a few millions short compared to the marketing budget. Could it be differnt this time?


What a shame.


So that’s an even worse thing to say. How can Microsoft win if Sony hasn’t even done their show yet? :man_facepalming:


Because Sony will only show already existing games. There won’t be anything as surprising as Avellone working on Dying Light 2 or as cool as Cyberpunk 2077. Obviously, I can’t be 100% sure but at the moment that’s how I feel.


You make no sense. Neither of those games are exclusives. lol. Showing a game “first” doesn’t make their showcase better.

Anyways, here’s cyberpunks schedule for today. Maybe we’ll get some gameplay.


big budget doesn’t guarantee game being awesome, We will see, but I’m not so hyped right now after this trailer, I’m disapointed with this “style”, prefer more bladerunner noir cyberpunk style than “akira” or “hard boiled” cyberpunk style


Well it could still be that as I think the daylight kinda didn’t give that image like in the original. I’m sure there will be day/night cycles and weather changes.


It’s not about being the first one, it’s about showing it at all. I don’t care for exclusivity, it doesn’t make a game better. Also, Sony’s show wasn’t very good just as I expected. TLoU was fine, Death Stranding was good. Tsushima is nothing new at all and Spider Man looks like a better version of Batman which is also fine. Also, no release dates. Even the year is unknown for most of the games. The show itself was too long, lots of corporate talk. Microsoft’s one, on the other hand, was a lot like Sony’s 2016 show which was awesome.


You sound like the typical Xbox player that knows they got the wrong console. :joy:


I only have PS4 as my gaming platform. My PSN is unitedfedor.


I didn’t say you have Xbox. And I didn’t need you psn.

And topic is about cyberpunk, let’s not go off topic with either show.


Yeah, you’re right.

20 years till release


Confirmed. It’s a 1st person game with parts as 3rd person (likely like deux ex). Looks like I’ll pass now. :-1:


Does that really matter that much for you?


That’s a shame, because the trailer scene with the protagonist stood by his car really made me want to be able to explore that world in third person.

Not gonna put me off though. To rule out such a promising looking game over a perspective is rather silly.


I ASKED for this. (Character customization so that I could too make a Jensen like character!)


How was the modding situation with Witcher 3? Maybe the 3rd person thing can be added with mods.


I’d love to roleplay JC Denton. Gotta augment my vision first when playing


Ya I’m just not into 1st person at all. It’s a pass for me despite how awesome it looks.