Cyberpunk 2077


It’s just a matter of personal preference. I was also hoping it’ll be third person. :frowning:


Me too. But I still can’t view it as a reason for not playing the game. Especially this one


It’s good if it doesn’t discourage you from playing it, but I can’t say the same. But in any event, I still wish it the best.


Any release date? I missed that part I think.


Naw, you didn’t miss it. No date has been announced yet which means in another year or more.


Some new info and some old.


“…only changes to first person when in combat…” … interesting.

“outside combat looks like a futuristic Witcher”

“You create your own character… but no matter what you do your character’s name is ‘V’… whether you’re a man or a woman.”

“Visual style resembles the film THE FIFTH ELEMENT.”

“Asides from levels and skills there is a ‘street credibility’ system that determines whether or not you are allowed to hang around a certain area.” (This may be related to a stat on your character sheet that lists a metric for ‘Cool’ [a stat that also appears in the original Pen-and-Paper RPG]… alongside the usual other RPG stats)


Legitimately could not think of a reason why you would pass on this game for it being first person. Seems a bit silly imo, each to their own though.

I would love to see how Bethesda does transferring from Third person to First Person through the use of the scroll wheel. That’s one thing Bethesda actually gets right.

@Soupienza From the IGN video:
“…When you shoot people, little numbers blips show up for damage and they have levels”
I’m hoping this is executed well, nothing would ruin it more than some division MMO type bullet sponge rubbish.

Anyway, I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for a game. Definitely hyped.


Can you think of one now?


As long as the RPG numbers affect only damage and “to hit” is based on actual aim we’ll be fine.

I’d also accept if certain stats meant to improve aim instead increased the size of weapon beam projections (ie: “increasing hit area size”).


Some new screenshots


I have been reading preview articles about this all day, i cant wait to see it in action, hopefully it comes out soon, i cant handle any more excitement! :smiley:

The FPP “controversy” shows how immature and entitled some are, you don’t like it? Feel free to leave a comment about it then move on play something else, they don’t owe you anything, don’t bust the devs and fans work and excitement about your preferences.
Now, if you get motion sickness, which I do too if the game is badly made, KaneandLynch 2 made me literally puke, with its effects and camera.
Try altering the FOV, play further from the screen and disable “cinematic” features like motionblur,depth of field,lens flares, vignettes and bunch of other useless crap and change sensitivity settings to mitigate the effects and hopefully make the game less dizzy for you. (i don’t know if these things can be disabled on consoles)

I have played a lot of games both in TPP And FPP, don’t care either way, its up to the devs to decide which style is tailored for the game TECHNICALLY and GAMEPLAY wise, they went with FPP, they know what they are doing, they have proven themselves with the Witcher 3.


That’s cool that the game is third person outside of combat. Looking forward to seeing that gameplay when they decide to release it.


“Oh look! This game has first person combat but other than that - its all third person… BUT STILL! Now Im totally gonna pass on this game that might just be one of the greatest RPG/ game of last decade just like Witcher 3 was and which is also being made by one of the best developers out there!”

LMFAO. Go do that.


Where do you see it’s ONLY first person in combat? CDPR said it was ALL first person except for driving which has OPTIONAL third person.

Whatever this guy is on, I’ll take 2. It’s gotta be awesome making things up. :joy:


First person perspective confirmed. Well, it was fun while is lasted.


The game is always in first person expect during cutscenes and (optionally) in driving.


The Witcher 3 was in 3rd person. Maybe that played a significant role?


The people that went to actually see the demo (like the Playstation Access guys) presented the game like a very complex RPG with many choices in customization,quests and a ton of other abilities and perks that give you unique ways of accomplishing your missions. Now,this game is a lot more ambitious than The Witcher 3 was,as it had clunky gameplay,the camera wasn’t always good,tight spaces where a nightmare at times…so they chose FPS for combat to give us a smoother gameplay. Fallout and TES are FPS (TP sucks ass in all of them except for FO4),just to name some,and no one batted an eyelid. You are completely free to buy what you want,you are adults and it’s your money. Just don’t expect to be entitled to a PoV that,quite frankly,doesn’t change anything into a game experience as massive as this. I’d understand if they said it was isometric or 2D,but this is nothing to complain about. Having said that,I’m sure CDPR will listen to feedback if enough stand up for a TP and maybe add one in the future. They ARE customer friendly so it might as well be a possibility,although not a very solid one.


I hope shooting people feels satisfying,like they feel the bullets,experience knock back,loose blood etc.
They said the game will be fairly violent so I hope the gameplay pays off. (Like Rockstar Games,they make shooting enemies so satisfying!)