D&D alignments


Aka Pitman couldn’t come up with a better topic to discus. :wink:

So if this was D&D what character would’ve which alignment? In case you’ve never heard of them here’s a helpful Wikipedia link.

Agent 47: So in my opinion he’s either Lawful Neutral or Lawful Evil. Personally I’m leaning towards Lawful Neutral, because he’s only killing the people he’s been paid too (and a few unfortunate witnesses), while an evil person wouldn’t care about additional causalities as long as it gets the job done.

Diana Burnwood: She views her job as punishing the people who think they’re untouchable and can get away with their crimes. She also doesn’t like innocent people getting hurt. So I could image her as an extreme example of a Chaotic Good character. Or maybe a Lawful Evil character who think she’s one of the good guys. Which is not uncommon for LE characters.

Lucas Grey\ Shadow Client: He only want to destroy Providence because he’s holding a personal grudge against them. He’s also not above murder and working with terrorist. Yet the very first mission in HITMAN 2 makes it clearly that draws the line at killing innocents. Personally I think he’s Chaotic Neutral. Only caring about himself (and his closes friends) but not actively trying to hurt others. Providence, however, has wronged him, so they are fair game.

Arthur Edwards/ The Constant: We know almost nothing about him and his motive, so it’s really hard to say. Probably not Good and not Chaotic but everything between Lawful Neutral and Neutral Evil is possible.

Rocco: Chaotic Evil. Why else would he refuse to put his pants on? :grin: