Daily/Weekly Challenges

One idea I think would be cool is a daily and weekly challenge system. It would encourage people to come back to the game more often. However, I cannot think of any rewards that are worthwhile. Maybe XP but that is hardly a reward at all. Here are some examples


Complete a contract with silent assassin rating

Eliminate 3 targets with fiber wire

Complete a featured contract

Pacify 3 people with the fish


Complete 15 contracts

Complete 5 contracts with silent assassin rating

Eliminate 5 targets with poison

What do you think?

I see what you mean but think there’s enough there to keep people happy, it’s nearly a weekly offering from them. I feel there’s slightly too much in the game for me as it is with everything else in my life, so I’ve not touched Ghost or co-op Sniper. Within that restriction there’s enough for me to do without becoming too dominant in terms of the gaming I do.


Exactly where I am. I’m just barely able to keep up.

Yeah I agree. I’ve got countless challenges to do as it is