Dartmoor Versatile Assassin Challenge bug


So I have completed the 5 requirements for Versatile Assassin and in fact all 5 related challenges are unlocked, however the versatile assassin challenge is still locked.
I suspect it might be due to the fact that the poison assassination was done the 1st time by the NPC who tries to kill our target as well.
I did the poison assassination myself after that to check but it did not unlock the versatile assassin challenge.
Anyone has the same issue ?

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Got the same issue, though I finished up with Fibrewire and Drowning kills and didn’t unlock. Did poison one quite early and got it out of the way. COuld be related to the NPC bit but just need to wait and see for a fix.

So it looks like they fixed this issue after the last server update.
It has reset my Tasteless, Traceless challenge.
After I poisoned the target , both this one and Versatile Assassin challenges got unlocked.

This has happened to me on the Berlin mission. Completed all the Versatile challenges but I haven’t unlocked the Versatile Assassin challenge. Very frustrating.