Dawoods on Tinder everybody!


I’ve been using it for 2 years now. I went out with a couple of girls from there and that’s it.
Only suggestion I can give is to use it like this. Like everyone, if you’re selective you will hardly get a match.



I wasn’t using it for dating it was a experiment bud ;D

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Ladies can’t stay away from Rangan


Ironically that rarely works too (at least in my experience).Since a lot of people do that you end up awkwardly matching with someone who isn’t interested at all

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Man… :joy: (if this is real please remove it!)

Edit nvm I saw this

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I’ve tried it once and gave up after a dozen generic conversations leading nowhere, but my friend did go on a dating tinder spree one summer…and it was 90% creeps. Another found her bf that way…so obviously not all are creeps lol

I might give it a try again, but I’m not really sure I’m ready for the madness :rofl:

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Hm, 90% creeps you say. Sounds like a place for me.


If Tinder is good for something, is hookups and easy money.

I mean a man in his fifties proposed 300euros for spending the nigh with him.On the good side, got laid in a threesome. (Not with him.)
Other than that, I think it’s an incredibly boring place…I mean , people just can’t have a normal conversation, and thinks you are stupid if you want to meet in person.
Too bad, I don’t look for relationships anymore :smiley:


Easy mony, is all people care about


My man looking like a snack
@IndianAgent47 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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If Tinder is good for something,it’s building your ego and promoting your instagram

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What is instagram? Like snapchat?

I know snapface and mybook

You don’t have YouTwitFace?

Jesus christ, guys. What language even is this?

(Edit: I’d like to put a Mallory Archer gif, when she doesn’t understand something…but I can’t)

i hope this forum won’t be turned into meme forum like r/hitman…

Do you mean YouTwatFace?

I use instachat, grindface, truechat, wechat, youchat, allbang (not wallbang), runcraft.