Dear HITMAN Developers, i need help running the game

Dear HITMAN Developers,

My name is Juan.

I live in Uruguay, which is located in South America.

I bought the HITMAN 3 (2021) game yestarday at EPIC GAMES Launcher.

I installed the game, with no problems, but when i try to RUN the game, by choseing “PLAY”, the game doesn’t run.
When the game is about to start, the screen of my pc turns BLACK for a few seconds and then it just go back to Windows Desk, without alerting the error that happened.

Before anything, i cheked that my PC Graphics capabilities could fulfill the minimum graphics requirements, and it does. My PC is a good and high rated PC.

I also already have HITMAN 2 (2018) on steam.

Back to my concern, I contacted with EPIC GAMES assistants, and after a few hours in which they tried to help me to solve this error, they said that this problem is something that only developers of the game could solve.

¿ could you help me to make HITMAN 3 run correctly?

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Hello Juan. I don’t exactly know what caused the issue, but you probably want to post this again on the official technical support thread to let them know this. Have a nice day.