Death Squad Artwork

Hello wonderful people who decided to check out this topic.
Ever since the release of Mullet’s Curated Contracts, I’ve had a lot of ideas for screenshots either raw or edited. Death Squad is now surely my biggest project on Hitman Artwork yet, it beats my Hitman Comic by quite a lot. There’s still a large number of creative ideas for art like this that I have in mind, you can expect me to post something similar someday in the near future. Thanks @MulletPride for choosing the map (clueless at first about what I was gonna do). Hope all of you enjoy it. :wink:


This picture is awesome! Not sure how you got all of the NPCs here or if those are all 47 in disguise haha. But it looks sick. The lighting behind them is perfect because the rest of the room is dark. The royal colors and themes of the characters has good contrast with the rickety wood floors and aged walls+windows. Very well put together. Hope to see more stuff like this soon. (Even the comics should come back; those are fun too)