Death Stranding

E3 2016 Trailer

Interview #1

Interview #2 - This interview is something a lot of people missed. At 1:36 - “No this is not related to the game”

Death Standing has been told to use the Sucker Punch Game Engine. This was used for the trailer said by a creditable source. This still doesn’t confirm the final Engine used. But worth a listen.

Mads Mikkelson to star in the game.

Kevin Durand to star in the game

Death Stranding at TGS 2016 Info

Extra news about Death Stranding

More Death Stranding Info

E3 2018 Gameplay

Gamescom 2019 - Deadman Trailer

Gamescom 2019 - Mama Trailer

Gamescom 2019 - Gameplay Trailer

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Why is there a tendency of creating trailers that don’t have relation to the games?

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It’s a hook. They want to drive up buzz first.


P.T., RE7 and this. Never ending unneccesary hype.


Not sure. At that time, I think Hideo wanted to announce his game but didn’t have an engine he wanted yet and thus basically made an engine demo rather than the game demo. I see so many analysis of the trailer on YT, without knowing that it was nothing to do with it.

Must be annoying, to spent 2-3 years making an Engine - Fox. Tailored to your ways, only to ave to use another one :confused:


At this heights I don’t know, specially considering Kojima’s taste for bizarre.

And the fact he has a blank check by Sony lol

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It’s Kojima’s way of saying, hey, I’m still here, and a new game is coming, so don’t forget me, I need the money and the attention, so let’s build up a hype, so I can fool ya f4ggots on more money.

So far Kojima hasn’t disappointed me with his media so keep em coming I say :slight_smile:

Phantom Pain makes me puke, overhyped crap, and I’m not sure who’s fault it is, Kojimas or Konami … people want to say Konami, but are you so sure?


Any reason why it “makes you puke”?. I personally found it to be a treat. I already guessed the twist from the start and the FOB shit is annoying. But other than that. It’s extremely fun to 100% with only a few repetitive side missions being Tank Units for example. Still gave new elements for the game once completed.

The fact that the full on Ghost Recon style customisation is just a random element in Kojima’s Devs eyes but would be a selling point for Ubisoft. Is what I like. There are mechanics that are huge that barely get disclosed or acknowledged.

Usually publishers are to be at fault. But you can’t know until facts are out. Considering Konami’s track record and alleged ties to the Yazuka, I’m personally hedging against Konami.


I’m inclined to as well, but I’d like to balance it out by saying that apparently Kojima was a nightmare to work with due to the fact that he was verbally aggressive, creatively exhausting, and his perfectionism meant that he berated everyone around him for their mistakes. Typical creative genius that sounds like a suitable Hitman target.

It’s also worth noting that Kojima never wanted David Hayter and tried to block him off at every available opportunity, to the point where he refused to be in the same building as the voice actor. Until he was dropped contractually by Konami, Hayter wasn’t allowed to talk about any of this.

That’s all I know.

Do you have a source for this?

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David said in an interview i saw on YouTube that Kojima kept trying to boot him

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It’s like having your parents argue as a kid.

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I’m sorry, I heard all of this around the launch of MGS4 so it’s ancient knowledge of mine that IGN probably put out there. I did see the aggression bit mentioned in the Konami abuse news though.

The thing is, his dispute with Konami has put Kojima in a saint-like media position, so people are less likely to report on his wrongdoings now - especially given Konami’s alleged Yakuza connections, and their connections in the Japanese media.

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In the trailer it says Sony Interactive Entertainment, does this mean the game will be like Heavy Rain?
Interactive style games is not my cup of tea :smiley:.

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You always have David Cage :stuck_out_tongue:

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Mads Mikkelson is rumoured to star in the game.

Both of Kojimas Twitter accounts are following him and Mads re-tweeted a tweet regarding his involvement in the game.


Anyone who’s ever been to the Shinjuku district in Tokyo knows that the Yakuza control a lot of the enentertainment. Konami started investing in pachinko machines and gaming cafes. I can tell you with full confidence that if they did that, then they had to pay a nice big cut of the profits to Papa Protection Racket.

I said it before on another thread too: The current CEO of Konami, Hideki Hayakawa, blows a metric shit ton of his money on gambling and yacht parties, and not too long ago said Konami was going to shift it’s focus more towards the entertainment I mentioned above, and mobile games. He doesn’t give a shit about what the fans really want. He only cares about maximizing profits.

A better contract mission would be if 47 were hired by Kojima to sneak aboard Hayakawa’s yacht, dressed as Snake. If Kojima could actually make the contract you know he’d do something snarky like put a big patch on the Snake suit’s shoulder, that read: Property of the Yakuza… and that patch would be covering up a patch of his Fox insignia.

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