Death Stranding

I don’t mean the games themselves are bad.

…just that the idea of platform-exclusive games can die in a hole.


Yeah but it’s only a timed exclusive in reality. Money and all. Yes it’s be reworked by a partner studio The Workshop.

I generally agree - As long as the design and mechanics aren’t compromised too drastically for the sake of a port then multiplatform all the way. I’m glad console owners will finally get to experience XCOM2 because it royally owns.


I saw this video a few days ago, it is a month old.

they are saying that Death Stranding is supposed to be the new Silent Hills.

I dunno know enough about nothing to even comment, but I thought the video was good and uncovered some goodies.

@GTAJJ I think you might like.

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@Quinn @Spods As long as all the money is put in by that company, I feel they deserve to choose where it goes, especially new IPs. MS made Halo and paid for it, they deserve to do whatever they like, as goes for Uncharted and Last of Us. It’s a fair risk in hopes to get sales for game and platform.

3rd party is the bullshit. 30 days early access here, Timed exclusives of 3rd party there. Don’t start something you don;t intend to finish.

@Drebin Nice :slight_smile: Yeah I think its just the continuation of PT/Silent Hills in their own right.

New info on Death Stranding. It’s a undisclosed source. Apparantly worthy. So while not to rely on this info, you can make a judgement on the basis of where the game is going.

  • Story is done and is Greenlit by Sony
  • Casting is done
  • Mads Mikkleson is in this picture

  • Game with fully enter in a month.
  • Teaser of the engine at Playstation Experience 2016
  • If everything is on track, the release will be 2018
  • Death Stranding will support PSVR
  • Every feature of the PS4 will be used (Mic, speaker, camera, touchpad, gyroscopes)
  • Wants to break the 4th wall with these features
  • No one other than Kojima Productions, Executives at Sony and a 3rd Party studio knows the engine that is used exactly.
  • Last known choices of engine was Sucker Punch Engine, Cry Engine and Quantic Dream Engine.
  • Wants to push this engine to its extent to the creators.

More info:


  • There will be a Heroine
  • Game will be out before 2019/2020
  • “A new type of Co-op”

That’s an IOI-level release window Kappa


At least he has an actual date :wink:

Saw this greatness recently and thought I’d leave it here.



i think this was a better trailer than the last one and i am curious to see the world he has created but i gotta see the gameplay first, thats what i am holding my breath for

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How awesome is it that Mads Mikkelsen is in this! Best danish actor working with the worlds best game developer!:metal: (Sorry IO :flushed:)

Man this game gets more and more interesting.


i am watching these trailers and some of these break downs of them on YouTube.

man that kid Kojima is beast mode, nobody fucks with his attention to detail.

he just made a sale. i think this is the earliest pre order i have ever done. (will)


Did you notice or hear about the baby transfer? The baby dissappears in the first trailer at the exact time that it appears in the second trailer. My god Kojima!!! You such a fucking beast!!


lol yep! exactly that. when i saw the side by side trailer with the baby disappearing i was like, take my fucking money please!

Turns out it doesn’t quite match up when ran side by side. That’s not to say the baby isn’t being transferred though, that’s still the soundest theory out there right now, and makes sense considering Kojima’s earlier statements about this new kind of co-op he’s trying to create.