Death Stranding

Is Shinjuku the place with that giant multi-cultural garden?

I think we have to remember the fact that this is business. The people who run such large corporations (with the possible exception of Matsuda-san) have got there by spending their lives in the corporate world, which is why they see video games through a different perspective than us.
Hideo Kojima is a gamer and so understands the creative side of that system but a company can’t run on creativity and good intentions: it needs the bureaucrats and their money to keep it running. It’s like an orphanage: they mean well but at the end of the day, they still need money to survive.

:joy: Who is he? Ah, he is from Quantic Dream and now with IO-Interactive… oh no… i just realised the last i in IO-I stands for Interactive :fearful:, let’s hope Hitman will stay the way it is now :smiley:.

Nah, a couple of former Quantic Dream staff work at IO but I am pretty sure David Cage isn’t one of them!

Anyway, last I heard, they hadn’t even picked an engine for Death Stranding. Literally nothing is known about what it will be like.

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David Cage is the head of Quantic Dream. He doesn’t work at IOI. But at least he still make them multi story ending games. You got Detroit: Become Human :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s rumoured to be the Engine Sucker Punch uses for Infamous Second Son.

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Shinjuku district has the Shinjuku gyoen, which is basically a park, but it’s a huge industrial area that gets more railway traffic than anywhere in Japan.

And sorry, I realize all that “businesses need to make money” jazz, but I think that complaining about bad buisiness practices and ties to organized crime are petty fair criticisms.

Fuck exclusives.

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When they pay for multiplat game sure. But like Gears of War or Halo, I see no issue here if they pay to make a game all by themselves for a chance for a future increase in hardware

Hadn’t heard this, but I had heard that Kojima was travelling the world to visit many of the Sony studios, because in Japan they have a very different work environment than they do in the US and Europe.
Sony is really throwing everything at him, I just hope that they have some oversight, as I heard that he had a ‘knack’ for breaking his budgets. But if you notice in the credits of the trailer, Mark Cerny of Knack and PS4 Architect, is listed as ‘Technical Producer’, so I hope Sony and Cerny can keep him in line and on schedule.

And I believe Kojima said somewhere that it’s going to be third person with shooting, basically the same style as MGS:V.

Yeah, but remember that could be just for the trailer and not final game choice. So it could change.

It really feels like Kojima wants to be a creative movie producer more than games designer if we look at the progression of cinematics through MGS series. He also wanted famous actors for his main cast and likes working with movie directors. Guillermo Del Toro.

Kevin Durand to star in Death Stranding

Death Stranding at TGS 2016.

  • Death Stranding derived from mass stranding, sea creatures stranded on the shore.

  • Strand means twisted threads in physiological terms and links somehow

  • Genre is action.

  • Death Stranding will be open world, that allows enjoy story.

  • Death stranding has Co-op elements.

  • The game engine has finally been chosen.

  • Plans for 4K and HDR

  • Wants to prove indie studios can make AAA

  • He will be making an appearance on stage made by Sony - September 18th (Not sure why that date)

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PS4 only?

ok fuck you too then.

That was known from the day Sony hired Kojima and gave him a blank check for his game.


I mean the game looks like it’s aiming to sell from shitty trailers and pop culture references more than actual original content anyway. Is this the guy from that zombie show? Give me a break.

Kojima seems to want to move into the film side, to deal with better professionals to act.

I watched an interview with Jason Blundell (Head of Zombies/Producer at Treyarch) and he said it’s always great having high paid actor to star in games from a development side. There are less mess ups and the actor is used to the environment.

Yes it’s Norman Reedus. Don’t you think it’s a little too early to judge the book by it’s cover. There will be gameplay eventually. they’ve just sorted out their game engine lol. At least Kojima actually gives updates on the progress unlike other games.

Phantom pain was a disappointment but what about sons of Liberty, snake eater and mgs4 (o my ones I’ve played) which were all amazing especially snake eater IMO


Always the pinnacle of MGS :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nah, cuz XCOM 2.

What do you mean?

XCOM2 is one of the best games of the last 5 years, and it was a PC exclusive (though I believe consoles are getting a port at last)

I don’t mean the games themselves are bad.

…just that the idea of platform-exclusive games can die in a hole.