Default disguises in other locations?

Is there some way of using the default disguises for the maps on other maps? Say, the Marrakesh suit in Hokkaido or the Dartmoor suit in Miami?

Of course. You just select desired suit on a planning screen.
But one thing, this “default” suit must be with gloves (the reward for Elusive Target).
Regular “default” suits are not available


Yeah but you have to play an elusive target on that map first. If you wanted to use the marrakesh suit in hokkaido you’d have to complete an elusive target in marrakesh.

install peacock server, and you can use whatever suit you want

you can use the italian suit without gloves, romania suit, haven island suit (the one with shorts), and more


There are one or two exceptions to this. For example the Hokkaido default suit is not available bc the ET reward was a white version of it. IIRC the Colorado suit ET reward came with a hat.