Delgado's safe

I’ve seen this go around here and there but hard to make out for me. Can someone give a nice discription of how to get in to Rico Delgado’s save in the room where you tattoo him?
Thank you…

Go to the basement and choke out the limping guard to get Hector Delgado’s letter to Andrea Martinez.

Give the letter back to Hector, in his bedroom on the second floor.

He’ll reward you with the safe combination.


Thanks alot man, will try this later, saw the safe and seen some things float around here, but didnt know where to find Hector, will try later, doing mumbai atm, will finish story first
I hope this tread will help other people here also…

Thanks again. Favorite weapon. Sad its no unlock…

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Where’s this located the garage? This would be so sweet as an unlock!!!

in the garage? did you not read the topic title :stuck_out_tongue:

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Its in rico’s safe. How to get it is in second comment. I put it there for getting a closer picture of it. Ps its a one shot kill wherever you hit the enemies…

I was referring to the gun lol he didn’t say initially it was out of the safe

@Bjornie47 thanks man!

Sorry. I did not say the gun was indeed the item in the safe. I did offcourse post pics of the gun in the ricos safe thread. But hope you find it easier to find it now with my thread…

Yes I know I was replying to cakeblock lol it’s all getting confusing but thanks for your help :+1:t2: