Deluxe Escalations

Headline says that Deluxe pack include Deluxe Escalations.
What are they?
Maybe we’ll get to play all Escalations in H3 Deluxe pack?
:star_struck: :smiley:
It would be awesome - especially if that would be original escalations that we missed

We don’t know yet, IO hasn’t announced anything more than they exist at the moment

But it’s safe to assume if IO does port over all the H2016 and H2 escalations then they won’t be exclusive to/have anything to do with the deluxe edition


My assumption is they are new escalation contracts. Which are multi-level contracts with more or less unique objectives. They wildly differ in quality so if they are what makes you consider to get the Deluxe Edition, you might want to wait for more details or upgrade later from the regular edition.


Potentially escalation missions with like a connected storyline or extremely cool items unlocked through gameplay that you couldn’t live without. To me, the former sounds likelier and more fun, in my opinion; but if they were to do it, they would have to think about how it all connects (probably through expanding on mission stories, i.e. the Detective 47 x Cluedo Mansion murder mystery).