Describe a mission using emojis or emotes

Everybody - no.

Chasing a ghost?

1 man, 1 woman, 1 bearded target who changes

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Yep but the US flag stands for Kashmirian.


:arrow_up: :man_bald:
:arrow_up: :sushi: :man_bald:
:sushi: :skull:

Is it Situs Inversus?

Unfortunately nope


Tracking Hayamoto???

No again

Next year is 2020

Blackwater Park

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Ohhhhh yes!


If you’re not gonna go, ive got another one

Sorry for delay :slightly_frowning_face:

Is it the finish line?

Nope haha but I see how you came to the conclusion.

Situs Inversus?


No, it isn’t.

Flatline (I think that’s its name but it’s the one with Carlton Smith in blood money)

Death factory? The science lab at Dexter industries

They have robot arms there
The doctor is a bald man
The take Victoria’s blood

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Yes, you got it!

Show us what you’ve got

Legit, I was going to use death factory! That’s how I got it. Just been replaying absolution so. Give me a sec to think of a new one :sweat_smile:

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