Describe a mission using emojis or emotes




The congressman?
20 characters


:-1: nope.


Is it The Angel of Death?



Not to bash on @AGENT4T7 but I think your thread about guessing targets by pictures can be merged to this one. Just my two cents.


@Nazareth you were typing. Afraid of being wrong? Don’t be.


You mean using emojis or emotes to describe a target? That would make it more interesting then just a single vague picture IMO.

The Twin?


Naw, just my internet connection having trouble.


You got it. He drinks wine, spends time at the cafe shop, travels the alleys near various scooters and the guy who makes the phonecall is a fail condition.


Just a lucky guess on my part. Wasn’t until after Club 27 was released that I got the game. :slightly_smiling_face:

My internet is starting to drag again so anyone can jump in and go next.


the Prince
2017.12.25. 20:11 ezt írta (“Mebsuta” [email protected]):


:computer: :wine_glass: :billed_cap: :eyeglasses:
This is another ET. Good luck.


That’s totally the Black Hat.


Correct. :slight_smile:


:red_car: :tv: :coffee: :star2: :first_quarter_moon_with_face:

Another ET.


Please go back to the title of thread
2017.12.25. 21:18 ezt írta (“Mebsuta” [email protected]):


The Badboy?


But technically elusive targets are missions.


Yeah they are your right


You are right. :clap:t2: