Describe a mission using emojis or emotes


Do you even know what a mission is? It’s an assignment, meaning it could be an assignment for an extraction, an elimination of a target, etcetera, meaning that pretty much everything playable in hitman is a “mission”.

Also, the “missions” you were thinking about are called “main missions” for your information. Missions like Landslide are bonus missions, and so are elusive targets in a way.


Yes, you are correct :upside_down_face:




Run For Your Life?




Alright maybe The Icon?


Plutonium Runs Loose?


jeez this dude takes years tp reply




Maybe this is not clear enough so i will add one more


No, it’s not true. Well, I decided to update my question in the upper post.


Tunnel Rat,perhaps???


No, it’s not.


Goddamn man you really made a good one.
What about Bjarkov Bomb?


The only thing I can think of is the part of Run for your Life where 47 escapes from the burning Terminus hotel, but apparently that’s incorrect. So I’ll wait till someone else guesses it.


Attack of the Saints.

Agent 47’s on the run, there’s an explosion, fire, don’t remember if electricity as well but it could be and he starts crouching. This is the best i can think of.


No one guessed right yet but here’s a hint:
Explosion, burning and electricity are in the group of 4 but i cannot find the right one for the fourth.


Sorry but by fourth you mean :arrow_down:?


Patient Zero? This text will be blurred


Death Factory?