Describe a mission using emojis or emotes


I think you got it man. One doc explodes,one is set on fire,one electrocuted and the whole level is this spiral that goes DOWN like the arrow. Good reasoning.


Well all of those killing methods are for Dr. Valentine but that’s what I meant anyway. :smiley:


Oh god really?I remembered they were multiple docs! Shows how much I played Absolution…


You are pretty good. IIRC once he is set on fire he jumps down to his death as well?


Yeah the fire doesn’t kill him. :smiley:


Thanks for clarifying, i’m pretty sure you have the right answer but let’s wait for @Q.Minh.


If that was the case, I still don’t know what the running man would be for. :sweat_smile: Maybe Dr. Valentine, because he starts running after set on fire.


Makes sense but IDK about that emoji. Hmm,definitely Absolution!

If not Death Factory,I kinda think it’s Operation Sledgehammer (unless someone else has already said it I don’t remember and am too lazy to check) because that mission has fire and explosions everywhere plus 47 is escaping from the ICA mercs hunting him down. The down arrow IDK it’s hard.


It’s been mentioned already by @AGENT_58.


Goddamn man @Q.Minh has got us in a spin!


I have another idea, maybe The Vector?
Running man = Escaping target
Fire, explosion, electricity = Accident kill opportunities (the fourth would be falling objects but you couldn’t find an emoji for that)
Arrow down = The whole compound is below 47


Sounds like the best possibility so far.


We’ll see once @Q.Minh responds. I like our odds,I think @Beldingford has it on lock!


It’s correct. Actually for the arrow, vectors are arrows in mathematics.


Oh god that was so clever :open_mouth: kudos on that!


Oh yeah, that didn’t come to my mind. :smiley: Pretty clever, I gotta say.

Here’s an easy one.
:nose: :eye: :ear:


I have ten each ranging in difficulty 10. is the easiest and 1. is kinda hard. (+ all are from hitman 2016)

10 - :angel: :skull: :older_woman: :ghost: :morocco:
9 - :hospital: :syringe: :woman_health_worker: :man_health_worker:
8 - :crescent_moon: :house: :sandal:
7. - :woman_scientist: :biohazard:
6 - :night_with_stars: :champagne:
5 - :it: :two_men_holding_hands:
4 - :running_woman: :mountain_cableway:
3 - :bomb: :arrow_backward: :policewoman:
2 - :printer: :skull:
1 - :earth_africa: :woman:

(Have fun guessing!)


You have failed to specify this is an ET but seems pretty clear that this is The Fugitive.


I didn’t see any point in telling it was an ET because it was pretty easy anyway. :smiley: But yeah, it’s The Fugitive, my favorite ET.


You can join if you like but first you have to guess the current one before posting your own and only post one at a time.