Describe a mission using emojis or emotes


Ohhhhh, now I see the Africa part on the globe.

I’m an idiot.

Still a bit hard though.


Ik sorry I thought it would be easier since I am bad at making these



I don’t give a single **** about “your computer”. This forum has a software capable of changing the skin color of emojis, as it is a very standarized function since like a year ago in most chat sites and apps. Not only did you put a white woman as clue, you also used the wrong continent, because there is also an asian continent emoji, btw… :earth_asia: which would better represent Bangkok as a location.


oh well then I am stupid now I see it I was supossed ti hold the emoji with my mouse to change the skin cololur to this :woman:t5: and I didnt know…I am so stupid sorry ooops, and also I wanted to make this one to be a tiny bit more challenging so I decided to instead of showing asia and bangkok on earth it shows the area that she operates in as the briefing says so that is africa…It is all my fault I should have known to use a black womanemoji sorry I am an idiot.


Where are the new emoji’s?


Ahhh,don’t stress it so much Obi,it’s just a game don’t worry everything is fine,you’re not an idiot you’re just new and don’t know how a lot of the things here work.


Thank you so much for helping me it is alright now thanks, but I still made it to hard and I am kinda stupid tbh lol.


You’ll learn,issokey. Really,no one will hold a grudge on you for this ahahah


thanks, happy new year


To you too!
Now,getting back on topic,who wants to make the next level?


I suggest it should be you


Me and my boyfriend are gonna channel in our inner Hitman minds to get the answer


Alrighty then,lemme do an easy one just to get back on track!


Music, man, france My first guess is probably Palais de Walewska mission from hitman 2016 although it could also be that france mission in blood money, Lets go with my first instinct and say it is the showstopper/holiday hoarders, if it is not it is definitely that STUPID BLOOD MONEY MISSION that we cant remember the name of


Nope. How do I say this without making it too easy…it’s not a “proper” mission.


OHHHHH, The sensation


He is the third elusive target he is a musiciian, he is a gentleman not a woman and he is in france and he has a musical career, and he is an ET which means not proper target but an elusive target


Mate, please one guess per message. No need to have 3 at once.

Also, if you feel like adding something to a recent comment that is intrinsecally related to a previous note you might as well edit it instead of posting something new; like you just did by posting two consecutive messages, one guessing it was the sensation and one explaining why you chose him… that could have been just one post had you edited the first one.

Also an FYI, Sensation was the 4th target, not 3rd.


Yes,it is the sensation


Ok, so…who’s next?