Describe a mission using emojis or emotes


Ok, additional emoji granted. Can’t give another clue otherwise you’ll know.



Not gonna lie - I’m stomped. Can’t recall a single mission that included both helicopter and a airplane but I’ll try one last guess.

Kowloon Triads in Gang War?

EDIT: Naw, I’m a change it to Countdown.


Not that one either mate, sorry. All these stuff appear in a mission and the pistol represents guns in general. I could have used more appropriate emojis but it wouldn’t be a challenge and where’s the fun in that right?

I have the feeling I’ll have to give up the answer since there’s not much activity in this thread.


Deadly cargo



T W E N T Y C H A R A C T E R S.


the only Location, where a Plane AND a Helicopter are, is the columbian Jungle, but in different Missions. i dont have a Clue.


You are extremely close but there’s one of those missions that has all of those.


fuck, of course, the crashed Plane in Finding the Uwa Tribe!

someone else take my Turn!


Well played 3A-7

:rat: :gun: :bomb: :small_red_triangle_down:



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Guess again …


Curtains down, or as it called in German Version “,The last Act“


Nope, but that is an interesting fact :slight_smile:

The down arrow is to signify below ground level.


It’s Tubeway Torpedo.


Thought the Mouse represents the Rat club, the Gun the ability to switch the WW1 Fake Gun with a real one and the Bomb and the arrow down for the Chandelier kill :joy:


Tunnel Rat?

This text will be blurred


Spot on, your turn…


Tunnel Rat that is :slight_smile:


Nice one, didn’t remember that there was a bomb in that level.


This one is bound to be tricky so I’ll start with extra emojis. :slightly_smiling_face:

EDIT: All of theses things do appear, some more then others.

:bulb: :palm_tree: :swimming_woman: :tennis: :airplane: :dog2: :briefcase: :wedding: