Describe a mission using emojis or emotes


Tennis ball?
As far as I remember Personal Contract had them but I can’t remember any other level


Sorry but no. This might be a little too confusing so I’ll drop a hint: All theses things appear in a certain Hitman game rather then a mission.


It’s still a mission that we’re supposed to guess,right?


Is this fucking Hitman GO? :joy:


Hahah that makes sense now,I haven’t played hitman GO


Yep, that is correct. I probably gave it away with the hint but ah while. :+1:

Definitely pick it up man. It’s a ton of fun.


Well yeah, the hint made it pretty clear because you wouldn’t really describe any other full game here instead of only one mission. :joy: My turn:
:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: :no_smoking: :older_man: :tumbler_glass:


First guess off the top of my head…St. Petersburg Stakeout?


Correct :smiley: I wish there was a water glass emoji because the target’s not actually drinking whiskey. :smile:


I thought Diana said something about one the Generals drinking, but it’s been forever since I played that mission.

:camera_flash: :high_heel: :loudspeaker: :musical_note:


Yeah she says he’s a heavy drinker but you can pick up the glass he’s drinking from and it’s just water, a little joke. :smile:


Hunter and Hunted (Absolution)?


Good guess but no. This text will be blurred


Last guess for today: You better watch out?


Still wrong I’m afraid. This text will be blurred


The camera, high-heel and music make me think Showstopper but the megaphone makes me think Gilded Cage (The riot spokesman)?

Probably both wrong lol.


Bingo! Showstopper is correct.


Yayyy. Here goes…



Did @Travis_IOI hired you to promote Season 2?! Seriously, this doesn’t resemble anything that i have seen before.


I’ll say St Petersburg Stakeout, cause the train is the only thing that gives the real hint for me